Your guide to Spring-Summer trends.

With Fashion Month behind us and all the SS shows left in its wake, it can be tricky to navigate through the what’s-hot/what’s-not of it all. So I’ve picked out a few of my favourite trends from the runway to help you perfect your Spring-Summer wardrobe.


Bags: Tote bags seem to be synonyms with warmth, and every year they make an appearance during the Spring/Summer fashion shows. Whether you want to make a statement, or just need some extra room for a towel, a tote bag is your go-to accessory.


Jackets: Because some days during spring can be a bit chillier than we would like. Oversized blazers and trench coats were spotted on runways across the world – from Chanel’s 2018 Spring Season show, to NZFW. This is a perfect way to create a chic look. Dress it up or down, and avoid catching a cold!


Rouching: Drawstring rouching took centre stage during Fashion Month. Designers have made a homage to the classic trend, while adding a fresh twist. This detailing gives pieces a feminine look, as it outlines and cinches the silhouette. And the best part is, it doesn’t only look great on models! This design is incredibly flattering for all shapes and sizes.


Florals: At this point, if there weren’t florals on an SS runway, we would be very concerned. This season the trend has moved to more delicate, pretty patterns. Primarily in light colours, these romantic dainty florals will definitely be in full bloom this summer.





Spring Handbag Essentials

It’s time to re-evaluate what you have in your everyday handbag. As the temperature gets warmer, the items you carry around on a daily basis should be changed to ensure you’re prepared for the changes spring brings. Here’s what my handbag absolutely has to contain in those sunnier months.



I never leave the house in spring or summer without a stylish pair of polarised sunglasses! There’s nothing worse than spending your entire time outside squinting – not only does it ruin your fun, it increases the likelihood of wrinkles on the brow and around the eyes. Protect your eyes and stay safe on the roads by adding a pair of high quality sunglasses to your handbag.



On that same trend, sunscreen is another essential item for spring/summer handbags. Buy a small bottle that you can easily carry around so you’ll never get caught in an unpleasant situation. Sunburn isn’t just painful, it’s extremely bad for your health and causes excessive ageing to the skin. Try to keep your skin as youthful looking as possible by applying sunscreen every morning during spring and summer – even if it’s grey outside. Reapply at midday if it’s particularly hot.


Lip balm

An SPF lip balm is another item I always carry during the hotter months. Chapped lips are both unsightly and unpleasant, and can result in flaking for several days. By applying an SPF lip balm as a base layer each time you apply or reapply lipstick, you’ll keep your lips looking plump and healthy. I love Eco Lips’ Sport balm (SPF 30) and Hurraw’s Sun Balm (SPF 15) for natural, cruelty-free lip protection.



Carrying a mini water bottle is a move you definitely won’t regret. As women on the go, we often don’t pause to refresh and take a drink between lunch breaks. I find keeping a small water bottle on me at all times makes me drink, which keeps my body hydrated and energised. Fill it up whenever possible and your skin and body will thank you for it!



Last but not least is the headscarf, or neckerchief if you prefer. Functional and stylish, the headscarf is there to protect your scalp should the sun suddenly decide to shine full-blast while you’re outside for a lengthy amount of time. Fold it diagonally in half and tie it at the back of your neck for sweet vintage style – easy chic.


Spring Hair and Beauty Looks

It’s hard to believe with all the shocking weather we’ve had lately, but Spring is actually on the way! Already the runways and stores are beginning to fill with the hottest trends for the Spring/Summer season, so keep up with the game by taking on board these hair and beauty styles.


Natural Brows

Natural brows are here to stay. Embrace your God-given brows and enjoy having a more natural look this summer. Ask your brow specialist for a tidy-up and gentle tint rather than an overly-defined style. You’ll save time and still look gorgeous!


Plaits, Plaits, Plaits

For simple spring and summer style, throw your hair into a messy plait. Side braids are a beautiful casual chic hairstyle, while a traditional braid softens the face and keeps things tidy. For a night out, why not try curling your braid into a bun, or pinning it around your head?


A Touch of Gold

Metallics are in this season, so add some shine to your appearance by using gold, bronze and silver makeup. Shimmery eyeshadow is perfect for a night on the town, while a little bronzer on the cheeks will give you the metallic effect in a more subtle way.


Free Locks

Summer in New Zealand is usually about beach hair, and this season it’s not different. Let your hair down and forget about fancy styles. Think soft curls and natural waves. Simple additions like pulling a section of top hair back into a small ponytail add a little more flair.


Pastel Perfection

Like metallics, pastels are here in full force. Enjoy the lighter things in life with tones of marshmellow, soft blue, mauve and mint. You can never go wrong with a gentle pink lipstick, but if you feel like branching out a little, give pastel eyeshadow a go.


Your Summer Race Day Fashion Guide


Going to the races is a wonderful experience. Part of the fun is getting your girls together and dressing to the nines, but it’s important to remember that there’s a firm dress code stemming from the racing tradition. I’ve put together a few tips for what to wear this season, so read on.


Traditional, darling!

The races are all about elegance and sophistication. You want to look classy and glamorous, so keep the party frocks at home and wear your finest. Avoid anything too revealing, too short or too fitted. Keep your midriff covered and avoid strapless tops. If you’re feeling a bit apprehensive about what to wear, a safe option is monochrome – you really can’t go wrong with a structured black dress paired with white heels and accessories.




The imperative for all racing attire – you simply have to have headwear! The good news is, there’s a range of options to choose from. The fascinator is a race day staple, giving your outfit a unique, stylish flair. Other lovely choices include embroidered headbands or floral hair accessories. I’m also a big fan of wearing actual hats to the races, especially vintage ones like the cloche, or my favourite, the pillbox. Widebrimmed mesh hats are another great alternative.



Florals and Lace 

It’s easier than you think to keep your racing outfit fashion-forward, while still adhering to tradition. This season floral and lace are here in a big way, and they make great choices for the races. Both are feminine and very striking when worn correctly. Lace looks amazing in white, cream or soft blue, while floral is lovely in yellows, mauves, and pinks. You can even incorporate floral into your outfit through your accessories, as below.




Never underestimate the power of accessories. These are what propel your outfit to that ultimate level of style and make you stand out from the crowd. Your accessories are a part of your overall look, so they deserve just as much thought as your dress, shoes and headwear. Make sure you have a purse or clutch large enough to fit your phone, sunscreen and lipstick. Small and simple is best for the races. Gloves also make an elegant and vintage addition to your outfit. Remember to bring sunglasses, as you’ll be outside in the sun for much of the day. Think big statement glasses or plain black for that uber-traditional look.




Shoes can make or break an outfit. You might have everything else down to perfection, but if your shoes don’t fit, your whole look is affected. Choose your colour carefully and remember that the races are about class and elegance. Your heels don’t need to be unreasonably high to make the cut. I’m loving chunky-heeled Mary Janes and peep-toe shoes this season, especially in black or nude suede. For a more fashion-forward edge, opt for some strappy stilettos, or wear heeled sandals to get a summery vibe.




As with everything else, keep jewellery simple and classy. It should complement the rest of your outfit, not outshine it. I recommend wearing just two or three pieces, rather than a whole lot. Try to keep the colours similar, too. If you’re wearing gold earrings, don’t put silver rings on. Race day fashion is all about the ensemble. Everything should flow and appear to have a place. If you’re feeling stuck, a helpful piece of advice is simply: less is more. Minimalism is better than excess for these circumstances.