women's styling

Are you ready to unleash your personal style?

Understanding your body shape is the key to choosing the best silhouettes and colours to suit you and your lifestyle.

Let’s work together to find out which styles flatter your figure so we can achieve the outcome you desire. Angela’s style agents are here to educate you and remove the daily stress of what to wear.

A Women’s Styling Session includes a body shape analysis, colour consultation, wardrobe planning session and a personal shopping trip. We’re all guilty of spontaneous purchases… is there one item in your wardrobe you’ve spent a fortune on but hardly wear?

It’s time to clear the clutter and re-organise your wardrobe. This means making a few necessary but tough choices. Our aim is to leave you with a wardrobe full of timeless garments that will take you from season to season. You’ll be amazed at the benefits you receive when carrying out a wardrobe makeover.

Are you ready to change your life and style?

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