Spring Hair and Beauty Looks

It’s hard to believe with all the shocking weather we’ve had lately, but Spring is actually on the way! Already the runways and stores are beginning to fill with the hottest trends for the Spring/Summer season, so keep up with the game by taking on board these hair and beauty styles.


Natural Brows

Natural brows are here to stay. Embrace your God-given brows and enjoy having a more natural look this summer. Ask your brow specialist for a tidy-up and gentle tint rather than an overly-defined style. You’ll save time and still look gorgeous!


Plaits, Plaits, Plaits

For simple spring and summer style, throw your hair into a messy plait. Side braids are a beautiful casual chic hairstyle, while a traditional braid softens the face and keeps things tidy. For a night out, why not try curling your braid into a bun, or pinning it around your head?


A Touch of Gold

Metallics are in this season, so add some shine to your appearance by using gold, bronze and silver makeup. Shimmery eyeshadow is perfect for a night on the town, while a little bronzer on the cheeks will give you the metallic effect in a more subtle way.


Free Locks

Summer in New Zealand is usually about beach hair, and this season it’s not different. Let your hair down and forget about fancy styles. Think soft curls and natural waves. Simple additions like pulling a section of top hair back into a small ponytail add a little more flair.


Pastel Perfection

Like metallics, pastels are here in full force. Enjoy the lighter things in life with tones of marshmellow, soft blue, mauve and mint. You can never go wrong with a gentle pink lipstick, but if you feel like branching out a little, give pastel eyeshadow a go.


Looking After Your Body This Summer

Pretty surfer girl at the beach holding up her surfbard

We are so lucky in New Zealand to have long, hot and completely beautiful summers. The festive season means days at the beach, outdoor activities and wines with your girlfriends in the garden. It’s easy to forget that our body needs extra attention during the summer months, but it is so important for your wellbeing and health! I always make sure I treat the following points with the utmost care, so I can have fun in the sun without having to worry.


As obvious as it may seem, it needs stressing – especially in New Zealand with our high UV rays, taking extra suncare precautions is a must. Wear a hat and sunglasses, and cover up when possible – komonos and other light, breezy items are great for concealing skin without adding warmth. Now is your chance to wear that new felt hat you purchased and don your favourite pair of designer sunnies. This won’t quite be enough, however. It might feel unpleasant on your skin and make you look shiny, but sunscreen is not debatable. Just think of what you’ll look like in ten or twenty years’ time – you don’t want your skin to be leathery, dry or any more wrinkly than necessary! I opt for a non-greasy, lightweight suncream with high SPF, like Neutrogena’s Ultra-Sheer Dry-Touch Broad Spectrum.


Your diet shouldn’t change greatly regardless of the season (though it most likely does), aside from the appearance and disappearance of various vegetables and fruits. You should consistently eat three meals a day plus morning and afternoon tea, each with a similar amount of nutrients, proteins and carbohydrates. Incorporate the different, seasonal ingredients available into your meals where possible to keep things fresh and interesting. Since cold temperatures are no longer present, swap the stews and soups for salads and stir fry, and have smoothies or muesli for breakfast rather than hot options like bacon and eggs.


It is super easy for hair to become dry and under-nourished with the intense heat brought on by summer. Make sure you continue to wash and condition it regularly, and get hydrating treatments at least once or twice a fortnight. I use Pureology products because they are 100% vegan, and sulphate and paraben free. Always check the ingredients of the products you put on your body – a good rule of thumb is: if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin! Also, try and avoid using hot tools like straighteners or curling irons as much, as these damage and dry out your hair. 


Even with a healthy, nutritious diet there are always supplements that your body misses out on. For an extra boost in energy and to aid the health of your skin and body, I suggest taking supplements. These are quick and easy to incorporate into your daily routine so perfect for people constantly on the go like myself. For years now I have been using Xtendlife’s Kiwi Cleanse, Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil and Total Balance Women’s Premium tablets. The results I experience are phenomenal – I sleep better, and feel more alert and energetic. My body functions as it should and I look and feel younger. As well as these, I now religiously take Xtendlife’s Zupafood for SKIN. Completely natural, this is my number one product ever – I cannot recommend it enough for feeling wonderful inside out. Shop it here. Xtendlife

Hydration, Hydration

My last point is certainly not the least important. I’ve talked about dry hair, but now need to mention dehydrated skin and bodies. If you don’t give yourself enough hydration during those hot summer days you will seriously feel the effects – aside from feeling lethargic and irritable, lack of hydration increases the risk of high blood pressure and can make your skin look sunken and unhealthy. To keep things good on the inside, drink lots of water. This has been drilled into all of us since we were kids, but only because it is so crucial to your health. If you really need a change from water, drink some green tea which is full of antioxidants. In terms of your skin, you need to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Don’t slack off on your beauty routine – cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night, and exfoliate one or two times a week. As well as this, make sure you use a body lotion to keep the rest of your skin fresh and healthy. I use Xtendlife for all my skincare needs because their products are paraben, allergen and fragrance free and have noticeably lasting effects. 

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