Your Summer Race Day Fashion Guide


Going to the races is a wonderful experience. Part of the fun is getting your girls together and dressing to the nines, but it’s important to remember that there’s a firm dress code stemming from the racing tradition. I’ve put together a few tips for what to wear this season, so read on.


Traditional, darling!

The races are all about elegance and sophistication. You want to look classy and glamorous, so keep the party frocks at home and wear your finest. Avoid anything too revealing, too short or too fitted. Keep your midriff covered and avoid strapless tops. If you’re feeling a bit apprehensive about what to wear, a safe option is monochrome – you really can’t go wrong with a structured black dress paired with white heels and accessories.




The imperative for all racing attire – you simply have to have headwear! The good news is, there’s a range of options to choose from. The fascinator is a race day staple, giving your outfit a unique, stylish flair. Other lovely choices include embroidered headbands or floral hair accessories. I’m also a big fan of wearing actual hats to the races, especially vintage ones like the cloche, or my favourite, the pillbox. Widebrimmed mesh hats are another great alternative.



Florals and Lace 

It’s easier than you think to keep your racing outfit fashion-forward, while still adhering to tradition. This season floral and lace are here in a big way, and they make great choices for the races. Both are feminine and very striking when worn correctly. Lace looks amazing in white, cream or soft blue, while floral is lovely in yellows, mauves, and pinks. You can even incorporate floral into your outfit through your accessories, as below.




Never underestimate the power of accessories. These are what propel your outfit to that ultimate level of style and make you stand out from the crowd. Your accessories are a part of your overall look, so they deserve just as much thought as your dress, shoes and headwear. Make sure you have a purse or clutch large enough to fit your phone, sunscreen and lipstick. Small and simple is best for the races. Gloves also make an elegant and vintage addition to your outfit. Remember to bring sunglasses, as you’ll be outside in the sun for much of the day. Think big statement glasses or plain black for that uber-traditional look.




Shoes can make or break an outfit. You might have everything else down to perfection, but if your shoes don’t fit, your whole look is affected. Choose your colour carefully and remember that the races are about class and elegance. Your heels don’t need to be unreasonably high to make the cut. I’m loving chunky-heeled Mary Janes and peep-toe shoes this season, especially in black or nude suede. For a more fashion-forward edge, opt for some strappy stilettos, or wear heeled sandals to get a summery vibe.




As with everything else, keep jewellery simple and classy. It should complement the rest of your outfit, not outshine it. I recommend wearing just two or three pieces, rather than a whole lot. Try to keep the colours similar, too. If you’re wearing gold earrings, don’t put silver rings on. Race day fashion is all about the ensemble. Everything should flow and appear to have a place. If you’re feeling stuck, a helpful piece of advice is simply: less is more. Minimalism is better than excess for these circumstances.



Six Summer Trends for the 2016/2017 Season

Summer is here at last! Sunshine, swimming, fresh flowers and iced tea – what more could you ask for? As usual, the shops are full of the latest trends. Stay fashionable during those hot summer days by reading my favourite seasonal styles below.


Vibrant Colours

This summer it’s all about big, bright, happy colours. Add some orange, yellow, red or bold blue to your wardrobe. If you normally wear more subtle shades, try incorporating one item into your outfit to give it a splash of summer colour – shoes, a handbag, a vest or even lipstick. Doesn’t Blake Lively look stunning in her yellow dress?



Closed-Toe Shoes

While sandals are always in during the warmer months, this summer the closed-toe is here as well. Think covered sliders, brogues, oxfords, loafers and espadrilles. Alexa Chung shows us how it’s done below. For evening heels, opt for a vintage-inspired Mary Jane or chunky clog.




I love love love coordinates, and thankfully they’ve made a comeback this summer. Coordinates are uber feminine and can be either cute or classy, as Taylor Swift, the queen of coordinates, proves below. If you’re feeling edgy, wear them in a fun floral or geometric pattern. Otherwise, keep it simple and team with a pair of soft leather sliders.



The Slip Dress

The slip dress is elegant and feminine. Show off your figure with this simple yet striking piece. The best thing about slip dresses is that they look great worn alone and over other pieces. Try it over a funnel neck tee for a chic layered look. Doesn’t our girl Lorde look gorgeous in her silky slip with Jennifer Lawrence?




For the ultimate beauty, boho look you need an off-the-shoulder top or dress. Light, flowy and fun, as a top this piece is super easy to wear with just about anything – over a skirt, shorts or trousers. In dress form, through a crochet vest overtop and chuck on some espadrilles – summer style in five minutes! I love Olivia Palermo’s baby blue top below. Try it in a print for extra effect!



Statement Jewellery

As well as big colours, we want big necklaces, big rings and big earrings this summer. Stand out with some striking, bold jewellery. Don’t be afraid to try some coloured pieces, too. Here’s a pic of Claudia Schiffer modelling in the 80s and rocking some amazing statement earrings for inspiration.



Angela modelling for Women’s Day 2016


The Importance of Grooming

Sexy and beauty


Your image is a personal reflection of you and your credibility. It is the first impression that people are given of you, so it is incredibly important that it accurately represents who you really are. Your image should present your true identity to the world. Does it adequately reflect your identity, on both personal and professional levels? This is the first and foremost reason that grooming is significant. You don’t want people to get the wrong idea about you, whether that is along the lines of your work ethic and commitment or your levels of self-esteem and self-confidence. Show everyone just how fabulous you are!


What is Grooming?

Grooming is giving your physical image attention. Applying makeup, styling your hair and wearing perfume are all aspects of grooming. Total grooming also includes looking after your skin properly (by developing a daily skincare regime tailored to your personal skin type), dental health, and dressing tidily and appropriately. Some people use additional touches to improve their look, such as getting manicures or pedicures.



The most beneficial thing about grooming is the positive impact it has on your self-esteem. Your image has a great influence over your confidence, perception and performance. Sadly, the way that you view your physical appearance can subconsciously affect the way that you regard your abilities and capabilities. When you know how to dress for your body shape, what to wear to specific occasions and what hair and makeup tricks work best for you, your self-confidence and respect will noticeably increase. It doesn’t have to be flashy, either – you can do everything yourself, from home. It can be as simple as straightening your hair and applying some eyeliner to your top eyelids. Voilà!



Another benefit to come from grooming is the effect in the workplace. Whether you agree with it or not, people do appreciate when you put effort into your appearance. Your employers and coworkers will notice that you are taking care of yourself, and respect that. Grooming shows that you value your image and the way you are perceived.



Angela Scores Australian Modelling Gig – Women’s Day Oct 2016

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‘Being Real’ book launch – Women’s Day

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Body Image in Your Young Years


Body image is an issue which plagues basically all of us at some point in our lives, but those teenage years can be the absolute worst. There’s puberty, high school and, heightened by the introduction of smart phones and ipads, access to the media 24/7. Having low self-confidence or being unhappy with your appearance is sadly something that most people go through at one time or another. When you’re a teenager, it can be especially bad. This is the most important time to adjust your perceptions of body image, as the beliefs you hold about yourself and the way you ‘should’ look as a teen can severely impact the way you think as an adult. We need to realise at an early age how important self-confidence is, and set a positive pattern for the rest of our journey.

Media Influence
The media plays a huge role in the way that young people think of the body. Despite significant increases in recent years, the majority of actors we see on our favourite television shows or featured in our favourite magazines are slim, tan and have perfect teeth. How can we not expect our idea of beauty to be influenced when we are constantly presented with a specific model of what ‘beauty’ is? This unrealistic model leaves no room for people with poor skin, curves, or other completely normal features that the media would have you think are abnormal. Being constantly faced by this perception at an age where you are just beginning to pay attention to appearance is harmful to our teenagers. It is easy for them to compare themselves to the figures they see in the media, or to people in real life who fit the model those figures present. This can result in low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, anxiety and even eating disorders.

The most important and effective way of improving body image is to do with you: self-talk. Compliments from other people are wonderful ways of boosting your self-esteem, but ultimately you need to be happy with yourself in order to feel truly great. The first step in this journey is to stop comparing yourself to others. The only thing that this achieves is making you feel bad about yourself. Next, you need to banish any “I’m too” sayings from your vocabulary. That means “I’m too fat,” “I’m too short,” “I’m too pale” – you get my point. Once you realise that we are all different and gorgeous just as we are, you will see that there can’t possibly be a “too.” You need to gain confidence from yourself by removing the negativity within your mind. It’s a difficult road, but an important one to follow. When you understand your worth, it will be much easier to stay positive and enhance your confidence.

Quick Tips for Improving Body Image
• Wear clothes you feel good in: you don’t need to follow the latest fashion trends to look good. As I always say, when you feel good you look great! Confidence from the inside shows on the outside.
• Write down some things you like about yourself: what are your favourite physical features and personal attributes? We’re all beautiful in our own way, and we’re also all awesome at many different things. What’s your forte?
• Have a role model: find someone that inspires you and makes you feel good about yourself. Maybe it’s an actor, an artist, a philosopher or a person in your local community.
• Appreciate your body’s abilities: remember that your body is so much more than just a physical embodiment of who you are. Your body is strong and capable of incredible things. Your body can run marathons, build towers, create new life and do many, many other amazing things.
• Surround yourself with positive people: don’t spend time around those who bring you down. It’s as simple as that!