5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Month

I often find myself feeling equally overwhelmed and excited at the beginning of a new month – especially towards the end of the year. Here are some helpful tips to stay organised this month and achieve your goals.


1: Clean and Organise

 A new month is an opportunity for a clean slate, so starting it out on a fresh note will ensure you are feeling ready to tackle the weeks ahead. Spending half a day running errands you have been putting off, and completing some chores around the house you’ve been avoiding will get you prepared for the busy month ahead! This will mean you can enter the month with a clear head – and home – to make this your most productive month yet.


2: Plan it Your Way

Everyone has different ways to keep themselves on task – and not every way works for everyone! Find an orgnisiational tool that works for you, whether it be a monthly calendar, a to-do list, a phone app, or something different entirely. Plan your month out so you know what commitments and events you have coming up, and be sure to schedule in deadlines and requirements you have for the coming weeks. Don’t forget to pencil in some relaxation time or a date night as well!


3: Meals

A new month is a perfect time to try out some new meals – or start following that meal plan you’ve been meaning to do so for a while. It all starts at the supermarket, making sure you have all the ingredients you need (or not buying certain foods), will help your motivation later in the month to stay on track. Spend a few moments finding a new recipe or two to try out this month, whether it is a slightly challenging one, or a dish you’ve always been wanting to make, this is a surefire way to make cooking fun again!


4: Create an ‘Impossible List’

While you are spending some time at the beginning of the month planning out the weeks to come, it could be a great time to start (or add to) your ‘impossible list’. This is similar to a bucket list, but filled with things you are actively working towards doing. The impossible list provides an opportunity to define goals for your life to start working towards now. They could be anything from running a marathon to hosting a dinner party. The beginning of each month provides a perfect time to check back in and adjust it to reflect your long-term goals, and give yourself a bit of a challenge.


5: Create a Positive Atmosphere

A timeless cliché, but being positive really can solve (or at least ease) many of your day-to-day problems and tasks. And there are countless ways to establish a feel-good atmosphere. You can watch a TED talk or find some writing/quotes that inspire you – having these written down or thinking back on them over the weeks ahead can help transform your state of mind in difficult situations. Changing up your décor, getting a few fresh flowers, or even organising a nice playlist to listen to while at home can also help. Starting off the month with a positive mindset, and emphasising positivity when the going gets tough will set you up for a terrific month ahead!


I hope your December is filled with lots of joy and cheer.
Love Ange xoxo


2017: Your Year


This year is your year. A New Year is a fresh start, a second chance, an opportunity to do better, be better, and live more fully. Let’s make 2017 your year to find true happiness and success. By kicking off the year with the right attitude and a bit of drive, you’re already on the way to enhancing your life. Take into consideration the points below and you’ll be there before you know it!



It’s pretty common to make goals at the start of a new year, but actually sticking to those goals is a different story. Your goals need to centre around something you really care about. If they’re generic and general, it’s easy to lose interest and motivation.

Revaluate your goals from 2016 and adjust them to suit your current situation, hopes and dreams. Think about your passions, your career direction and your aspirations. Where do you want your life to go? What kind of person do you want to be?

Once you have a few solid goals, add them to a diary or calendar, or create a goal chart so they stay in your mind. Now, make things happen for you! Stay focused, think forward and don’t hold back – keep the momentum until your goals are achieved.




The best way to make 2017 your year is to have a positive attitude. Kicking the year off feeling good about your life and about who you are sets the tone for the next 12 months. If you feel empowered, happy and in control then your start to 2017 is guaranteed to be a success.

Is your self-esteem at a healthy level? Do you feel confident in your capabilities? Do you feel in tune with your personal brand? Try to be forward-thinking so that you can fit everything into your schedule and therefore feel fulfilled. Ask yourself what you need to do to accomplish your short-term goals while still having a balanced lifestyle. Plan your time so that your hobbies don’t get forgotten and you’re able to relax. Connect with yourself and calm the soul by practicing mindfulness. Your entire life will feel the benefits.




Make this the year that you really own your body and love the skin you’re in. Self-confidence and respect for your body are essential to finding real happiness. If you aren’t content with your body, your happiness is impeded. Questioning and criticising the way you look, or comparing yourself to others has a negative impact on your entire outlook. We need to embrace and celebrate our bodies in order to enhance our lives.

While we all tend to splurge a little over summer, try to maintain as balanced a diet as possible. Allow yourself a few more treats than usual, but remember to have three healthy meals a day with nutritious snacks in between. Avoid processed foods and refined sugars and opt for fresh, organic produce. Complement your diet with exercise to ensure your body is getting the proper treatment it deserves. There are lots of ways to exercise that don’t involve going to the gym, so even if you’re on holiday you can still workout.

Another way to boost your self-confidence is finding your own personal style. Knowing how to dress for your body shape, personality and values will enhance your happiness as your clothing becomes an accurate representation of who you are. Define your style, plan your wardrobe, then rock it!








Summer: Staying Motivated


For those of us lucky enough to get a break over Christmas and the New Year, there lies the issue of motivation. It can be so tempting to simply spend your time off sleeping, eating and lounging around watching television. While you certainly should treat yourself to a bit of the aforementioned behaviour, it’s also really important to make the most of your free days and New Zealand’s gorgeous weather. Here are a few helpful pointers on how to keep motivated during this time:

Set an Alarm

Unless you’re one of those people that wakes up at a decent hour automatically, definitely, definitely set an alarm each morning! There would be nothing worse than going back to work in January and realising you spent your entire holiday sleeping until noon each day. Try setting your alarm for 8am during the week, and 9am during weekends – this way you still get the best of the day but aren’t up with the sparrows. Of course, if you like getting up at the crack of dawn, go for it! The more daylight you give yourself, the more time you have to both relax and do activities. 

Have Attainable Goals

This one is really important. It’s hard to be motivated about anything if you don’t have something to strive towards or look forward to! Whatever that goal may be is completely up to you, your personal interests and desires. It could be as simple as building a herb garden, or as complex as hiking the Heaphy Track. Pick something (or several things) that you want to accomplish over the coming weeks and work on achieving them each day. Not only will this stop you from spending the majority of your break lazing around, but it will leave you feeling proud and inspired when you see the end result.

Be Organised

If you aren’t an organisational freak, there are a couple of things you could take from those that are. Having a little organisation in your day-to-day life can work wonders! You don’t have to write lists or plan everything you do right down to the final point (though if that desire is in your nature, I wouldn’t discourage you!), but following a few basic tips can really help with staying motivated. First, keep your space literally organised. By this I mean: don’t live through your holiday in a mess. Try to maintain a tidy house so you actually feel like moving around in it. More importantly, however, know what you need to before it needs doing, and have an idea of what exactly you’ll be doing each day. Even simply deciding that tomorrow you will go for a walk somewhere is enough to set your mind on that channel. You don’t need to establish where or when, just know that you are going to do that. This gives you something to work your day around.

Reward Yourself

If you’re still finding it hard to stay (or get) motivated – I know reading in a hammock by the beach all day can be VERY tempting – give yourself a small reward upon completing your goals. Establish what this reward will be when you first decide upon your goal, so that you have an incentive throughout the achieving process. It could be a chocolate bar, a spa or an evening watching your favourite chick flick – you decide!