Temperature Drop: Must-have Items for the Cooler Weather

Is it just me, or has it been a lot colder this week? Not to mention miserable and rainy at times! Regrettably, the weather is only going to get worse from hereon – but don’t worry, I’ve put together a few essential items to help you battle the elements and stay toasty.



rains moon jacket

New Zealand has particularly changeable weather, so carrying a raincoat in your bag is a very good idea! Luckily, raincoats can be quite stylish. There are some great brands out there like Danish company Rains making functional and fashionable wet weather gear. Check out their Moon base jacket below, available online at Area 51.


Merino Long-sleeve

merino long sleeve and slip

What would we do without Merino? We’re so lucky to have the highest quality Merino wool in New Zealand, so make the most of it and invest in a long-sleeve shirt. Merino is lightweight, quick-drying and beautifully soft on the skin. Plain black or white long-sleeves look great underneath a slip dress and will keep you warm on those chilly mornings.



twenty seven names weekender pants

A dressier alternative to jeans is the trouser. Stylish and comfortable, these pants will get you through the cold days. Buy a wool blend for added warmth and pair with a turtleneck or tee and coat for extra chic. I love Twenty Seven Names’ Weekend trousers below – add a bit of colour in there to brighten things up!


Quality Sweater

London Fashion Week - Autumn/Winter 2013 - J.W Anderson - Arrivals Featuring: Alexa Chung Where: London, United Kingdom When: 18 Feb 2013 Credit: Lia Toby/WENN.com

Every lady should own at least one decent sweater. Avoid synthetic fabrics like acrylic and polyester and choose quality – opt for cashmere or wool to keep the cold away. If you find wool too scratchy, choose 100% cotton over synthetic materials. It’ll keep you warmer, and is better for your skin and the environment! Alex Chung’s chunky cable knit sweater looks gorgeous below.


Black Boots


I mentioned boots in our Autumn Fashion Guide, but I’m mentioning them again – specifically, black flat boots. Black is fab because it goes well with EVERYthing, and I’m suggesting flat because you can wear these every day, anywhere. Purchase a leather pair for the ultimate waterproof shoe, or spray a synthetic pair with waterproofing spray to prevent leakage. There’s nothing worse than wet feet!

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