The Swimsuit Style Guide

Finding flattering swimwear doesn’t have to be hard! Whether you are athletic, petite or have an hourglass figure, these tips will ensure you find your ideal swimsuit.


Women who have a pear figure generally have a smaller upper body and a fuller lower body.

Tip: Highlight your upper body to draw attention away from your bottom-heavy figure. Avoid bottoms that have busy prints and horizontal stripes as this will draw attention downwards.

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Women with apple-shaped figures are usually bigger up top (bust and shoulders) and smaller at the bottom.

Tip: Balance out your upper and lower body. Choose patterned hipsters to draw attention towards your gorgeous legs!

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If you have an athletic figure you are likely to have very straight features, narrow hips and a smaller bust.

Tip: Your goal will be to create the illusion of curves. You can do this by emphasising your waist and bust.  Avoid swimwear that sits straight across your bust as this will not add any shape.

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Women who are curvy tend to have fuller hips and a larger bust.

Tip: Find styles that support and fit your top and bottom. Try and highlight your best features and draw attention away from any problem areas. Avoid horizontal striped patterns, hipsters, boy shorts or thin stringed bottoms!

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If you have an hourglass figure, your bust and hips will be in proportion. Women with this body type also have defined waists.

Tip: Find styles that properly fit and support your body shape. Avoid hipsters and boy shorts.

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If you are petite you will be a bit shorter than most, but your top and bottom will be in proportion. Petite women are known for their lovely trim figures and small bust.

Tip: Find a style the elongates your torso and legs. Avoid Bandeau- Style tops that sit straight across your bust.

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