Spring Forward: Top tips for daylight savings

After a long, cold winter I so look forward to the warmer months and longer days. The clocks move forward for daylight savings this weekend, and I see this as a chance for a fresh start. With longer days, this is the perfect opportunity to spring clean yourself, not just your closet, office space or kitchen. Organising and decluttering your spaces is important for peace of mind but refreshing yourself is key to feeling your absolute best this springtime.


Make the most of the longer daylight hours and organise something fun with your friends or family once or twice a week. Longer daylight hours means more opportunity to go outside, walk on the beach, picnic in the park, or go to your favourite restaurant. Embrace the sunshine together!

Clear your head

Practice mindfulness. This can be anything that allows you to enjoy the moment and relax –  a solo walk, meditation, sitting quietly with your morning coffee or tea. If meditation is daunting to you, find a guided meditation online. Just ten minutes of quiet mindfulness per day has a world of benefits for your health and wellbeing. It brings you into the present moment, lowers stress and anxiety and helps you to enjoy life.

Refresh your look

The winter months can be harsh on your skin, hair and nails. Book yourself a treatment to refresh your look – visit your hairdresser for a cut or colour, book a facial or manicure, or do it yourself at home! Treating yourself will boost your confidence and leave you feeling fresh for spring.

Digital Detox

This is the perfect opportunity to step away from devices in the evening. It is especially important if you’re constantly on a computer at work, staring at a screen all day can be draining both physically and mentally. It’s so tempting to come home and blob in front of the television or endlessly scroll through your social media accounts until you go to bed. Set yourself a timeframe in the evening, say an hour or two before bed, when you switch off smartphones, television, and devices of any kind. Not only will you sleep better, you will have more time for yourself to relax and do something that brings you joy.

Re-evaluate your year so far

This is the perfect time to take stock of your life. Have you lost track of any New Year’s resolutions? Have you achieved your goals? If not, use the new free time you spend away from your digital devices to get them done. Make the most of the longer days and do that thing you keep putting off. Start a new hobby or take a class. The possibilities of what you can achieve in the last three months of 2017 are endless.

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