Finding your Dream Career

We all want to have a career that’s perfect for us, right? A career that motivates and drives, and doesn’t make you dread getting up in the morning. A career where you can use your unique skill set and feel valued. That’s the dream! Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons many people settle into a career that isn’t their first choice. There are a lot of factors that weigh into this, including financial success, job security and lifestyle choices. However, fighting for your dream career is worth it.

Do you feel dissatisfied in your job? Do you think you could do more and be more? Do you want to change your life for the better?

It’s time to get inspired and build your dream career. So – how do you begin?


What are your interests?

A great place to start is to consider your interests. It makes sense that a career based on what you do in your free time is going to be a career you love. What are your hobbies? Do you play a sport or instrument, or enjoy reading or being creative? Maybe you’re really into photography or cooking. Perhaps sewing, fashion or cars is your ‘thing’. We all have a passion of some kind – in fact, many of us have multiple passions. What started out as an offshoot of my love for fashion and well-being turned into a career as a fashion and life stylist – and I couldn’t be happier. Think about your interests and build from there.


What makes you happy?

You should also consider the things in life that make you truly happy. What brings a smile to your face or peace to your mind? Maybe being outdoors is what makes you happiest, or spending time with friends. Maybe you just love interacting with other people in general. Maybe watching Netflix puts you at ease, or playing with animals makes you really smile. Whatever makes you individually happy is bound to be a good career fit.


What are your work strengths?

Considering your skill set is important when thinking about the right career for you. We all excel at different things, and your strengths should definitely be taken into account during this career-building process. Think about the skills you bring to the table. Are you great at strategising, marketing or sales? Are your problem solving or negotiating skills top notch? Are you a whizz with technology and social media? Maybe you have envious administration capabilities, or superb self-management. Are you an organised, flexible person? Do you have awesome customer service skills? No doubt there are multiple areas that you shine in, so make a list and get thinking!


What are your interpersonal skills?

Interpersonal skills are otherwise known as people skills. These are the skills you use in everyday life when interacting with others. If you have strong interpersonal skills, you’re probably great at connecting with people – something that employers really value. It’s important to consider your interpersonal skills as you uncover your dream career. How are you at communicating and building a rapport with colleagues and clients? Do you excel at leadership or teamwork? Is your workplace attitude professional? Are you good at motivating others or resolving conflict? Do you have great listening skills? As with your work skills, make a list to see where your strengths lie. Then combine that information with your interests and happiness factors, and begin brainstorming potential jobs! Remember, it’s never too late to build your dream career and change your life.



Personal Branding: Why Do It?

Beautiful, curly woman with laptop

The term ‘branding’ has often been associated purely with business; we think of brands in relation to products, services and companies. Today, however, nearly every successful individual has their own personal brand – whether realising so or not. The question is no longer “do I have a personal brand?”, but “do I choose to create my brand or let it be created for me?”

So what is personal branding? Personal branding is the art of self-packaging yourself.  Your brand is how you appear to the world – so naturally having a strong, memorable brand rather than a dull, uninteresting one is important.

The point in thinking about yourself as a ‘brand’ isn’t to create an alter-ego called a ‘personal brand’ that presents a super-human, polished persona of the real you. No – the point is to become authentic in who you are and intentional about how you tell your story. Here’s how:


Know Yourself

Your brand should be a reflection of who you are. What do you value? What do you believe? What are you passionate about? Why? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Always remember that people connect with other people – real people. Don’t build your brand on a fake persona – build it around your true self. Ultimately, personal branding is about understanding who you are and sharing that person with the world.


Tell Your Story

Find ways to tell your story in a meaningful and human manner. Tell it as best you can at this time. Be intimately acquainted with your unique story… your ‘why’. My latest book Being Real will help you discover how to connect with yourself, understand and share your story.


Build Your Online Presence

How do you come across online? You should be monitoring this on an ongoing basis. Do you have social media profiles? Do they present you in the best light possible and make you look professional? Are you using high-quality professional photography? Are you interacting with others and sharing their content? Do you have a personal website? This is one of the best ways to increase your authority and become more recognised. Start simple with a short bio and links to your social platforms, then grow from there.