Six Super Spices to Add to your Diet

Time to spice up your life, ladies! I’m always interested in finding new, natural ways to improve my health. Having done some research, I’ve found six ‘super spices’ that have amazing health benefits and provide tasty additions to your meal plan. These spices are easy to incorporate into your daily diet and will have you feeling and looking fabulous in no time.


Cayenne Pepper

cayenne pepper

Image Source: weightless

If you love spicy food you’ll be pleased to know that cayenne pepper is one beneficial spice. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which aids weight loss by enhancing fat burning and reducing appetite. It also has strong cleansing properties and helps soothe the digestive system.

How to Use It: add half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper (or a whole one if you dare) to your dinner each night. You won’t notice the difference in taste too much, but your body will certainly feel a change.



Image Source: Soren Dreier

This yellow spice has a ton of amazing qualities. Tumeric contains the compound curcumin, which is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Turmeric aids in the treatment of arthritis, calms the digestive system and can improve brain function. On top of all that, it has an anti-cancer component.

How to Use It: I have a glass of warm water with one teaspoon of tumeric and a squeezed lemon every morning. It’s quick to make, doesn’t taste terrible and is packed full of goodness!




Image Source: Organic Authority

Cinnamon contains antioxidant and antiseptic properties that cleanse the body of harmful bacteria. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and has been proven to aid cholesterol and reduce risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. If that’s not enough, cinnamon boosts the metabolism and regulates blood sugar levels, aiding in weight loss.

How to Use It: Eating just half a teaspoon of cinnamon daily can have enormous health benefits. Add it to your morning muesli, hot chocolate or smoothie. It’s also a delicious addition to muffins and cakes. Yum!



Image Source: Spiceography

Cumin seeds are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. They aid digestion and provide vital minerals including phosphorus, thiamine and potassium. Cumin also improves bone strength and eyesight, and lowers blood pressure. It helps manage the heart rate and has anti-cancer properties. Even better, it reduces appetite and boosts the metabolism, increasing weight loss.

How to Use It: add a teaspoon of cumin to hotpots like soup or stew. Sprinkle it over nachos, burritos and potato and mix it into hummus as a healthy snack.



Ginger is a delicious spice which can easily be added to your diet. Like many of our other ‘super spices’, ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used as a treatment for nausea and as a natural form of pain relief.

How to Use It: I love adding ginger to smoothies and juices. Combine a teaspoon with beetroot, banana and sunflower seeds for a scrumptious mid-morning drink.




Image Source: Love from the Land

Cardamom has many health benefits, from decreasing blood pressure to boosting the metabolism. It contains many essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, potassium and niacin. It also has helps digestion and increases circulation.

How to Use It: cardamom has a more mild flavour than other spices, so is great for adding to smoothies, biscuits, muesli and porridge along with cinnamon.



Manners for a More Confident You


As people become increasingly consumed by technology and swept up in the busyness of everyday life, it seems our manners are slipping away. Is the younger generation growing up with a solid foundation of appropriate behaviour, communication and basic manners? Or are we losing touch with those very tendencies that make human interaction a pleasant, enjoyable thing for everyone?

It’s time to ask yourself: how good are your manners? How good are the manners of those around you? Your friends, family, colleagues and kids? Can things be improved? Very likely, the answer is yes.

Manners may seem ‘outdated’, but they do more than just improve our daily experience with other people. Having a solid grasp of basic manners and social codes is a great self-confidence booster. When you have a strong understanding of proper etiquette, you can enter any given situation knowing how to act appropriately. You know how to respond to specific comments and questions, and how to handle awkward interactions. More importantly, displaying good manners gives you a mature and sophisticated appearance. You come across as polite, collected and dignified – because you are.

If you’d like some coaching in the area of conduct, presentation and communication, register for my Woman’s Styling Course or book a Free Consultation to discuss your situation. In the mean time, I’ve compiled a list of basic manners and dining, social and business etiquette. Read on for some essential do’s and don’ts!


The Basics

  • Say “please” and “thank you” when asking for, or recieving, something
  • Don’t interrupt people when they’re talking – no excuses!
  • Always knock before entering a closed bedroom, office or bathroom
  • When answering the phone, greet the caller and say you’re name
  • Manage introductions in situations where people don’t know each other – no one likes being left out of the conversation


Table Manners

  • When it comes to cutlery, work your way from the outside-in
  • Never begin eating before everyone is seated and ready to start
  • Don’t use your phone or have it on the table – this is a big one, ladies
  • Please please please never chew with your mouth open
  • Don’t put your elbows on the table


Social Etiquette

  • Make sure you RSVP to events within five days of receiving an invitation – leaving it to the last minute shows you don’t want to commit
  • Say “excuse me” when leaving or entering a conversation
  • Don’t be more than 30 minutes late to parties and functions (there’s fashionably late and then there’s just late, darlings)
  • Always thank the host before leaving
  • Ensure you’re well groomed before attending the party: neat brows, clean teeth, tidy hair


Office Talk

  • Say good morning and goodbye to your colleagues every day
  • Praise your colleagues for good work and congratulate them when they achieve something
  • Keep business emails friendly but formal. Always sign off with “regards, Angela” or similar
  • Dress appropriately for the office – no low-cut tops or short skirts
  • Be respectful of your colleagues – don’t eat other’s food, take their car park or judge their office decorations



Autumn Fashion Guide


Autumn is here, ladies! My Autumn Fashion Guide will keep you on-trend and looking fabulous as the days grow colder. Read on for the must-have seasonal looks and feel free to book in a complimentary consultation to discuss your Autumn style.


Denim, darling


Denim never goes out of style, but this Autumn you can go all out. It’s not just about the jeans – jackets and shirts are in, too. Broaden your options by purchasing a pair of jeans in every colour. High waisted black jeans paired with heels and a silk blouse are a gorgeous casual outfit for an Autumn evening out, and white jeans are great for everyday wear.

Oversized coats

Oversized coat

Coats are comfortable, cosy and classy. This season it’s all about oversized coats, which make it easy to layer underneath. Throw on a wool blend coat over a dress and tights for everyday casual chic. Get them in grey, beige, navy or black for usability.




Midi-length is the key for dresses and skirts. This flattering cut is easy to dress up and down. Try a cotton jersey midi-length dress or skirt during the day, and a pleated or silk option for evening wear. Pair with heels to elongate the legs.


Layer Up!


I love layering! Get creative and mix your favourite items together. Wear funnel necks under strappy slips, sweaters under jackets and button-up blouses over skirts. Layering is fun and fashionable.




Pleats are here to stay. Adding a touch of texture and glam to your outfit, pleats look great in skirt form, particularly at the midi-length. A shallow pleat also looks great in shorts or culottes. To balance out the texture, keep your top-half simple with cotton or linen-based fabrics.


The Boot


One of the best things about Autumn is the chance to pull your favourite boots out of the closet. Boots are smart and comfortable, making them a perfect option for those crisp days. Keep a simple, flat pair for casual outings and a heeled, chunky pair for the office.


TVNZ – Horse of the Year March 2017

Angela met young horse rider Mouse at HOY 2017. View the video here.


3 Inspirational Women

With International Women’s Day earlier this week, I thought it was only fitting to dedicate today’s blog to three incredible women we can all admire. International Women’s Day is a day to reflect, acknowledge and appreciate the multitude of amazing women out there. There are so many talented, driven, selfless and genuine women in the world, each doing their bit to make positive changes and live good lives. Here are three females I look up to – who do you admire?

Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson

Image Source: Tube Filter

British actress Emma Thompson is truly inspiring. The Oscar winner is committed to ending human trafficking, and works alongside the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to raise awareness about this horrific reality. In 2009 she organised a public art exhibition called ‘Journey’ to demonstrate the brutal realities of human trafficking. The exhibition consisted of seven railroad boxcars, each containing captives held in dank conditions.

Thompson is also Chair of the Helen Bamber Foundation, an organisation which supports refugees who have experienced violence and abuse, particularly human trafficking and torture. Speaking to UNODC, Thompson says: “It’s time for everybody to look at [human trafficking] and say the buying and selling of human beings for whatever reason is not appropriate in the 21st century and should never be allowed again.”


Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey

Image Source: Stanford Business

I’ve always loved Oprah and looked to her as a role mode. The way she has moved forward from the many harrowing experiences she’s been through and maintained her positivity and generosity is truly inspiring.
Born in Mississippi to a young single mother, Oprah grew up in rural poverty during the Civil Rights Movement. After being sexually abused for years by a cousin and his friend, she ran away from home at 13. The following year, she had a son, who died due to the premature nature of his birth.
Things changed for the good when Oprah reached high school and was offered a casual job at a local black radio station. Working firstly as a news anchor, Oprah then went on to host, leading to her own now incredibly famous talk show in 1986. Oprah uses her wealth and kindness to support dozens of charities and help hundreds of individuals in unfortunate circumstances. She is a true philanthropist, and a believer in giving and making the world a better place. “Your real work,” she says to Stanford Business, “is to figure out where your power base is and to work on that alignment of your personality, your gifts you have to give, with the real reason why you are here. Align your personality with your purpose, and no one can touch you.”
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

Image Source: Charlize Theron Pinterest

South African beauty Charlize Theron is another woman to admire. In 2007 she founded the Africa Outreach Project, which funds programs to help young South Africans to protect themselves against HIV. Theron’s home country has the greatest number of people living with HIV in the world.

In 2008, Theron was named as a U.N. Peace Messenger, with a focus on ending violence against women. The actress is passionate about gender equality and ending abuse against women. At 15, Theron’s mother shot her alcoholic father dead when he became violent and threatened to kill them both.

Since moving to America and beginning her career as an actress, Theron has often chosen difficult roles raising issues of female abuse. Her 2004 portrayal of sexual abuse victim and serial killer Aileen Wuornos won her an Oscar in 2004. A year later, she played a character dealing with sexual harrassment in North Country, and in 2015 she starred as Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road, a fierce warrior who risks her life to save five women who have been raped and abused for years.

Earlier this year, Theron led a Women’s March on Washington against President Donald Trump. Protesting Trump’s views on race, gender, immigration and more, the actress was seen tearing up as thousands came together for the march. You can view the photos here.


Most Glamorous at the 2017 Academy Awards

Did you watch the Oscars on Monday? The Academy Awards are the most prestigious annual film event in the United States, and this year the 89th ceremony was held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. I love the hype around the Oscars – seeing my favourite celebrities post pictures on Instagram as they prepare; watching the live stream from the red carpet and of course seeing all of the amazing talent exhibited onscreen and onstage in clips and performances.

As always, the Oscars brought out the finest fashion imaginable. Stunning gowns, sophisticated tuxedos, perfect hairstyles and gorgeous accessories were all on display as the stars walked the red carpet. I’ve handpicked my top six most glamorous looks of the night. What were your favourites?

Emma Stone
Emma Stone
She took out the award for Best Actress and stole the show on the red carpet. Emma Stone was a vision in this golden Givenche gown, perfectly accompanied by an elegant pair of earrings and strappy stilettos. The embroidery detail on the gown gives it a unique, royal twist, and the tassels at the bottom are a subtle nod to the glitzy flapper style of the 1920s. The soft waves and deep red lipstick complete the outfit wonderfully.

Taraji P. Henson 

Alberta Ferretti

I love Taraji’s vintage velvet Hollywood style dress by Alberta Ferretti. The gown fits her perfectly, highlighting her hourglass figure. The off-the-shoulder fit and v-neck keep things classic, while the leg split adds a touch of flare. Matched with a simple black clutch, gorgeous diamond necklace and thing black stilettos, this is a look to replicate.

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman

Soft pinks, peaches and beiges were the colour of the night. Nicole’s soft peach Armani gown with sequin detailing turned heads and accentuated her slender rectangle body shape. The high neckline adds to this pieces’ elegance and impact. Adding more sparkles – but not too many – to the mix are Nicole’s delicate diamond bracelets. Juste magnifique!

Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams
She might not have won the Best Actress in a Supporting Role award for which she was nominated, but Michelle Williams was radiant in Louis Vuitton. The deep V gives this dress a sexy feel, while also emphasising her slim waist. The long, sparkly skirt adds a feminine touch and matches her short white-blonde hair nicely. Like our other fashion picks, Michelle opts for simple accessories which keep the overall look refined and classy.
Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Dunst was stunning in this sophisticated Dior ball gown. This is a beautifully crafted dress, expertly cut to fit Kirsten’s figure. The simple strapless top-line and slight train just spell elegance. With an intricate diamond necklace, stylish up-do and classic red lips, Kirsten is picture-perfect.
Olivia Culpo
Olivia Culpo
Actress, model and beauty queen Olivia Culpo was as radiant as ever in a striking silver number by Marchesa. The detail to the dress really makes it stand out, and the tassles create a streamlined effect. This is very feminine, but pulled off well. The think black blow and black clutch break the silver up nicely, and the simple addition of rings are a good choice. Olivia keeps her make upbasic and natural looking to avoid giving a cluttered impression.
Remember, all of these stunning celebrities enlist the help of professional fashion stylists when preparing for big events – and in some cases, on a daily basis. If you have a special function in the cards or simply want to look more fabulous every day, email to schedule a free consultation or book a personal styling session.
Photo credit: Getty Images