Post-Holiday Recovery Tips

The holiday seasons can be hectic – and its no surprise many people (myself included) feel they need a vacation by the time work begins again in the New Year! Here’s some tips to help you recharge that weakened immune system and start 2018 refreshed and healthy.

Get some proper rest and relaxation

It may be easier said than done, but the best way to improve your mood and energy is to get a good seven to eight hours of restful sleep. It can be hard to prioritise sleep – but a quality sleep cycle affects all facets of your daily life! By ensuring that good sleep is the foundation of your week will help you on your way to achieving all your New Year’s resolutions.

Replenish Your System

After all those sugary treats and bubbly drinks during the holiday season, your body might be dehydrated and lacking in essential vitamins and nutrients. In order to feel healthy and energised again, make sure you are eating plenty of fresh produce – try drinking a fresh smoothie or fresh juice daily to get you feeling your best.

Reconnect with yourself

A large amount of research demonstrates that stress plays a major role in depression and anxiety.Fortunately, that same research also demonstrates that the stress response can be rebalanced through yoga, meditation, and massage therapy. For your burn-out recovery, try downloading a meditation app on your phone or iPad to help guide and inspire you. Alternatively you could look for a local yoga or bikram class to join. Setting aside a few minutes a day to reconnect with yourself will help prevent burnout from taking over.

Sweat and move

After you’ve re-established a good sleep cycle, and spent some time replenishing and reconnecting with yourself, its important to start back with your workout routine. As little as a 20 minute walk has been shown to promote brain activity which helps mental clarity and stress levels. Whether you walk, jog, spin, elliptical, bike, row, step, or do resistance training, make sure to get out and get moving.


I hope these tips help your post-holiday recovery! By spending some time to look after yourself you’ll be feeling better than ever for 2018. 



5 Things to Stop Doing in 2018

It’s 2018 already! While this is the time to ring in the New Year with celebration, there is also no better time to commit to ending those bad habits! It can be daunting thinking about all the things you want to improve or change in your life for 2018, but these 5 habits I’ve laid out below can be a good starting point for you. Whether you have made your own personal New Year resolutions or not, these points will be great to practice in 2018.

1. Spending too much time on social media

One minute you’re telling yourself that you’ll just read a few more Facebook posts before bed, and the next you realised you’ve been mindlessly scrolling for the last hour. It’s almost impossible to avoid social media at all costs these days – so try setting some limits to restrain yourself. Putting your laptop and phone into another room when you get home can be helpful in achieving this goal, and try to find another hobby you enjoy (like reading or art) that doesn’t involve a screen!

2. Not drinking enough water

Face it; you need to drink more water. Experts say that at a minimum you need to be consuming 8 glasses of water a day. Drinking enough water is one of the best ways to increase energy supply, help the body metabolize fat and, of course, avoid dehydration. Try finding a nice water bottle to carry around with you, or make a habit of having a few glasses with each meal. Your skin, brain and muscles will thank you for it.

3. Being “too busy” to exercise.

So you don’t have time to go to the gym, and it’s too cold to run outside. Plus you are so hungry after work that you don’t have the energy to work out! Right? Wrong. In reality, I guarantee that if you have time to watch a few episodes of TV in the evening, you have time for a workout. Instead of waiting for dinner, have a healthy afternoon snack at work so you will be ready for an evening gym session. And remember anything is better than nothing, so go for a brisk walk or turn on a yoga video at home, your 2018-self will thank you for it.

4.Ignoring your personal obligations

Just like you have a schedule at work, make sure you incorporate your New Year goals and resolutions into a personal routine. If your resolution is to call your sister more often, then pencil in a set time block each week that works for you and make the call. It’s important to remember personal obligations and things you want to achieve, and make time to balance it in with your work life. If you don’t schedule these things in, it makes it harder to reason with yourself to make time and fulfil your goals.

5. Embracing the chaos

Use 2018 as your year to sort through the clutter. Find a new filing system or orgnisational tool that works for you, and soon you’ll wonder how you went so long without it. If you want to stop spending entire Sunday’s running errands and cleaning around the house, try doing odds and ends gradually throughout the week, so you can sleep in on the weekend without feeling guilty about your to-do list.


I hope this list gave you some inspiration about your 2018 resolutions and goals! Remember not to be too hard on yourself if you slip up, what’s important is that you make proactive steps to keep working towards your goals throughout the year.










My Christmas Gift List

Christmas is only 9 days away…eek! 2017 seems to have gone by in a blur, and suddenly the Holidays are upon us. I’ve complied a perfect gift idea list for everyone out there who (like myself) leaves their shopping till the last minute – or is stuck on a gift for some special.

Check out some of the ideas below, and have yourself a merry Christmas!


The Caker x Karen Walker: White Chocolate, Orange + Hazelnut Cookie Mix

This gift really doesn’t need justifying – cookies are fool-proof.

For only $22.50 treat the sweet tooth or baker in your life to some delicious Christmas cookies.

And an added bonus, the pack comes with stencils to create the runaway girl on each cookie!

Click here.



New York Times Digital Subscription

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves their famous opinion pieces. For only (US) $6 a month, you can get unlimited access to all of the articles, at any time, on any device.

Buy a year-long subscription for someone special in your life to give a gift that really keeps on giving!

Click here.


Out of Print Tote Bag

This brand turns beloved books into wearable fashion, such as tote bags. The perfect gift for the bookworm in your life – and even better, for each product sold a book is donated through their partner Books for Africa to a child in need.

Totes range from $18 – $22, and feature classics such as Nancy Drew, The Hungry Caterpillar, and Great Gatsby.

Click here.


World Vision Smile Gift

It can be hard to buy a gift for the person who has everything. So why not opt for a unique present like a Smile Gift to make a life-changing difference for people in need.

You also receive a limited edition card designed by one of 5  Kiwi icons. The perfect way to show how much you care about someone, and make help transform lives.

Click here. 


Lush Sparkle Gift Set

Lush is always a safe bet when it comes to Christmas shopping, and this year, the brand has put together its best gift sets yet. My personal favourite is the Sparkle set, which includes a body conditioner, shower gel, shower scrub and more!

Not only do the products feel and smell amazing, the brand is also environmentally friendly and ethical – a win win. For $47.50, there are no excuses needed to treat someone special or yourself to this fabulous gift.

Click here. 




Angela Stone Courses

Last but not least, a Teen Etiquette Course or a Women’s Styling Course is perfect for the female in your life. New dates have been added to the website – so be sure to get in quick!

These courses are truly life-changers, and might even be the most memorable gift you give this Christmas!

Click here. 





I hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for someone in your life.
Merry Christmas



5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Month

I often find myself feeling equally overwhelmed and excited at the beginning of a new month – especially towards the end of the year. Here are some helpful tips to stay organised this month and achieve your goals.


1: Clean and Organise

 A new month is an opportunity for a clean slate, so starting it out on a fresh note will ensure you are feeling ready to tackle the weeks ahead. Spending half a day running errands you have been putting off, and completing some chores around the house you’ve been avoiding will get you prepared for the busy month ahead! This will mean you can enter the month with a clear head – and home – to make this your most productive month yet.


2: Plan it Your Way

Everyone has different ways to keep themselves on task – and not every way works for everyone! Find an orgnisiational tool that works for you, whether it be a monthly calendar, a to-do list, a phone app, or something different entirely. Plan your month out so you know what commitments and events you have coming up, and be sure to schedule in deadlines and requirements you have for the coming weeks. Don’t forget to pencil in some relaxation time or a date night as well!


3: Meals

A new month is a perfect time to try out some new meals – or start following that meal plan you’ve been meaning to do so for a while. It all starts at the supermarket, making sure you have all the ingredients you need (or not buying certain foods), will help your motivation later in the month to stay on track. Spend a few moments finding a new recipe or two to try out this month, whether it is a slightly challenging one, or a dish you’ve always been wanting to make, this is a surefire way to make cooking fun again!


4: Create an ‘Impossible List’

While you are spending some time at the beginning of the month planning out the weeks to come, it could be a great time to start (or add to) your ‘impossible list’. This is similar to a bucket list, but filled with things you are actively working towards doing. The impossible list provides an opportunity to define goals for your life to start working towards now. They could be anything from running a marathon to hosting a dinner party. The beginning of each month provides a perfect time to check back in and adjust it to reflect your long-term goals, and give yourself a bit of a challenge.


5: Create a Positive Atmosphere

A timeless cliché, but being positive really can solve (or at least ease) many of your day-to-day problems and tasks. And there are countless ways to establish a feel-good atmosphere. You can watch a TED talk or find some writing/quotes that inspire you – having these written down or thinking back on them over the weeks ahead can help transform your state of mind in difficult situations. Changing up your décor, getting a few fresh flowers, or even organising a nice playlist to listen to while at home can also help. Starting off the month with a positive mindset, and emphasising positivity when the going gets tough will set you up for a terrific month ahead!


I hope your December is filled with lots of joy and cheer.
Love Ange xoxo


My Summer List!

Summer is the perfect time to hit the beach and spend time with loved ones. But I’ve found there is always time for a good book or podcast throughout the holiday period – and even a TV show if the weather packs in! Below are a few of my favourites for you to try out this summer…


The Nutrition Diva Quick and Dirty Tips: these podcasts narrated by Monica Reinagel, a nutritionist and trained chef, will walk you through different nutrition tips and ideas. She covers topics such as how to brew a coffee that wont upset your stomach, whether timing your meals is important, and if miso can really benefit your health. She has all the answers on her podcast.
Perfect for: people wanting to clean up their eating habits


Anna Farris is Unqualified: hosted by actor and comedian Anna Farris, this down-to-earth podcast features a new celebrity guest each week. She covers topics of love, friendship, sex, and fame, and even has calls from listeners who she gives advice to.
Perfect for: people who love comedy and celebrities.


This American Life: a weekly American radio podcast that focuses on non-fiction journalistic reports on different areas. Each week covers a different topic – from the strange life of a polygraph operator to how to have more meaningful connections. Within the thousands of episodes they have released already, there will surely be something for you!
Perfect for: people looking for a broad, well-polished podcast.


Sinner: Jessica Biel stars in this show about a woman who stabs a stranger on the beach. The mystery of this series isn’t about whodunit but rather a psychological whydunnit. This show is getting rave reviews – New York Magazine’s Vulture called call it “a superbly executed series.”
Perfect for: people wanting a fresh twist on the classic murder mystery.


The Affair: This show explores the drama and effects of affairs, but splits the episode by showing the events from the two different character’s perspective. This show won countless awards, including a Golden Globe for ‘best television series’.
Perfect for: people wanting a creative show that explores themes of truth and desire.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Detective Jake Perolta attempts to navigate life at the 99th Precinct in Brooklyn. The show is quirky, lighthearted and quite frankly, hilarious. This comedy is filled with impressive supporting actors and tight scriptwriting.
Perfect for: people wanting to binge on a show.


American War: Omar El Akkad’s has produced an impressive new must-read novel. Set in a plausible future scarred by civil strife and climate change, it delves into themes of lies, power, and moral disintegration.
Perfect for: people looking for a book they won’t be able to put down.


In Defense of Food: This health classic by writer and journalist Michael Pollan breaks down the evolution of food production and culture. He explores the relationship between nutrition and the Western diet. This book received glowing reviews and topped the New York Times Bestseller list for 6 weeks upon release.
Perfect for: people wanting to learn more about nutrition.  


All Stories are Love Stories: Elizabeth Percer’s novel is set in San Fransisco, in the aftermath of a severe earthquake. In the midst of the chaos, three characters come together and their lives are permanently changed as a result. This mesmerising novel about the power of nature and the resilience of human spirit is a perfect beach read.
Perfect for people: wanting to indulge in a story about the power of love.


I hope you enjoy, and have a lovely summer.


Essential Holiday-Season Products


This year has gone extraordinarily fast, and already holiday season is quickly approaching! Here are some essential products to get you through the hectic months ahead…


Protection: holiday season in New Zealand can mean hot, dry days, and thanks to our lack of ozone layer, the sun is very dangerous. I suggest a light moisturiser that will keep your skin hydrated, and has SPF added in. This means you can avoid having to apply a greasy sunblock on your face, and stay protected.


Rejuvenation: between the Christmas stress and scorching weather, your skin will likely need some serious rejuvenation. Instead of having to fork out on a facial, face masks can help hydrate, tighten, and brighten skin. You can buy these in single sachets from any beauty store or chemist. I always opt for one with avocado oils to keep my skin looking bright and fresh.


Accentuate: 2017 has been the year of the highlight. Whether you’re opting for a full face of makeup, or wanting to go natural, adding some liquid highlighter to the top of your cheekbones will ensure you look radiant all day long.


Glow: if you would love a sun-kissed glow, but don’t want to lie out in the sun, opt for a tinted moisturiser for your tan. Not only will this stop your skin drying out, you get the benefits of laying out in the sun without any of the dangers!


Summer Secret: my secret Summer product is coconut oil. While this product has an array of uses – from cooking to toothpaste, it also can work as a moisturiser, lip balm, under-eye cream and more! This product is cheap, natural and is kind to your skin. I would recommend buying a jar of it next time you visit the supermarket – you might just be surprised!












Your guide to Spring-Summer trends.

With Fashion Month behind us and all the SS shows left in its wake, it can be tricky to navigate through the what’s-hot/what’s-not of it all. So I’ve picked out a few of my favourite trends from the runway to help you perfect your Spring-Summer wardrobe.


Bags: Tote bags seem to be synonyms with warmth, and every year they make an appearance during the Spring/Summer fashion shows. Whether you want to make a statement, or just need some extra room for a towel, a tote bag is your go-to accessory.


Jackets: Because some days during spring can be a bit chillier than we would like. Oversized blazers and trench coats were spotted on runways across the world – from Chanel’s 2018 Spring Season show, to NZFW. This is a perfect way to create a chic look. Dress it up or down, and avoid catching a cold!


Rouching: Drawstring rouching took centre stage during Fashion Month. Designers have made a homage to the classic trend, while adding a fresh twist. This detailing gives pieces a feminine look, as it outlines and cinches the silhouette. And the best part is, it doesn’t only look great on models! This design is incredibly flattering for all shapes and sizes.


Florals: At this point, if there weren’t florals on an SS runway, we would be very concerned. This season the trend has moved to more delicate, pretty patterns. Primarily in light colours, these romantic dainty florals will definitely be in full bloom this summer.





Feel better, naturally!


As the seasons change and the days get warmer, I tend to become more conscious of my health and wellbeing. Feeling and looking better, inside and out, doesn’t have to mean expensive treatments and procedures, it can be as simple as incorporating more natural remedies into your day.

These natural tips will help you to feel your absolute best coming into the warmer months!


Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for centuries to help with all sorts of health problems, including lowering blood sugar and fighting diabetes, lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease. A few tablespoons with water in the morning will boost your immune system, and as an anti-inflammatory tonic, apple cider vinegar will help with everything from problem skin to headaches. Its anti-bacterial properties also make it ideal for a facial toner, simply dilute a couple table spoons with water and apply to face.


Lemon water


My wellness go to! In the same vein as apple cider vinegar, lemon water in the morning will do wonders for your energy levels and general wellbeing. When ingested, lemon becomes highly alkalising, helping to balance out your internal PH levels. Lemons are also a great source of vitamin C, so this antioxidant-rich water will help to fight off free radicals, which will leave your skin glowing, and support weight loss.

Exercise and Meditation


Maintain a healthy body and mind with exercise and mindfulness. Stress can take a huge toll on your health, so an hour long walk in the morning, yoga class or jog will help you to sweat, which helps to release toxins from your skin and most importantly, will help you to de-stress.


Meditation, or just slowing down, also has a world of benefits – find a quiet spot, close your eyes, inhale positivity and exhale the stress and negativity from your day.


Dry Brushing


I’ve recently stumbled upon this absolute gem for natural health, and my skin has never looked or felt better. Brushing your skin once a day with a natural brush will boost circulation, sweep away dead skin cells, stimulate your lymph nodes, aid digestion, and improve the appearance of cellulite. The easiest time to do it is before a shower, and always brush towards your centre.


Drink More Water


This one seems obvious, but the moment you make a conscious effort to drink more water, you will notice your energy level rise, and your mind will become clearer. Water is the most important thing to flush out toxins, improve complexion and general wellbeing. I find I will drink more water if I have a drink bottle on me.




J’adore: Trends from Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018

Bonjour mes amis, Paris Fashion Week for Spring 2018 is upon us and I am so excited by what I’ve seen on the runway so far! There is a clear trend for me, I am loving the modern takes on more classic styles, where traditional textures, prints and accessories are renewed with fresh allure. Here are my favourite trends coming out of Paris this week:


I love the feminine lace pieces popping up on the runways of Paris, accentuated by the beautiful, bright and blooming tones of spring. It’s so refreshing to see Dolce & Gabbana pair a more traditional, neutral silk lace with modern pops of colour. The small accents of reds and fuchsia in the floral headpiece, handbag and shoes tie the outfit together in a classic yet edgy way.


The unofficial national French accessory has had a makeover in the Christian Dior show. Most outfits from the Dior ready-to-wear line were accentuated with a très chic beret with a veil, giving a subtle edge to a traditional French staple.


I know, the old Devil Wears Prada cliché of “Floral? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” but floral is timeless for a reason, honey! Dolce & Gabbana upped the ante this year paring beautiful floral prints with bold colours, fresh tailoring and decadent accessories.

Soft Sequins

Soft, feminine, and flowing aren’t usually words I would associate with sequins, but Bottega Veneta has added paillettes to a number of toned down ensembles that have given sequins new life. I love this low-key, fab look that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion!


Spring Forward: Top tips for daylight savings

After a long, cold winter I so look forward to the warmer months and longer days. The clocks move forward for daylight savings this weekend, and I see this as a chance for a fresh start. With longer days, this is the perfect opportunity to spring clean yourself, not just your closet, office space or kitchen. Organising and decluttering your spaces is important for peace of mind but refreshing yourself is key to feeling your absolute best this springtime.


Make the most of the longer daylight hours and organise something fun with your friends or family once or twice a week. Longer daylight hours means more opportunity to go outside, walk on the beach, picnic in the park, or go to your favourite restaurant. Embrace the sunshine together!

Clear your head

Practice mindfulness. This can be anything that allows you to enjoy the moment and relax –  a solo walk, meditation, sitting quietly with your morning coffee or tea. If meditation is daunting to you, find a guided meditation online. Just ten minutes of quiet mindfulness per day has a world of benefits for your health and wellbeing. It brings you into the present moment, lowers stress and anxiety and helps you to enjoy life.

Refresh your look

The winter months can be harsh on your skin, hair and nails. Book yourself a treatment to refresh your look – visit your hairdresser for a cut or colour, book a facial or manicure, or do it yourself at home! Treating yourself will boost your confidence and leave you feeling fresh for spring.

Digital Detox

This is the perfect opportunity to step away from devices in the evening. It is especially important if you’re constantly on a computer at work, staring at a screen all day can be draining both physically and mentally. It’s so tempting to come home and blob in front of the television or endlessly scroll through your social media accounts until you go to bed. Set yourself a timeframe in the evening, say an hour or two before bed, when you switch off smartphones, television, and devices of any kind. Not only will you sleep better, you will have more time for yourself to relax and do something that brings you joy.

Re-evaluate your year so far

This is the perfect time to take stock of your life. Have you lost track of any New Year’s resolutions? Have you achieved your goals? If not, use the new free time you spend away from your digital devices to get them done. Make the most of the longer days and do that thing you keep putting off. Start a new hobby or take a class. The possibilities of what you can achieve in the last three months of 2017 are endless.


Top Looks at the VMAs

The MTV Video Music Awards took place last earlier this week, with dozens of celebrities walking the red carpet. While the fashion wasn’t as out-there as usual for this particular award ceremony, there were certainly some unique looks. Here are my favourite looks of the night.

Hailee Steinfeld

The young singer and actress was show-stopping in a pleated metallic mint number by Atelier Versace. The cut-outs and ruffles add an original twist to the look, which is perfectly cohesive with matching stilettos. Hailee keeps her hair, makeup and jewellery simple, allowing the dress to do its work.


Alissa Violet

I love this rich plum colour, which is enhanced by the silky fabric of Alissa’s gown. The social media influencer is a vision in a strapless dress made for her rectangle body shape. The train gives the outfit an added touch of elegance, which, combined with the soft curls of her hair delivers a traditional old-Hollywood type feel.

Olivia Munn

Olivia was one of the more risky celebrities to walk the red carpet, but she pulled it off in this fun, embroidered piece by Nicolas Jebran. Textured fabric and bright colours make for an eye-catching look, and the short, tight fit of the mini dress highlight the actresses’ slim legs. Her blown-out hair finishes the carefree, energetic appearance.

Ivana Baquero


Ivana combined multiple current trends with this Ramikadi dress. Embellishments are very in right now, especially the sequinned variety worn here. The off-the-shoulder look is still in-style and set to remain popular throughout spring and summer. With a slim belt cinched at the waist, Ivana accentuates her slight waistline.

Jessica Sula

I’m a big fan of Jenny Packham, known for her bold glitzy creations. Jessica looks stunning in this sparkly orange dress, which flows over her rectangle figure beautifully. The Welsh actress finishes the outfit with grey sequinned stilettos. Leaving her hair natural, she looks confident and gorgeous.


Starting your morning the right way

Do you sometimes feel sluggish or inefficient in the mornings? Does getting into the swing of things take more time than it should? Let’s re-evaluate how you’re doing things! Learn how to maximise your time and begin the day with a bang by reading my tips for starting your morning the right way.


Work your mind and/or body

Starting the morning with some form of exercise or meditation is the best way to energise your body and activate your mind. Wake yourself up with an early morning run, walk or yoga session, or hit the gym if that’s your preferred form of exercise. Once you get the heart pumping or the mind relaxing, you’ll be in the right frame to start your day effectively.



Drink lots of liquid in the morning to hydrate your body. I like a glass of warm water with lemon juice, but have a green tea if you aren’t a citrus fan. This will also help flush out any nasty toxins and keep your skin from drying out. Try to drink 2-3 glasses before you even get to work.


Dress smartly

Dress like you mean it and you’re going to feel great. Get your outfit ready the night before so you don’t waste time deciding what to wear. Don’t rush your makeup and hair – you want to walk out the door feeling confident and prepared. It’s all about dressing like the winner you know you are.



This one is so important! Make sure you eat a good breakfast before you start work. A bowl of porridge with coconut sugar, muesli with low fat yogurt and fresh fruit or poached eggs on toast are fabulous healthy options – and quick to make, too. Fuel your body and brain by giving them energy, allowing them to work to their full potential.



When you can do two things at once without adding extra stress to your life, give it a go. I like to check my emails over breakfast, which means I don’t waste more time doing it later on. Have a think about what you could be doing at once and see if you can make it work comfortably.