5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Month

I often find myself feeling equally overwhelmed and excited at the beginning of a new month – especially towards the end of the year. Here are some helpful tips to stay organised this month and achieve your goals.


1: Clean and Organise

 A new month is an opportunity for a clean slate, so starting it out on a fresh note will ensure you are feeling ready to tackle the weeks ahead. Spending half a day running errands you have been putting off, and completing some chores around the house you’ve been avoiding will get you prepared for the busy month ahead! This will mean you can enter the month with a clear head – and home – to make this your most productive month yet.


2: Plan it Your Way

Everyone has different ways to keep themselves on task – and not every way works for everyone! Find an orgnisiational tool that works for you, whether it be a monthly calendar, a to-do list, a phone app, or something different entirely. Plan your month out so you know what commitments and events you have coming up, and be sure to schedule in deadlines and requirements you have for the coming weeks. Don’t forget to pencil in some relaxation time or a date night as well!


3: Meals

A new month is a perfect time to try out some new meals – or start following that meal plan you’ve been meaning to do so for a while. It all starts at the supermarket, making sure you have all the ingredients you need (or not buying certain foods), will help your motivation later in the month to stay on track. Spend a few moments finding a new recipe or two to try out this month, whether it is a slightly challenging one, or a dish you’ve always been wanting to make, this is a surefire way to make cooking fun again!


4: Create an ‘Impossible List’

While you are spending some time at the beginning of the month planning out the weeks to come, it could be a great time to start (or add to) your ‘impossible list’. This is similar to a bucket list, but filled with things you are actively working towards doing. The impossible list provides an opportunity to define goals for your life to start working towards now. They could be anything from running a marathon to hosting a dinner party. The beginning of each month provides a perfect time to check back in and adjust it to reflect your long-term goals, and give yourself a bit of a challenge.


5: Create a Positive Atmosphere

A timeless cliché, but being positive really can solve (or at least ease) many of your day-to-day problems and tasks. And there are countless ways to establish a feel-good atmosphere. You can watch a TED talk or find some writing/quotes that inspire you – having these written down or thinking back on them over the weeks ahead can help transform your state of mind in difficult situations. Changing up your décor, getting a few fresh flowers, or even organising a nice playlist to listen to while at home can also help. Starting off the month with a positive mindset, and emphasising positivity when the going gets tough will set you up for a terrific month ahead!


I hope your December is filled with lots of joy and cheer.
Love Ange xoxo

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