Body Basics: The DIY Way

It’s no lie that skincare products can be expensive, especially good ones. Thankfully, contemporary society is now much more aware of the benefits of using natural skincare products, for both our skin and our environment. We now consciously think about what we are putting on our bodies every day, and look for healthy, cruelty free options. When it comes to skincare, I am strictly a 100% natural girl. I’ve used Xtend-life’s gorgeous New Zealand made range for years, and can’t get enough of it. However, if you don’t have the money to continuously buy natural skincare products (because yes, they usually are more expensive than the ones which aren’t natural), there are actually lots of easy, cost-efficient ways to make your own at home. When it comes to things like scrubs and masks which you don’t use everyday anyway, the options are boundless. I’ve put together a few of my favourite, simple recipes and tips for do it yourself body products. They are all VEGAN.


Angela’s Avocado Face Mask


I love avocado! Not only is it delicious to eat and fantastic for your health, it’s also great for your skin. This mask is super easy to make and feels amazing. Cocoa powder and maple syrup both contain tons of antioxidants, and avocado is perfect for moisturising and cleansing.

1 avocado
2 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
1 Tbsp. maple syrup

• Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until smooth and creamy.
• Apply liberally to the face and neck. After 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water.


Quick Coffee Body Scrub


This scrub smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. You can also use it on your face if you’re gentle. If you drink plunger coffee, keep your ground beans afterwards and use those.
¼ cup coconut oil
½ cup ground organic coffee beans
¼ cup coconut sugar or brown sugar
½ tsp vanilla extract
¼ cup coarse salt
8 drops of your favourite essential oilInstructions:
• Mix all ingredients in a bowl and whisk until well combined.
• Apply to skin in the shower then wash off.

Magical Milk

450980_idea-2_2Milk has many different uses and is another natural way of looking after your skin. I like to use soy or cashew milk because of the creamy consistency, but you can use whatever you have on hand. It’s a great makeup remover for sensitive skin. Just dab some on your closed lashes then swipe off with a cotton bud dipped in warm water. It’s also nourishing for dry hands. Heat up a large bowl of milk and soak your hands in it for about 15 minutes. You’ll be amazed at the changes!





Jewellery Favourites


Here at Angela Stone Consulting we love our jewellery. Being a New Zealand designer myself, I’m particularly fond of supporting local artists. The following are my favourites, and I love all of them!
Youngs’ Jewellers: this Christchurch business have a range of gorgeous antique and modern pieces. All hand-crafted, these pieces represent days past and days to come. Whatever the occasion, you’ll find it
The Diamond Shop: for striking, quality jewellery, my go-to is Auckland’s The Diamond Shop. When you need that fancy piece to lift your whole outfit, they’ve got you covered. And what girl doesn’t love diamonds?
4 Corners Jewellery: If there’s one thing you notice about 4 Corners’ Jewellery, it’s the creativity of each and every item. They’re all unique, and made with care and passion that truly shows through.

Fabuleux Vous: everyone knows how much I love this local company’s work. Fabuleux Vous’ pieces each tell a story and have a different meaning, making them the perfect gift for a loved one – or a treat for yourself!

Love from Venus: while they might not be a Kiwi brand, our Australian neighbours sure know how to make some stunning jewellery. Edgy, well-made and fun, Love from Venus have something for every



Angela Stone on Shop What’s Hot


I’m so excited to announce my new collaboration with online lifestyle magazine Shop What’s Hot! I’ll be making a contribution every month, so be sure to check it out on the regular. This month, its all about Spring Fashion! Follow the link here to read my latest piece, Fashionable Florals.


The 2016 Emmy Awards: Best Dressed

The Emmy Awards are one of the biggest media events of the year, bringing America’s finest celebrities together in an evening of glitz and glamour. Earlier this week our favourite actors, musicians and models walked the red carpet in their best attire. As always, there were some outfits that stood out from the crowd.

Tori Kelly
This pop singer looked stunning in a black Paula Ka gown with jewellery by Norman Silverman Diamonds. You can’t beat a simple, black gown when it comes to a clean, classy look and Tori pulls it off perfectly. Loving the soft curls in her hair, too!


Emilia Clarke
The gorgeous Me Before You and Game of Thrones star was radiant in this nude dress by Atelier Versace. The gown highlights her hourglass figure beautifully, with the bunching detail at the front giving it just the right amount of flair. If you have the right face shape, a tightly pulled-back bun like the one Emelia is rocking looks striking.


America Ferrara
The beautiful actress looked stunning in a long sparkly Jenny Packham dress, showing off her great curves with a deep V neck and slim fit.


Priyanka Chopra
My favourite look of then night would have to be this actress, singer and former Miss World’s.
Priyanka wore a stunning Jason Wu gown which was eye catching and elegant. You can’t go wrong with red, ladies.


Porsha Williams
This Real Housewives of Atlanta star looked fabulous in a unique pantsuit which highlights her gorgeous curvy figure. Love the sleek, simple hair as well.


Heidi Klum
Model and designer Heidi was as lovely as ever in this edgy piece by Michael Kors. The white shows off her tan skin and the cut outs give her look a confident, sexy flair. Love it!



Angela’s Style Tips – Women’s Day 2016


Relationships: When to Get Out


We have all been, or will be, in a romantic relationship at some point in our lives. In fact, many us will be in multiple romantic relationships. Wherever you are right now you need to remember that there are times when you do need to let go of a relationship in order to prioritise yourself and your ultimate happiness. When you are the one involved in the relationship it can be extremely difficult to see if you are being treated poorly or deserve more. So, from an outsiders point of view, here are a few examples of when it’s time to get out.


Losing Touch

When your wellbeing and happiness are no longer your priority, you need to reconsider the relationship. It’s easy to become absorbed in a relationship, and if it is mutually loving and beneficial then that’s not such a bad thing. But when you are compromising your own values and beliefs, constantly privileging your partner’s needs over your own, or no longer pursuing the hobbies you used to love it is time to rethink things. Losing your sense of self is bad for both you and the relationship. You should be able to be your own person still, and if you lose sight of that person then you grow to depend on your partner. This can leave you feeling needy and lost. Stay true to yourself and remember who you are.


Complement Me

Do you and your partner complement each other? A romantic relationship should enhance both party’s lives, not impact them negatively. Is there still mutual respect and kindness between you? Do they still treat you as they did when you first began dating? Don’t accept anything less than the best in your relationship. Often after a long time together people begin taking each other for granted and forget to appreciate each other. Don’t make that mistake, and don’t put up with it if you are the one being taken for granted. You deserve to be treated as the amazing human you are, so don’t let your standards fall.


Conflicting Values

If you are involved in a romantic relationship with someone from a young age, you will grow and change a lot throughout your time together. Your twenties are the years where you really find yourself, and discover exactly who you want to be. You may find your values and ideals are now defined, or very different to those you had in your teenage years. The things that you had in common with your partner initially may no longer be there. If this is the case, it doesn’t mean the relationship should end. But if you have strongly opposing opinions about serious matters, which cause conflict in your relationship, then you should ask yourself whether that is something you can handle. You don’t want to start compromising your beliefs.


Sparks Fly

If the spark dies, it could be time to call things quits. The passion and excitement in a relationship will naturally die down a little as time goes on, which isn’t cause to worry. But if you no longer find your partner attractive or look forward to seeing them, then that’s an issue. Does your partner still make you laugh on a daily basis and give you butterflies now and then? Do you still perceive your relationship as special? That spark, or connection, is probably the best thing about a relationship so treasure it – and if it disappears, ask yourself why.


Media Throwback – My 2012 Interview with CNN Travel

Personal shoppers — are they worth it?

Three personal shoppers defend their profession — and fees. Here’s the inside scoop on a luxury service some business travelers consider a necessity.

personal shoppers

L-R: Angela Stone, Fiona Foxon, Gabrielle Teare. Shopping so you don’t have to.

Personal shoppers: time savers and miracle makers.

These people can replace your broken belt buckle, find a matching bracelet and pick up your bagel all before breakfast.

Wait, isn’t that what Google and a (far cheaper) PA does?

Why are pricey personal shoppers steadily becoming part of the upscale traveler’s lifestyle?

We challenged three experts shoppers — Gabrielle Teare, London-based fashion blogger and personal shopper; Angela Stone, author of “How to Become a Personal Shopper” and Fiona Foxon, lifestyle managing director of concierge service Quintessentially — to convince us that a personal shopper isn’t just a needy human doing the Internet’s work.

Personal shopping 101

Personal shoppers work one of two ways. They can function like a concierge service — you tell them what you want, they find it and bring it to you.

Or, they escort you on a bespoke shopping tour.

When you touch down in a city, local personal shoppers can act as personal guides to the best boutiques and stores, helping you find anything from art deco antiques in Shanghai to a Parisian wardrobe overhaul.


CNN: I’ve just arrived in Hong Kong and have forgotten my shoes. I’m off to a party two hours after landing. Can you help?

Fiona Foxon: “Yes! Let us know what you want. We have members’ personal details and preferences on file and we can meet you at the airport or your hotel with some new shoes in your size.

“Members often come to us if they’re away on a business trip and have forgotten things like cuff links or phone chargers.

“We have 63 offices around the world and if we don’t have a physical presence in a specific location we organize fixers and use our local contacts on the ground.”


CNN: What weird things have you shopped for?

Foxon: “The most bizarre thing recently was finding a replica of the Pope’s house slippers.

“But we get all sorts of requests. We have a number of Japanese clients in Hong Kong who can’t find specific ingredients like fish flakes for sushi.

“We have also tracked down sheep’s placenta in Switzerland for a Hong Kong client. Apparently, it’s revolutionary in facial care. Makes my stomach churn!

“We never source anything illegal or immoral. We won’t find drugs, women or organize adoptions.”


CNN: Why should I choose you over a guidebook?

Angela Stone: “Knowledge is power. I’m shopping on a regular basis. I know the brands and what’s good for your shape, size and age.

“Plus, I’ll assess your existing wardrobe and see what’s not right for you and what’s missing. I’ll take photos of you in new outfits consisting of garments you may not have considered yourself.”

Gabrielle Teare: “People fly in from around the world to (see) me because they want to know where to find the best shopping in London. I’m an expert — I’m in the shops all the time. I’ll also go through what colors suit you and look at your body shape, then we shop.”

personal shopping

How much is this gonna cost?

Not surprisingly, the personal shopper service doesn’t come cheap. Excluding the cost of whatever you buy, Quintessentially charges US$65 per hour on top of an US$5,160-$39,000 annual membership fee.

Angela Stone charges NZ$200 (US$165) per hour. A personal shopping session can last for several hours. She recommends seeing a professional shopper for a consultation every three to six months.

Teare doesn’t reveal her prices, citing competitive reasons and the fact that she offers a bespoke service to her clients. But she says she works by the half day or full day.

In a nutshell, hiring a personal shopper is more expensive than buying from Net-a-porter.


CNN: Personal shoppers claim to save their clients a lot of time, but they cost a lot of money. What do we really get for our cash?

Foxon: “We can jump queues. That Birkin bag might take you six months to get from ordering in the shop. Through our contacts we can get it for you quicker.

“Personal shopping is not a lazy option, it’s giving time back to our clients so they can do more. We’re not being paid to Google. We always vet our suppliers and make sure they can be trusted.”

Teare: “I help people buy less but buy better. Most of us only wear 20 percent of what we buy — look at the rubbish in our wardrobes.”

“People get stuck wearing the same thing, be it rugby shirts, the wrong colors or shapes. Because I buy so much some shops give me discounts.”

Stone: “I call myself a fresh pair of eyes. I see where I can take my client on a journey -– a transformation from the inside out.

“We fritter too much money away on emotional purchases. You don’t need a lot of pieces, just pieces that work for you.”

shopping primark germany

Call the fashion police

No-nonsense fashion and lifestyle blogger and international marketing director, Jacqueline Raposo, has her own take.

“I think pinpointing personal style is quite difficult and as someone who travels I wouldn’t expect a personal shopper to get me,” she says.

“I’m from New York, I like black, but I also hate capped sleeves and any sort of ruffle — can you figure out my style from that? I wouldn’t expect anyone to.”

The lady has a point.


CNN: How do you avoid clashes of opinion? Isn’t style subjective after all?

Teare: “You have to style people in their style, not yours. However, if the client is out shopping with me I always say ‘try things on.’

“Some people say to me ‘I’m not wearing that,’ but then they come out of the changing room and start flirting with themselves, running their hands through their hair saying, ‘Look, it’s me!’

“Also, I always tell clients: only buy things you love.”

Stone: “Styling someone is definitely a process. You need to find out who your clients are, their needs and lifestyle. However, they quickly start to realize if someone is going to be their best friend and have them looking fantastic.”


CNN: I hate what you bought for me — what happens now?

Foxon: “If a member doesn’t like an item, we’ll rush back to the shop.”

Teare: “People I shop for keep about 98 percent of what I buy for them. If it’s not right, I’ll take it back.”


CNN: Will hiring a personal shopper for an image overhaul get me a promotion?

Foxon: “Image, unfortunately, or fortunately, is so important. A personal shopper-cum-stylist can revamp a person. It’s important for your career that you look and act the part.”

Teare: “Men often have amazingly sparse wardrobes, those who consistently wear black, navy and gray could really benefit from seeing a personal shopper.

“Women, if you’re competing with a guy at work then they may be spending at least US$1,000 on a suit. You’re wearing a cheap suit from the high street, but you’re doing the same job and asking for the same money.

“I tell my clients, use all the assets you have. Be effective and be professional.”


CNN: TV makeovers often consist of getting naked and ridiculed. Is this what will happen?

Teare: “A lot of TV humiliates people. Why do you need to grab bosoms to make someone look stylish? It makes for good television, but it’s unreal.

“Personal shopping is a relationship of respect and we’re here to make people look good. I see people in their underwear every day of the week so clients never need to feel embarrassed.”

personal shoppers

Finding the right personal shopper

CNN: How do I avoid hiring a shoddy shopper?

Stone: “You must be comfortable with your stylist and make sure you know what they’ll do for you. Most reputable personal shoppers will have a website.

“Do your homework and ask around. I recommend talking to boutiques and department stores and seeing if they suggest anyone.”

Teare: “Look at the person and look at their website. You want them to know about fashion. If their blog or website isn’t creative then they can’t style.”


View the online article here.


My Whirlwind Week in Melbourne

This week I have been across the ditch doing all sorts of exciting things. I flew into Melbourne at 8.20am on Tuesday to beautiful blue skies and 14 degree weather. I’ve always loved Melbourne because it has just about everything you could want in a city – amazing fashion, delicious food, gorgeous architecture and lovely parks! Despite being there for business, I still managed to make some time for shopping and exploring. There was lace everywhere in the Melbourne Myers (pictured below), and pleats filled the window displays at Zara. Add those trends to your must-have fashion pieces for the season ladies! So without further ado, here’s what I got up to while in Australia.

zara_store_in_melbourne     fullsizerender

Location, Location

My home for the week was The Lyall Hotel and Spa in South Yarra. I caught an UberBLACK from the airport to my accommodation, and was totally wowed by the amazing service and facilities. The hotel was incredibly luxurious, and the staff went above and beyond to take care of me. It was in a great part of town and I would recommend to anyone visiting the city. Everything you need is close by – including the gorgeous florist pictured below which just sung Spring!

hotel-lyall    florist


Sprucing Up: Dry & Tea Melbourne

One of my reasons for heading to Melbourne was to check out the new Dry & Tea store, which has just opened at 452b Hampton Street, Hampton. If you follow my social media accounts you probably already know that I’m a Dry & Tea girl, getting my hair treatments, cuts and styles with Kurtis Counsell at the City Works Depot store in Auckland. It’s a consistently wonderful salon, and the new Melbourne operation is no exception! Locals, be sure to give it a try.

dt      dry-tea


Melbourne, Modelling and Me

Another reason for my brief trip to Australia was to meet with Giant Model Management. Established in 1989, Giant Model Management is the leading boutique modelling agency in Australia. I am so excited to say that I have now been signed as a model with this business! Keep your eyes peeled for updates on this situation – I’ll be doing my first shoot soon and there will be pics.

giant      giant-models


The Real Housewives of Melbourne

A big highlight of my trip was getting to meet The Real Housewives of Melbourne! The Melbourne show is the most successful one to date, so it was a privilege (not to mention a super fun experience) to meet the girls. They were all lovely and we had a great time, catching up over wine and doing a rooftop photo shoot at Foxtel. I also had an amazing lunch with Lydia Schiavello at the fabulous cafe Thirty Eight Chairs in Toorak on Wednesday. If you haven’t watched the Melbourne show yet, give it a screen!

rhom     14203309_1425810807483671_8017975548284499571_n


Things to Remember

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 2.10.26 PM

I have learnt a lot throughout my Real Housewives journey this year. Some lessons weren’t exactly pleasant, but regardless I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained. In life, we go through all kinds of experiences and meet all kinds of people. Some of these experiences and people benefit our lives and some of them don’t. Whether your encounters have been good or bad, always remember that there is something you can learn from each and every one. We need to appreciate the moments which help us grow. There will always be certain obstacles we must overcome in our journey through life. These obstacles teach us things about ourselves, the world and the people in it. For that, we should be thankful.


Your Value

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt is to appreciate your own value as a person. Other people might try to shake your confidence or make you feel bad, but if you know your worth then you have nothing to worry about. Don’t compromise who you are for anyone. Don’t change your values or beliefs because someone doesn’t approve of them, and make sure you live your life as you want to live it. Always remember that you deserve the best. Don’t settle for something or someone because it’s easy. In the long run, you will benefit your happiness.

There are Unkind People

Sadly, the world is full of them. Some people feel the need to cut others down in order to build themselves up. Some act out of jealousy, and some are just nasty people. Ignore these people and carry on. Know that their unkindness has nothing to do with you. If you are a good person then you need to realise that they are actually hurting in some way, and their unkindness is a result of this. Understand that you can’t make people change or grow up. Instead, focus on you. Be the bigger person.

Balance is Key

This I truly believe. A balanced life is a happy life. To me, this means being balanced in all aspects of your life. A balanced diet and exercise regime is crucial. You have to let yourself enjoy life, so have a treat now and then. Exercise regularly, but not to the point where you completely dread it. Exercising can be really fun, so find a method that works well for you and stick with it. Its important also to make sure your work and pleasure time is balanced. You can’t let your job take over your life. Having down time is necessary to your overall mood. We need to de-stress and kick back now and then. Managing your time alone and around others is important, too. Time spent on your own allows you to focus on yourself and reconnect.