Maximising Your Potential Every Day

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Do you want to increase your potential each day? Do you want to achieve your goals in both your career and personal life? Do you want to wake up every morning feeling great and with a sense of purpose? It’s time to harness your skills and generate productivity to achieve success. Thankfully, there are a few simple ways you can maximise your potential, beginning with my tips below.


Set an Intention

The simplest way to enhance your capacity for success is to set an intention when you wake each day. Sit quietly for a moment and consider what you want to achieve that day, week or month. Think about how you will work towards your goals. Then, with a calm and positive tone, form a solid intention for that day. It could be as simple as “today I will network with three people to expand my brand’s awareness and build connections.” Maybe it’s more complex, like “today I will make a list of comprehensive steps needed to reach my monthly target.” Whatever it is, set it in your mind, repeat it silently to yourself, then begin your day with purpose!



I’m a big advocate for meditation. I truly believe meditation not only creates peace and brings balance to our lives, but eliminates stress and negative energy. Meditating for even 5 minutes a day, every day, will bring changes to your experience. Meditation encourages you to contemplate your feelings, thoughts and experiences. In a state of meditation you become in-tune to yourself and pay attention to everything that’s going on inside. This allows you to note areas that need assistance and begin an inner healing process. More than anything, meditation helps you achieve clarity. After meditating I always feel clear in my intentions, peaceful and ready to get going. Try to meditate for 10-20 minutes a day if possible – you won’t regret it.



Exercise is another fabulous way to increase your potential. As we’ve been told time and again, exercise makes us feel better. It’s a simple way to boost your energy and productivity, as well as work your body. Aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. I like to mix things up so I don’t lose interest or motivation, going for a brisk walk a couple of days, practicing yoga another day and trying different classes at the gym for the rest of the week. Pump is great to get the heart racing and the muscles pumping, but there are tons of options out there so give a few of them a try! If you aren’t a morning person and get home after dark, exercising during your lunch hour might be the best option for you – this is also a great way to bring you back to work feeling fresh.


Take Productive Breaks

The easiest way to enhance your potential on the spot is to take care of your mind and have productive breaks at work. Sitting at your desk all day without breaks isn’t good for your body or your capabilities. When you lose focus or motivation, your work suffers and so does your success rate. Keep your mind on the ball by taking small breaks and allowing yourself to come back with a clear, focused mind. Get up and walk around the office, or grab a coffee at your local cafe. Do a few stretches in your office, or flip through a magazine over a cup of green tea. As long a you get away from your computer screen and out of your chair, you’re going to feel the difference.


Eye Magazine covershoot 20 Years – 2017


Boot Styling Tips For Your Brand New Outfit

As the seasons turn to fall and winter, it is time to bring boots out of storage. While boots are a perennial closet staple, it is easy to combine them with new outfits for a fresh look. There are also many different options when it comes to boots giving you an opportunity to add a different style to your closet in addition to the time-tested classics.

Here, I will share some classic boot looks and general styling guidelines so that you can mix and match.




The Classic Leather Boot

Knee-high leather boots have remained a classic for good reason. Simple, leather boots without much adornment are extremely versatile. These should be your everyday go-tos and can be worn with everything from jeans to dresses. Opt for heeled boots for a little more polish, and pair with an eye-catching skirt – think bright colors, pattern, and interesting shapes – for a fresh take on the look.

All in black: A classic look for simple, leather boots is the flat, black leather boot paired with black jeans. Wear a gray v-neck T-shirt, lightly tucked into the front and a cardigan – or go for a cozy knit.

Dress it up: Go for a leather boot with a heel – block or stiletto – and combine with a nice blouse and a leather moto jacket in a similar color to your boots. You want the colors to be similar but not identical.


The Taller the Better

For a fresher take on the classic leather boot, go for height. Height in the boot’s shaft, not in the heel. Over the knee and thigh-high boots, especially with a low or flat heel, add additional flair and style to the classic look, without putting it over the top. Opt for dark colored boots and wear with pants, leggings or dark colored tights to keep the look low-key yet polished.

Legs for days: Tall boots make your legs look longer, so play it up! Pair black suede over-the-knee boots with black tights and a loose-fitting sweater dress with a shorter hemline.

Dress it up: Look for black over-the-knee boots and wear with an all black ensemble including a shapely black mini dress. Or pair with black jeans, a white blouse and a black jacket. Accessorise with multiple fine necklaces.


Or, Go Short

Booties have gained in popularity as a great alternative to the classic boot. There are a number of ankle booties on the market now. To keep your look polished, go for a mid-height heel. Save the high-heeled booties for date nights and rely on the others for day-to-day styling.

Laid back cool: Brown booties with a chunky heel are the perfect companion to skinny-legged jeans. Pair with a grey sweater and you will be the queen of casual.

Dress it up: Pair them with a boho chic dress and knit tights.


Be Daring

Now that we have gone over the classics, here is how you play it up a little bit. When looking for interesting options, prioritize color, texture, hardware or bling. Choose one, because anything too busy will not stand the test of time. Luckily, there are plenty of elegantly-designed boots with an eye-catching features. You can look for velvet or suede in dark, neural or deep color. Gold hardware on black boots is a classic favorite. This season’s runways have been peppered with extra sparkly boots – perfect for a night on the town and ideal for pairing with everything from jeans to your favorite dress.

Just remember, unique boots are a statement piece. They draw a lot of attention so, unless you like a louder style, keep the rest of your outfit understated.


Pay Attention to Hemlines 

Boots can tend to look school-marmy if they are not paired correctly. Taller boots should always be paired with shorter skirt hemlines – your skirt should not overlap with your boot. Jackets should fall far above the top of your boots as well. In the case of over-the-knee boots, a jacket can hit your waistline or fall far below the tops of your boots. The key is to not have the tops of your boots get muddled with any other hemlines.

You can also keep the silhouette of the boots in mind when pairing with clothing. Most boots go best with skinny jeans and slimmer lines when it comes to pants. However, fuller bodied, more interestingly shaped, or flowing skirts and dresses tend to pair with boots better than more form-fitting ones.


Jamie Plambeck


Jamie is a manager and writer in the fashion. She’s an owner/founder of the family business Boot Cuff & Socks Boutique or BC&S Boutique. You can find the latest styles of Women’s Boot Socks, Cuffs and Lace by visiting the site. When she’s not searching for new fashion trends she’s spending time with her young daughter Rilyn.


Top Looks at the MTV Awards

Earlier this week the MTV Movie and Television Awards were held at the fabulous Shrine Auditorium in the City of Angels – Los Angeles. Slightly less formal than other red carpet events, the MTV Awards give celebrities space to embrace colour and texture in their attire. Some of the outfits were pretty out-there this year, but there were a ton of stunning ones, too. Here are my Top 5 Looks from the MTV Awards – what was your favourite?

Allison Williams

Allison Williams

Actress Allison Williams turned heads in this gorgeous sequined Galia Lahav Haute Couture dress. The cut highlights her rectangle body shape and, combined with the bright colours of the sequins, has an eighties vibe to it. She completed the look with Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos. While the Get Out star didn’t win Best Villain, her co-star Daniel Kaluuya managed to take out the Next Generation award, and the satirical thriller received the most amount of nominations all up. How’s that for inspirational?

Kat Graham
Kat Graham

Star of The Vampire Diaries, Kat Graham was all class in this wide-legged, silky jumpsuit by Off-White. The off-the-shoulder cut breaks the outfit up nicely and her sleek, straight hair looks gorgeous. Kat’s jewellery might look understated, but don’t be fooled – those are Tiffany & Co rings, darlings! What more could a girl want?

Hailee Steinfield
Hailee Steinfeld

Not many people could pull this number off! Somehow, Hailee Steinfield makes it work. The actress and singer looked striking in this mauve Fausto Puglisi dress. The side cut-outs show off her slim waist and the silver embellishments create an eye-catching effect. With silver Christian Louboutin shoes and Neil Lane jewels the twenty-year-old was a vision. Both her and Kat show that simple, straight hair can make any outfit work.

Natalia Dyer
Natalia Dyer

Star of supernatural show Stranger Things, Natalia Dyer was my personal favourite look of the night. I’ve always maintained that when in doubt, wear black – and this is the perfect example of why! With a fitted black Miu Miu dress, fabulous spotted stockings and jewellery by Ileana Makri and Eva Fehren, she was the picture of glamour and sophistication. The strappy heels and red lips complete an elegant, stylish appearance. And even better, Stranger Things took out the award for Show of the Year! What’s your Netflix binge?

Jess Conte
Jess Conte

She’s one of the biggest social media influencers of her generation, and she certainly looked flawless on the red carpet. Vlogger and singer Jess Conte wore a strapless midi-length dress by House of CB. I love the colour and the unique cut of this piece. Soft pinks and pastels are very in right now, as is the much-loved midi-length style. The shape of this dress really makes it stand out – it’s edgy without bordering on crass. The thin-strapped heel is a popular choice at the moment, creating a simple and refined look. Jess tops everything off which a beautiful side plait, plain clutch and simple makeup.


Teenage Etiquette

Teens Image



















How are your teenager’s etiquette skills? While ‘etiquette’ may seem like an old fashioned idea, the truth is having a solid grasp of proper etiquette will set your teen up for a life of success. It’s vital that teens learn how to be respectful and interact positively with others. A foundation in appropriate behaviour is essential in order for your teen to develop powerful social skills and generate self-confidence. If they lack in etiquette, they may struggle in unfamiliar situations and social engagements. Interviews, introductions and new activities may intimidate them or cause discomfort. Being aware of society’s expectations and rules for proper behaviour will prevent this. When your teen understands the importance of correct manners and conduct, they open the door to a future of success.

I’ve compiled a few tips on basic etiquette for teens which will help them – and you – in everyday life. Thinking small creates lasting, positive changes in the big picture.

Standing when people enter a room: this a basic show of polite manners. When someone enters a room to meet you, you stand up. Avoid rushing, as it looks panicked and clumsy, but don’t wait too long either, as that can look rude. Wait a few seconds, stand and smile at the person. Greet them with a simple “hello [name]”, or “good morning” and offer your hand. Make the handshake strong and confident, not weak and flimsy.

Makeup for the classroom: in real life, high school is not like Gossip Girl. Your teen should not be wearing extreme amounts of makeup during class. Things should be kept clean and natural looking, with no dark eye makeup or lipstick. One area of focus acceptable, e.g. the eyebrows, eyes, lips. Ensure your teen keeps the colours simple. Any lipstick should be in nude or soft pink, and eyeliner should be kept black.

How to stack a dishwasher: this one will really help out the parents! Do you find yourself constantly re-stacking the dishwasher or even worse, pulling dirty dishes off the bench top? Show your teen how to correctly stack a dishwasher to prevent this and teach them to clean up after themselves. They should rinse the dishes then stack them neatly to maximise space. They should also know how to turn it on and put the dishes away in the correct place.

Driving courteously: when your teen first gets behind the wheel, it can be pretty exhilarating for them. It’s important not to let the excitement of driving go to your teen’s head, and ensure they focus on being a good, sensible and courteous driver. Teach your teen to give way, follow at a safe distance and stick to the speed limit. Make sure they check pedestrian crossings, don’t overtake recklessly and always indicate. There are lots of rules to learn when beginning to drive, but basic politeness and respect is extremely important.

How to organise your clothing: does your teen have clothing strewn over the floor, or in odd piles around the house? You’re not alone. Showing your teen how to order their clothing teaches them important organisational skills they can apply to other areas of their life. They should have separate draws/hanging spaces for each item: pants, sweaters, skirts, dresses, tops, pajamas, underwear. Dresses, skirts and coats should all be hung, as well as pants and shirts that require ironing. Shoes should be ordered neatly in pairs, not jumbled around the place. Try to encourage your teen to put their clothing in something, so it’s out of sight – a closet or chest of drawers is perfect.

Replacing makeup items: there’s a good change your teen is using the same mascara they’ve had for the past year, which isn’t great for their sensitive eyes. School your teen in when to replace makeup products, including brushes and application tools. Makeup should be kept fresh to avoid irritating the skin.

Teenage table manners: traditional table manners go a long way. Ensure your teen does not start eating until everyone is seated, and does not leave the table until everyone is finished. When eating, mouths should be closed and elbows off the tables. Don’t let your teen shovel huge mouthfuls of food down their throat – they should eat sensibly and slowly. Not only is speed-eating bad for your digestion, it looks disgusting. It’s polite if your teen clears the table and handles the dishes in thanks of having dinner cooked for them.

Could your teen benefit from some etiquette coaching? Sign them up for my Teen Style and Etiquette course, aimed at specifically improving young adults’ manners and social skills. It’s a great day and they’ll have lots of fun.


Valuing What You Love: Why You Should Do It

Stylish business woman

When it comes to doing what you love, have you ever been struck by the following thoughts?

“My passion can’t support me financially”

“No one will care about what I love doing”

“Achieving my dream career will take years of planning and money, and even then it might not work out”

“Following my passion is too risky”

Self-doubt is destructive and will only have a negative impact on your life and career. In order to succeed, you need to banish negative thoughts and replace them with positivity, drive and vision. Read on for my tips on how to value yourself – and your dreams!

Know Your Worth – and Own It!

Understand the exceptional value that you as a person possess. Forget about how much money you earn, what you look like or what you do for a living. This is about you as a unique individual. A person with a big salary is not necessarily a good person, or a happy person. Think about your positive traits, the good things you’ve done in life and the times when you have made a difference. Think about why you love your passion – what is it that makes you enjoy it? In most cases, our interests and passions enhance our happiness. We’re also usually good at them, and excelling at something is a great way to add focus and positivity to your life.

Think of the Positive Outcomes

How will your passion and dreams positively effect others? Does what you love doing help another person in any way? Avoid thinking literally – yes, doctors physically do help people. But so do musicians, accountants, yoga instructors and authors. Every occupation, every hobby, every interest in the world impacts someone’s life and has the power to create positivity. Maybe you’re really into photography, but think there’s no point doing it for a living because people won’t care. Wrong. Viewing art can really enhance people’s lives. Art collection is a hobby, and just looking at beautiful pictures on Instagram can put you in a good mood. Don’t underestimate the power of your passion.

Think Forward

If in doubt, thinking ahead will really show you why valuing what you love is important. Picture your life in 10 years, then 20. Where do you see yourself? Do you think you will be happy continuing on in the job you currently hold? Do you think your passion will simply die and you’ll no longer wish to pursue it? That’s no way to think of life! When it comes to the crunch, the old saying ‘life is short’ is true. We’re only on this Earth for a short time, so let’s make the most of it. Let’s really enjoy our time here. When you look back at your life, you don’t want to have regrets and wish you’d pursued your passion after all. Value what you love, and  follow that passion.



Exercise for Busy People: Fitting it all in

Woman exercising

Image Source: fthmb


As we get busier and busier, fitting exercise into our schedules becomes more difficult. It seems there’s always something that needs to be done! Too often, our exercise is sacrificed to make room for other pressing matters. With daylight savings and the onset of winter, things get even more tricky. Darkness, bad weather and tight schedules aside, getting enough exercise each week is extremely important for our physical and mental health. The fact is, we’re all busy! Using ‘busy’ as an excuse isn’t going to do any favours for our fitness level and overall health, so it’s time to prioritise exercise and make a place for it in your daily routine. Here’s how!


Keep it Regular

Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining a solid exercise regime. If you incorporate time for exercise into your schedule every day, you come to think of it as just another thing you have to do – one that can’t be replaced. Make a little plan for the week where you list all of your regular commitments and figure out a way to add some exercise in there. It might be that on three days of the week you get up 45 minutes earlier and go for a run, or on Wednesdays you take a longer lunch break and fit in a gym class. Maybe evenings work better for you and you can have a slightly later dinner. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Keep it Interesting

Variation is important to ensure you stay motivated. Doing the same form of exercise every day will get boring after a while, and losing interest usually results in slacking off. I like to do several different kinds of exercise each week. As an example, you could go for a brisk walk on two mornings, a yoga and pilates class two evenings, a high intensity gym class like Pump or Spin two other days and a bike ride in the weekend. Simple! Trial and error is a good process here. Have a go at different activities and see which ones you enjoy the most and work best for your body.


Keep it Snappy

One of the main reasons we struggle to fit exercise into our schedules is because we view it as a long task that takes up a big chunk of our time. However, it’s better to exercise in short 30-45 minute bouts every day than a couple of longer sessions each week. Mix it up and have brief workouts during the week when you’re working and longer ones in the weekend when you have more free time.


Keep it Fun

Workout with your friends! This is a great way to catch up and stay motivated. Instead of meeting for a coffee, go for a walk on the beach or cycle around a park together. It’s fun and takes your mind off the fact that you’re exercising. Enrolling in a weekly class like yoga or AB&T together is another great way to encourage each other. Make it a regular thing that you do together – it’s surprising how great it can be.




Celebrity Hair and Beauty Looks of the Month

There have been some gorgeous celebrity hair and beauty looks over the past few weeks, ranging from natural to dramatic. Checking fashion magazines and blogs for images of celebrities is a great way to gain inspiration about hair and makeup. Want some advice on what hairstyles and makeup look work best for you? A personal styling session with me will get you sorted! Here are a few of my favourite celebrity beauty looks right now.


Emma Watson

03/02/2017 - Emma Watson - "Beauty And The Beast" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals - El Capitan Theatre - Hollywood, CA, USA - Keywords: Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 - False - Photo Credit: David Gabber / - Contact (1-866-551-7827) - Portrait Face Count: 1

Image Source: David Gabber 

Emma looked amazing at the world premiere of Beauty and the Beast last month. The British beauty showed off her slim figure in an elegant black Oscar de la Renta jumpsuit, and wore her hair in a swept-back, messy bun. The focus was on the eyes for Emma, and she looked every part the Disney princess with the careful ‘cat eye’ flick of mascara on the eyelid. This technique is a classy and effective way to draw attention to your eyes without looking like you’re wearing a lot of makeup. With a little attention to the brows and a lightly tinted lipstick, Emma was picture perfect.

Selma Hayek

selm hayek

Image Source: StalkCeleb

Selma looked as gorgeous as ever at the How to be a Latin Lover press conference earlier this month. The Mexican-American stunner kept things simple, letting her dark locks flow naturally over her shoulders. Keeping the makeup to a minimum, she has smoothed her skin over with a BB cream or light foundation and added a natural coloured lipstick. This basic makeup look works really well for Selma, showing off her great smile and skin  tone. And doesn’t that dress look amazing on her hourglass figure?!


Brie Larson

Brie has rapidly worked her way into the realm of Hollywood stars, and is known for her natural ‘don’t overdo it’ appearance. At the Kong: Skull Island movie premiere she looked radiant in a striking tiered gown with sequin embellishments that accentuated her small waist and great curves. I love love love Brie’s hair in this image – sleek, straight and shiny, she is the picture of elegance. Like Emma Watson, she focuses on the the eyes, with a slight smoky effect going on and some eyeliner on the eyelid. The small black earrings complete the look beautifully.


Jennifer Anniston


Image Source: Ace Show Biz

Jen always looks great, and she was on form at the premier for the third season of The Leftovers  a week ago. Keeping her beachy blonde-brown locks out with a natural wave and with that ever-present golden tan, she looked fit and healthy. A dash of lipgloss, some black mascara and a touch of bronzer on the cheeks give her face just the right amount of colour. Gorgeous, as always.


Sienna Miller

sienna miller

Image Source: Lainey

Like Jen, Sienna has always maintained a more natural beauty look. At the LA premiere of The Lost City of Z on April 6th, she looked radiant. With a soft curl in her healthy blonde hair, and a little eyeshadow and mascara she looked dignified and fun. You can see the cute freckles on her nose, meaning she hasn’t used a thick foundation. Less is more for Sienna!



Temperature Drop: Must-have Items for the Cooler Weather

Is it just me, or has it been a lot colder this week? Not to mention miserable and rainy at times! Regrettably, the weather is only going to get worse from hereon – but don’t worry, I’ve put together a few essential items to help you battle the elements and stay toasty.



rains moon jacket

New Zealand has particularly changeable weather, so carrying a raincoat in your bag is a very good idea! Luckily, raincoats can be quite stylish. There are some great brands out there like Danish company Rains making functional and fashionable wet weather gear. Check out their Moon base jacket below, available online at Area 51.


Merino Long-sleeve

merino long sleeve and slip

What would we do without Merino? We’re so lucky to have the highest quality Merino wool in New Zealand, so make the most of it and invest in a long-sleeve shirt. Merino is lightweight, quick-drying and beautifully soft on the skin. Plain black or white long-sleeves look great underneath a slip dress and will keep you warm on those chilly mornings.



twenty seven names weekender pants

A dressier alternative to jeans is the trouser. Stylish and comfortable, these pants will get you through the cold days. Buy a wool blend for added warmth and pair with a turtleneck or tee and coat for extra chic. I love Twenty Seven Names’ Weekend trousers below – add a bit of colour in there to brighten things up!


Quality Sweater

London Fashion Week - Autumn/Winter 2013 - J.W Anderson - Arrivals Featuring: Alexa Chung Where: London, United Kingdom When: 18 Feb 2013 Credit: Lia Toby/

Every lady should own at least one decent sweater. Avoid synthetic fabrics like acrylic and polyester and choose quality – opt for cashmere or wool to keep the cold away. If you find wool too scratchy, choose 100% cotton over synthetic materials. It’ll keep you warmer, and is better for your skin and the environment! Alex Chung’s chunky cable knit sweater looks gorgeous below.


Black Boots


I mentioned boots in our Autumn Fashion Guide, but I’m mentioning them again – specifically, black flat boots. Black is fab because it goes well with EVERYthing, and I’m suggesting flat because you can wear these every day, anywhere. Purchase a leather pair for the ultimate waterproof shoe, or spray a synthetic pair with waterproofing spray to prevent leakage. There’s nothing worse than wet feet!


Six Super Spices to Add to your Diet

Time to spice up your life, ladies! I’m always interested in finding new, natural ways to improve my health. Having done some research, I’ve found six ‘super spices’ that have amazing health benefits and provide tasty additions to your meal plan. These spices are easy to incorporate into your daily diet and will have you feeling and looking fabulous in no time.


Cayenne Pepper

cayenne pepper

Image Source: weightless

If you love spicy food you’ll be pleased to know that cayenne pepper is one beneficial spice. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which aids weight loss by enhancing fat burning and reducing appetite. It also has strong cleansing properties and helps soothe the digestive system.

How to Use It: add half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper (or a whole one if you dare) to your dinner each night. You won’t notice the difference in taste too much, but your body will certainly feel a change.



Image Source: Soren Dreier

This yellow spice has a ton of amazing qualities. Tumeric contains the compound curcumin, which is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Turmeric aids in the treatment of arthritis, calms the digestive system and can improve brain function. On top of all that, it has an anti-cancer component.

How to Use It: I have a glass of warm water with one teaspoon of tumeric and a squeezed lemon every morning. It’s quick to make, doesn’t taste terrible and is packed full of goodness!




Image Source: Organic Authority

Cinnamon contains antioxidant and antiseptic properties that cleanse the body of harmful bacteria. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and has been proven to aid cholesterol and reduce risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. If that’s not enough, cinnamon boosts the metabolism and regulates blood sugar levels, aiding in weight loss.

How to Use It: Eating just half a teaspoon of cinnamon daily can have enormous health benefits. Add it to your morning muesli, hot chocolate or smoothie. It’s also a delicious addition to muffins and cakes. Yum!



Image Source: Spiceography

Cumin seeds are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. They aid digestion and provide vital minerals including phosphorus, thiamine and potassium. Cumin also improves bone strength and eyesight, and lowers blood pressure. It helps manage the heart rate and has anti-cancer properties. Even better, it reduces appetite and boosts the metabolism, increasing weight loss.

How to Use It: add a teaspoon of cumin to hotpots like soup or stew. Sprinkle it over nachos, burritos and potato and mix it into hummus as a healthy snack.



Ginger is a delicious spice which can easily be added to your diet. Like many of our other ‘super spices’, ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used as a treatment for nausea and as a natural form of pain relief.

How to Use It: I love adding ginger to smoothies and juices. Combine a teaspoon with beetroot, banana and sunflower seeds for a scrumptious mid-morning drink.




Image Source: Love from the Land

Cardamom has many health benefits, from decreasing blood pressure to boosting the metabolism. It contains many essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, potassium and niacin. It also has helps digestion and increases circulation.

How to Use It: cardamom has a more mild flavour than other spices, so is great for adding to smoothies, biscuits, muesli and porridge along with cinnamon.



Manners for a More Confident You


As people become increasingly consumed by technology and swept up in the busyness of everyday life, it seems our manners are slipping away. Is the younger generation growing up with a solid foundation of appropriate behaviour, communication and basic manners? Or are we losing touch with those very tendencies that make human interaction a pleasant, enjoyable thing for everyone?

It’s time to ask yourself: how good are your manners? How good are the manners of those around you? Your friends, family, colleagues and kids? Can things be improved? Very likely, the answer is yes.

Manners may seem ‘outdated’, but they do more than just improve our daily experience with other people. Having a solid grasp of basic manners and social codes is a great self-confidence booster. When you have a strong understanding of proper etiquette, you can enter any given situation knowing how to act appropriately. You know how to respond to specific comments and questions, and how to handle awkward interactions. More importantly, displaying good manners gives you a mature and sophisticated appearance. You come across as polite, collected and dignified – because you are.

If you’d like some coaching in the area of conduct, presentation and communication, register for my Woman’s Styling Course or book a Free Consultation to discuss your situation. In the mean time, I’ve compiled a list of basic manners and dining, social and business etiquette. Read on for some essential do’s and don’ts!


The Basics

  • Say “please” and “thank you” when asking for, or recieving, something
  • Don’t interrupt people when they’re talking – no excuses!
  • Always knock before entering a closed bedroom, office or bathroom
  • When answering the phone, greet the caller and say you’re name
  • Manage introductions in situations where people don’t know each other – no one likes being left out of the conversation


Table Manners

  • When it comes to cutlery, work your way from the outside-in
  • Never begin eating before everyone is seated and ready to start
  • Don’t use your phone or have it on the table – this is a big one, ladies
  • Please please please never chew with your mouth open
  • Don’t put your elbows on the table


Social Etiquette

  • Make sure you RSVP to events within five days of receiving an invitation – leaving it to the last minute shows you don’t want to commit
  • Say “excuse me” when leaving or entering a conversation
  • Don’t be more than 30 minutes late to parties and functions (there’s fashionably late and then there’s just late, darlings)
  • Always thank the host before leaving
  • Ensure you’re well groomed before attending the party: neat brows, clean teeth, tidy hair


Office Talk

  • Say good morning and goodbye to your colleagues every day
  • Praise your colleagues for good work and congratulate them when they achieve something
  • Keep business emails friendly but formal. Always sign off with “regards, Angela” or similar
  • Dress appropriately for the office – no low-cut tops or short skirts
  • Be respectful of your colleagues – don’t eat other’s food, take their car park or judge their office decorations



Autumn Fashion Guide


Autumn is here, ladies! My Autumn Fashion Guide will keep you on-trend and looking fabulous as the days grow colder. Read on for the must-have seasonal looks and feel free to book in a complimentary consultation to discuss your Autumn style.


Denim, darling


Denim never goes out of style, but this Autumn you can go all out. It’s not just about the jeans – jackets and shirts are in, too. Broaden your options by purchasing a pair of jeans in every colour. High waisted black jeans paired with heels and a silk blouse are a gorgeous casual outfit for an Autumn evening out, and white jeans are great for everyday wear.

Oversized coats

Oversized coat

Coats are comfortable, cosy and classy. This season it’s all about oversized coats, which make it easy to layer underneath. Throw on a wool blend coat over a dress and tights for everyday casual chic. Get them in grey, beige, navy or black for usability.




Midi-length is the key for dresses and skirts. This flattering cut is easy to dress up and down. Try a cotton jersey midi-length dress or skirt during the day, and a pleated or silk option for evening wear. Pair with heels to elongate the legs.


Layer Up!


I love layering! Get creative and mix your favourite items together. Wear funnel necks under strappy slips, sweaters under jackets and button-up blouses over skirts. Layering is fun and fashionable.




Pleats are here to stay. Adding a touch of texture and glam to your outfit, pleats look great in skirt form, particularly at the midi-length. A shallow pleat also looks great in shorts or culottes. To balance out the texture, keep your top-half simple with cotton or linen-based fabrics.


The Boot


One of the best things about Autumn is the chance to pull your favourite boots out of the closet. Boots are smart and comfortable, making them a perfect option for those crisp days. Keep a simple, flat pair for casual outings and a heeled, chunky pair for the office.