5 Things to Stop Doing in 2018

It’s 2018 already! While this is the time to ring in the New Year with celebration, there is also no better time to commit to ending those bad habits! It can be daunting thinking about all the things you want to improve or change in your life for 2018, but these 5 habits I’ve laid out below can be a good starting point for you. Whether you have made your own personal New Year resolutions or not, these points will be great to practice in 2018.

1. Spending too much time on social media

One minute you’re telling yourself that you’ll just read a few more Facebook posts before bed, and the next you realised you’ve been mindlessly scrolling for the last hour. It’s almost impossible to avoid social media at all costs these days – so try setting some limits to restrain yourself. Putting your laptop and phone into another room when you get home can be helpful in achieving this goal, and try to find another hobby you enjoy (like reading or art) that doesn’t involve a screen!

2. Not drinking enough water

Face it; you need to drink more water. Experts say that at a minimum you need to be consuming 8 glasses of water a day. Drinking enough water is one of the best ways to increase energy supply, help the body metabolize fat and, of course, avoid dehydration. Try finding a nice water bottle to carry around with you, or make a habit of having a few glasses with each meal. Your skin, brain and muscles will thank you for it.

3. Being “too busy” to exercise.

So you don’t have time to go to the gym, and it’s too cold to run outside. Plus you are so hungry after work that you don’t have the energy to work out! Right? Wrong. In reality, I guarantee that if you have time to watch a few episodes of TV in the evening, you have time for a workout. Instead of waiting for dinner, have a healthy afternoon snack at work so you will be ready for an evening gym session. And remember anything is better than nothing, so go for a brisk walk or turn on a yoga video at home, your 2018-self will thank you for it.

4.Ignoring your personal obligations

Just like you have a schedule at work, make sure you incorporate your New Year goals and resolutions into a personal routine. If your resolution is to call your sister more often, then pencil in a set time block each week that works for you and make the call. It’s important to remember personal obligations and things you want to achieve, and make time to balance it in with your work life. If you don’t schedule these things in, it makes it harder to reason with yourself to make time and fulfil your goals.

5. Embracing the chaos

Use 2018 as your year to sort through the clutter. Find a new filing system or orgnisational tool that works for you, and soon you’ll wonder how you went so long without it. If you want to stop spending entire Sunday’s running errands and cleaning around the house, try doing odds and ends gradually throughout the week, so you can sleep in on the weekend without feeling guilty about your to-do list.


I hope this list gave you some inspiration about your 2018 resolutions and goals! Remember not to be too hard on yourself if you slip up, what’s important is that you make proactive steps to keep working towards your goals throughout the year.










Valuing What You Love: Why You Should Do It

Stylish business woman

When it comes to doing what you love, have you ever been struck by the following thoughts?

“My passion can’t support me financially”

“No one will care about what I love doing”

“Achieving my dream career will take years of planning and money, and even then it might not work out”

“Following my passion is too risky”

Self-doubt is destructive and will only have a negative impact on your life and career. In order to succeed, you need to banish negative thoughts and replace them with positivity, drive and vision. Read on for my tips on how to value yourself – and your dreams!

Know Your Worth – and Own It!

Understand the exceptional value that you as a person possess. Forget about how much money you earn, what you look like or what you do for a living. This is about you as a unique individual. A person with a big salary is not necessarily a good person, or a happy person. Think about your positive traits, the good things you’ve done in life and the times when you have made a difference. Think about why you love your passion – what is it that makes you enjoy it? In most cases, our interests and passions enhance our happiness. We’re also usually good at them, and excelling at something is a great way to add focus and positivity to your life.

Think of the Positive Outcomes

How will your passion and dreams positively effect others? Does what you love doing help another person in any way? Avoid thinking literally – yes, doctors physically do help people. But so do musicians, accountants, yoga instructors and authors. Every occupation, every hobby, every interest in the world impacts someone’s life and has the power to create positivity. Maybe you’re really into photography, but think there’s no point doing it for a living because people won’t care. Wrong. Viewing art can really enhance people’s lives. Art collection is a hobby, and just looking at beautiful pictures on Instagram can put you in a good mood. Don’t underestimate the power of your passion.

Think Forward

If in doubt, thinking ahead will really show you why valuing what you love is important. Picture your life in 10 years, then 20. Where do you see yourself? Do you think you will be happy continuing on in the job you currently hold? Do you think your passion will simply die and you’ll no longer wish to pursue it? That’s no way to think of life! When it comes to the crunch, the old saying ‘life is short’ is true. We’re only on this Earth for a short time, so let’s make the most of it. Let’s really enjoy our time here. When you look back at your life, you don’t want to have regrets and wish you’d pursued your passion after all. Value what you love, and  follow that passion.



The Year That Was


It’s been a big year! With Christmas over and New Years Eve just around the corner, I decided to reflect on each of the past twelve months. Looking back at everything you’ve been through over the span of a year helps add perspective and shows how much you’ve achieved. As I think over my 2016, think of your own experience and accomplishments. Consider the goals you had in January and where you are now. Do you feel that you’ve improved some part of your life this year? Do you feel it’s been a good year? Re-evaluation comes next month, so for now think it over, reward yourself for your successes, and have a fabulous December 31st.





I kicked off the year with a series of Teen Styling Courses around New Zealand while the high school kids were still on their summer break. I love seeing the smile on my student’s faces as they discover their personal style and build confidence!



The Body Shape Range went on sale so I could make room for my next clothing line! Out with the old, in with the new, right?



In March my team and I had a stall at the Wanaka A&P Show and Horse of the Year, selling clothes and doing fittings. We love being part of New Zealand country fairs and expos!



April was a big month for me as I made the move from Christchurch to Auckland. I miss Christchurch a lot, but Auckland has it’s perks, too. My styling team and I also began our StyleMe Lounge sessions at malls around the country.



I launched my Fashion Stylist Course in Australia, holding programs in the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. This was very exciting!!



The big Real Housewives of Auckland announcement was made!



The highlight of July was shooting the cover for Eye Magazine – so much fun! I also did an interview with the magazine about my experience on RHOAKL.



The Real Housewives of Auckland launched on Bravo TV, and the hype began…



This month I flew to Melbourne to sign with Giant Model Management, visit Australia’s first Dry & Tea Salon, and meet some of the Real Housewives of Melbourne. What a blast!



October saw the launch of my new book Being Real, as well as my book tour around New Zealand. One of my proudest moments for 2016. My styling team and I also had a stall at the lovely annual Culverden Fete.



I resumed my role as Fashion Coordinator for Riccarton Cup & Show Week, one of my absolute favourite times of the year. As always the contestants looked gorgeous, making it a very difficult competition!



Over the past month I’ve been busy working on my new plans for 2017 – there’s a big announcement coming, so stay tuned!


Angela’s 7 Style Commandments

Fashion is fun, and it definitely doesn’t have to be difficult. With my 7 Style Commandments you’re sure to be looking and feeling fabulous everyday – without any stress!


1. Keep it Classic


You can’t beat a classic, ladies. Think simple cuts, clean lines and plain colours. Build the basics in your wardrobe and go from there – trousers, blouses, skirts and sweaters in neutral tones. You can throw these staples on with just about anything, and they’re great for layering – with only a few classic pieces you can easily create a whole array of outfits!


2. Plan Your Outfits


If you have somewhere to be, don’t leave it until that morning to decide what you’re going to wear. Prepare your outfit the evening before so you can get up, get dressed and get going looking amazing. An organised wardrobe is essential for easy dressing, so if you struggle to see all of your clothes when you open the door, it might be time for a clear-out.

3. Own Your Style


Clothing is communication. It’s a representation of who you are, so embrace your unique style and show your individuality through fashion by wearing clothes you love. Whatever items make you feel comfortable and confident are the right ones for you. If there’s a trend you love, personalise it with your own touch – simple!

4. Quality, Not Quantity


Buying good quality products is so important. It’s better to have a handful of well-made pieces than a ton of poorly-made ones. Choose items with good, non-synthetic fabrics and strong tailoring. Buying trusted brands is an easy way to ensure you’ll get what you’re paying for – there’s a reason brands like Levi’s are still so successful today.

5. Dress For Your Figure


Knowing your body shape allows you to find the right items for your unique figure. When you dress for your body shape, you highlight your best features. This allows you to feel more comfortable and builds confidence – and as we know, inner confidence shines on the outside. Remember also to wear the right size for you – a lot of brands have different sizes so getting fitted is a good idea.

6. Attention: Accessories


Don’t neglect your accessories! These beauties can make or break an outfit, so they deserve a little attention. Always remember to think about your shoes, jewellery and handbag when you dress. Do they fit with your outfit? Are the colours right? Do the textures complement everything else you’re wearing? I also like to take the less-is-more approach when it comes to jewellery – don’t overdo it, but don’t wear nothing, either. A watch, earrings and ring will do the trick, or a statement necklace and a simple bracelet.

7. Makeup Match


Like your accessories, your makeup should match your outfit. Coordinate colours and intensity with your clothing. If you’re going for a casual look, keep the makeup simple. If you have a black tie event, smokey eyes and red lips might be appropriate.


Beauty from the Inside Out


Beauty is an inside job. Yes, it’s as simple as that. As I’ve said many times before, when you feel good you look great. Who you are underneath your exterior and the way you feel about yourself are ultimately what is reflected on the outside. If you have a negative perception of yourself, it’s going to show. Enhance your self-respect and self-worth by reading my tips below.



The number one way you can improve how you feel about yourself is through positive self-talk. It’s about loving who you are and appreciating yourself. Most women have experienced thoughts of self-loathing at some time in their life. This could be criticising your body, telling yourself you aren’t good enough or questioning how others could ever perceive you in a positive manner. These kinds of thoughts are hurtful and self-destructive. When we think of ourselves poorly, we’re only causing damage. Negative self-talk inevitably results in low self-esteem, poor levels of confidence and unhappiness or dissatisfaction. You should never tell yourself that you are ugly, fat, useless or any other negative word. Similarly, you should never compare yourself to others. Every person we meet is at a different stage in their life to us. They are a different age or body shape; they have different experience and skills. Nobody is perfect, and comparing the things that you dislike about yourself to those that you see on other woman is only going to damage your self-esteem further. Beauty isn’t defined by the way you look next to another woman.


A Healthy Life, A Happy Life

When you have a balanced diet and regular exercise regime, you naturally feel healthier and happier. Eat nutritious foods and drinks lots of water to literally keep your insides thriving. Maintain consistent eating patterns and visit a nutritionist if you feel like your current diet isn’t really working for you. Exercise is a fabulous way to boost your self-confidence, so make sure you’re getting out there often and going for a walk, doing some yoga or hitting the gym.


Mind’s Eye

Do you feel that you’ve found inner peace? Are you content with your life and where you are going? Make a list of your values and goals and see if you’re actually accomplishing them. If you aren’t working towards them it’s likely you won’t feel completely fulfilled. Are you happy with your career, your friendships and relationships, your hobbies? When we love the life we’re living, we love ourselves. The key thing to remember is that changing your life is up to you – and it isn’t as hard as it might sound. Making the conscious decision to change is the first step. Once you’ve done that, the rest will begin falling into place. Remember also that even if there are things you dislike about your current position, there are good things in your life too. Don’t forget to focus on the good!


Confident Style

The way you dress reflects how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. Probably the best advice out there on this subject is to wear what you feel comfortable and fabulous in. Don’t wear something that makes you feel self-conscious, uncomfortable or unattractive. Dress to highlight your assets and boost your self-esteem. That might mean jeans and a blouse for one person and a fitted dress for another. The key thing to note is that you’re dressing for you, not other people. Wearing all of the latest trends won’t necessarily make you feel good, but wearing the jumpsuit you’ve had forever that enunciates your hourglass figure will. Confidence is sexy, so dressing in the clothes that make you feel the most confident is a winning solution! If you aren’t happy with your look, visiting a stylist is a worthwhile idea. It’s never too late to reinvent your look, and often this is all you need to discover your true style and feel sensational. On top of all this, make sure you show your confidence with a smile – a big, happy smile says a lot about a person.





Be the Kind of Person You Want to Know


When you think about yourself and the life you lead, are you happy? Do you view yourself in a positive light? Do you think of yourself as a good person? Are you proud of who you are and the way you treat others? This week, my blog is all about being the type of person you want to know.


Be Someone You’d be Proud to Call a Friend 

Try to be the sort of person you would be thrilled to know and call a friend. Look at the special people in your life and consider what you love most about them. Do you also exhibit some of those qualities? Be someone who lifts others up, tackles challenges head-on and lives life with a positive outlook. Remember to practice what you preach. If you value friendliness and patience, enact those values. Live by your beliefs and show commitment to your passions and goals.


Be Generous

If we were all generous, the world would be a much better place. Learning to give to others is a positive trait that benefits both you and the receiver. Consume less and give more. Be generous not just in the literal, gift-giving sense, but with your time and your advice. Talk less and listen more to those around you. Show that you care by offering your support and bringing positivity into other’s lives. Generosity is beautiful thing!


Be Kind 

Kindness is one of the keys to living a fulfilled life. Not everyone believes in karma, but I truly do. When you do positive things with your life, the universe sends positive things your way. Kindness is infectious and can make someone’s day just that little bit better. Plus, you can’t help but feel good when you do something nice for another person. Be selfless, not selfish. You, the world and those around you will be better for it!


2017: Your Year


This year is your year. A New Year is a fresh start, a second chance, an opportunity to do better, be better, and live more fully. Let’s make 2017 your year to find true happiness and success. By kicking off the year with the right attitude and a bit of drive, you’re already on the way to enhancing your life. Take into consideration the points below and you’ll be there before you know it!



It’s pretty common to make goals at the start of a new year, but actually sticking to those goals is a different story. Your goals need to centre around something you really care about. If they’re generic and general, it’s easy to lose interest and motivation.

Revaluate your goals from 2016 and adjust them to suit your current situation, hopes and dreams. Think about your passions, your career direction and your aspirations. Where do you want your life to go? What kind of person do you want to be?

Once you have a few solid goals, add them to a diary or calendar, or create a goal chart so they stay in your mind. Now, make things happen for you! Stay focused, think forward and don’t hold back – keep the momentum until your goals are achieved.




The best way to make 2017 your year is to have a positive attitude. Kicking the year off feeling good about your life and about who you are sets the tone for the next 12 months. If you feel empowered, happy and in control then your start to 2017 is guaranteed to be a success.

Is your self-esteem at a healthy level? Do you feel confident in your capabilities? Do you feel in tune with your personal brand? Try to be forward-thinking so that you can fit everything into your schedule and therefore feel fulfilled. Ask yourself what you need to do to accomplish your short-term goals while still having a balanced lifestyle. Plan your time so that your hobbies don’t get forgotten and you’re able to relax. Connect with yourself and calm the soul by practicing mindfulness. Your entire life will feel the benefits.




Make this the year that you really own your body and love the skin you’re in. Self-confidence and respect for your body are essential to finding real happiness. If you aren’t content with your body, your happiness is impeded. Questioning and criticising the way you look, or comparing yourself to others has a negative impact on your entire outlook. We need to embrace and celebrate our bodies in order to enhance our lives.

While we all tend to splurge a little over summer, try to maintain as balanced a diet as possible. Allow yourself a few more treats than usual, but remember to have three healthy meals a day with nutritious snacks in between. Avoid processed foods and refined sugars and opt for fresh, organic produce. Complement your diet with exercise to ensure your body is getting the proper treatment it deserves. There are lots of ways to exercise that don’t involve going to the gym, so even if you’re on holiday you can still workout.

Another way to boost your self-confidence is finding your own personal style. Knowing how to dress for your body shape, personality and values will enhance your happiness as your clothing becomes an accurate representation of who you are. Define your style, plan your wardrobe, then rock it!