Embracing Newness

Embracing Newness

For many of us, the idea of the unknown is frightening. The very thought of change can be enough to get the heart racing and mind churning. Why is this? As humans, we are naturally creatures of habit. We fall into patterns that provide comfort, keep us focussed and ensure our safety. We like security. Obviously, having a clear sense of direction and purpose is important in life, as is finding a rhythm that works for you and enhances your happiness. However, our whole lives should not be spent doing the exact same thing, or even versions of the exact same thing. We need variation to keep the mind alive and allow us to enjoy everything that our incredible Earth has to offer. You might feel content and even happy doing what you’ve been doing for the past year, or five, or fifteen. But know that there is more out there, if you just step away from that protective bubble and embrace the complicating, awe-inspiring, somewhat terrifying experience that is newness.


Say Yes

So that sounds easy enough, right? Sure. But how exactly do I do this, you ask? The first thing you can focus on is simple: learn to say yes. Not to absolutely everything – we don’t want you to end up in jail or without a home – but to the little things you would normally say no to. Did your friend ask you to go white water rafting with them last year, but you turned them down because adventure sport isn’t really your cup of tea? Did your boss give you the opportunity to contribute to the company’s new project, but you didn’t want the extra commitment? Did you refuse to try the strange sounding entrée at that new restaurant in town, because it sounded gross? These are the things you should be trying. Stepping outside of your comfort zone, even on a small scale, is liberating and empowering. Do something that scares you, whether it’s as simple as wearing a different style dress, or as extreme as giving skydiving a go. The moment you embrace the unknown you will feel brave, exhilarated and inspired. You will realise that you are capable of more than you thought possible, and suddenly a whole horizon of opportunities will arise.


Priceless Results

The effects of saying ‘yes’ are momentous. Your life will literally be changed irrevocably. Suddenly, you will find yourself privy to surprises that open your mind and transform the way you think about yourself, your life and the world in general. By embracing newness, you give yourself the opportunity to experience unique situations that you would never before have dreamt of experiencing. Until you make that break from everything you’ve ever known, you are not really living. If you never try anything, whether that’s out of fear, anxiety, laziness or complacency, then you never get to live your life to its fullest capacity. You cannot learn those valuable life lessons that every human should without really experiencing all aspects of life first-hand. Without challenging yourself, and testing yourself. Without seeing what your capabilities are, and realising that there is so much out there to see and feel and understand. There is so much to do!


Change: Life’s Energiser

So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to dullness, goodbye to sameness, goodbye to routine. Change your pattern. Do you do the same thing every day? Does your day follow a path identical to the one you went down the day before? Is everything the same, right down to the time you drink your cup of tea in the morning? Change that. Awaken your mind. Don’t let yourself believe that routine = success. There are so many ways you can liven up your life. Change your surroundings, change your image, change your goals and most importantly, change your mind-set. Redecorate. Why not? It’s fun! Try on different clothes and styles. You might love your current wardrobe – but what if there’s an amazing item out there that you don’t have yet? Re-evaluate your goals and aspirations. You don’t have to find new ones, but maybe rethink your methods for achieving them. Look outside your usual frame of thinking. When you begin to broaden your mind, your whole life will transform. You create positive changes that influence your entire experience and send you on the road to true enlightenment and abundance.


Eye Magazine 2016


Reinventing Yourself at 40

Reinventing Yourself at 40


It’s no secret that as the years go by, our minds and bodies age with time. While the realisation that we aren’t getting any younger may upset some people, I believe that we should embrace our age. Each stage of your life is unique to those preceding and exceeding it, and there are new possibilities for what you can do. Rather than dreading getting older, we need to accept it as a fact and make the most of it. As a woman now in her 40s, I admit to being a little concerned as I approached the four-zero mark. Upon reaching it, however, I realised that it was actually something to get excited about! Turning 40 is the perfect opportunity to make some positive changes in your life and even reinvent yourself. Let this accomplishment inspire you to create a healthier, happier, more vibrant life. So – where to begin?


A Healthy You

Use this milestone to have a good look at your overall health. Do you feel good? Do you have ample energy? Is your body a healthy weight? Is your skin in great condition? If you have been wanting to lose weight, gain muscle or just feel healthier inside, now is the time. Pick up a new diet and give yourself a new exercise regime. You don’t have to stick to the same routine you’ve been using for the past decade – shake things up!


Staying Motivated

Do you still feel happy and positive each day? Are there things in your life that excite you and inspire you? Are you content with your image? If there are hobbies or interests you’ve stopped doing, try taking them up again. Give yourself goals in work and your personal life, to keep you motivated. Ensure that you are happy with your appearance – if you aren’t, what better time than now to change that? Visit your hairdresser and get a new cut, or clear out your wardrobe and buy some new clothes. You can still be gorgeous and sexy at 40, so if you’re feeling anything less you need to re-evaluate the situation.


Happiness, Always

You might think that when you head into your 40s life ‘dulls down.’ Wrong – it only dulls down if you let it. Don’t allow yourself to believe that complacency is happiness. Real happiness is fulfilment. Surround yourselves with your friends, regularly. Meditate to soothe the mind, and do the things that you enjoy most. Connect with yourself, and value who you are and what you have to offer. The most important thing at any stage in your life, is happiness.






Women’s Day RHOAKL article – 2016


Is He Right for You?

Is He Right For You

In romantic relationships we often forget our best interests and let our focus drift away from taking care of ourselves. This is totally normal, and easy to do. However, at some point you must ask yourself: is he right for you? Having a partner should enhance your life, and if you don’t think that this is the case then you should reconsider why you are with this person. As frightening as being single can seem, it is better than being with the wrong person. Being single is a great way to find yourself without the influence of anyone else, and make room for the right person to walk into your life. So, consider the following points when looking at your own relationship.



Do your values align with your partner’s? This can make or break a relationship, because if you have conflicting values then encountering problems is inevitable. Our values define who we are as people, and guide us through life. They influence the way we handle experiences, interactions and challenges. They represent what is important to us, and why. Because of this, you need to be in a relationship where neither you or your partner’s values are compromised. This doesn’t mean that you have to find someone who has the same values as you; it just means that your values shouldn’t contrast each other. You need to be able to accept your partner’s values, and he needs to be able to accept yours.



Similarly, it is important that you have at least some similar interests. You don’t need to like everything your partner is into, but it helps if there a few things you have in common. What are your hobbies? Do you play sport, or do some kind of art? What kind of music and movies do you like? Think back to how you first met and where the connection began. Did it spring from a mutual interest in something? Having shared interests is a huge help, because you will easily be able to agree on things to do. However, relationships are also a great way to take on new interests. Does your partner do something you’ve never tried? Now is the perfect time to give it a go!



As I mentioned above, relationships should enhance your life. You and your partner should complement each other. You should make each other happier and motivate each other to strive for achievements. You should make each other feel comforted and supported, and excited about the future. Furthermore, you should inspire each other to do good, and live your life well. If you find yourself being brought down by your relationship, or feel like you aren’t achieving anything, then you need to reevaluate your position. The underlying ‘point’ of a relationship, if you will, is to be happy and fulfilled. If this isn’t happening, then it’s time to get out.



Like values, goals are equally important in a relationship. If you’ve been with your partner for some time now, you should discuss your relationship goals to see if they align. What do you both want from the relationship? Do you eventually want children? Do you want to get married one day? Is travelling a priority for you? Where do you think you want to settle? If it’s early days you probably aren’t thinking of these things yet – and fair enough. Eventually, however, it’s important to make sure you are both on the same page and wanting the same things. Ask yourself if you are satisfied in your relationship and if there is a destination. Once you’ve established this, you will know where you stand.



The Stone Style Report

The Stone Style Report

So I think it’s safe to say that Winter is well and truly here!
If you’re stuck on style for the coming season make sure you check out my Style Report below for all the latest trends. You will find all your need-to-knows regarding what shoes, accessories, and wardrobe items are hot right now. You can also catch up on what hair and makeup looks are now trending. If you want to stay fashionable this Winter, then search no further.


While navy and black are your failsafe Winter colours, there are a few others appearing on the scene this season. Grey, pink and yellow are all trending, so be sure to stock up. Add a splash of brightness to your outfit with yellow heels or a pink sweater. Grey makes the perfect layer, or looks great in coat form.

GREYS pinks and yellows







There are three looks that you should focus on this Winter.


Berry lips are the way to go for a striking, feminine smile. Make sure you use a lip conditioner first, and a matching lip liner to give the best effect.

red lips






The eyebrows are also centre stage, in particular strong thick brows which define the face. Instead of plucking your brows down to a delicate strip, go au naturel and accentuate what you were blessed with by using brushes, fillers and gels.







Eyeliner never fails, but this season the look to attain is a simple sweep on the upper eyelid and through the inner eye. Wear this look in classic form during the day and with more intensity at night, to expose your darker diva.



Everyone seems to be going for the same cut this season – blunt, and short. An above the shoulders length is very in right now, with sharp edges and layers. Style your hair by pinning back sections with bobby pins and barrettes. This frames the face nicely and adds a feminine touch.


























Structured jewellery is the look of the moment, with dramatic statement pieces taking the spotlight. Think chunky block necklaces, fringed pieces and chains. Crystals and crosses are also in, and the hoop earring has made a surprising comeback. If you’re wondering what colour to choose, go for gold – it’s glamorous and fun.




Ever-popular during the colder, rainier months, the boot is back. Whatever style you opt for, stick with grey, black, brown or white for a simple yet stylish look.

Thigh High
thigh high boot

This is your statement boot, highlighting your legs and giving your outfit a seventies vibe. Not only are these beauties incredibly warm, but they provide the ideal amount of coverage. Wear them over tights with a grey dress and coat for a casual chic look.





These boots are making a comeback. Wear them in brown leather for a cowboy feel, or polished black for that touch of sophistication. They look great with wide-legged pants.


The classic boot that every woman should own! These are great for both casual and business wear. Pair them with tights and a structured dress for a professional look, or a cute skirt for an evening out.
ankle boot


Embrace the range of colours, textures and patterns that are gracing footwear stores this Winter. While you definitely need a couple of pairs of plain boots, why not have a little fun and buy something a little more out there?


Who doesn’t love a good coat in the cold? The item that should be on the top of your list is a quality coat (or two) that you can slip over your outfits for added warmth and glam. There a many different styles you can choose from, but the following are all trending right now.



Faux fur of course, because killing animals for fashion is not classy. However, a faux fur coat most certainly is, so team it with a panelled dress, heels and red lips for that striking vintage look.


Don’t underestimate the wonders of a good woollen coat. There’s a reason these never go out of style, and that is because they not only look elegant, but keep you as warm as you possible could be. Get it in cream, burgundy or forest green.


You can’t go wrong with a classic trench coat. If in doubt, one watch of Breakfast at Tiffany’s will have you running out the door to buy your own. Make like the Winter runways and wear it in navy.




Unlike fur, leather should not be faux. Quality is key here, and nothing looks nastier than fake leather. Slip one of these jackets on for a night out with the girls, and embrace your inner diva.



Tartan has made a big comeback recently, and what better way to wear this old-school pattern than on a schoolgirl style sweater? Think v-necks in a woollen blend, or a high-neck cotton job. Cute, with a vintage vibe.






Perfect for wearing to the office, the blazer is both professional and classy. Layer it with a turtleneck underneath, or roll up the sleeve for a casual night out. Get it in  navy or tan.




For an even more professional look, try the pinstripe suit trend. I love the masculine feel this gives your outfit. The structure of the suit combined with the stripes make your entire appearance clean and sharp. Perfect for the working woman!





Be a lady with a hat this Winter. Think floppy felt hats, woollen berets and vintage cloches. Elegant, warm and super-stylish. Get yours in burgundy, black, rust or grey for a fabulous touch.



Gloves are also hot right now. Keep cosy with woollen mittens, or don some classy short gloves for an evening out. You can’t go wrong with black.



How to be Happier Every Day

How to be Happier Every Day

We all want to be happy, right? So – are you? Is your overriding mood one of happiness and contentment, or do you find yourself feeling down or just dissatisfied on a regular basis? It’s time to fix that! The first thing you must realise is that happiness is a choice – your frame of mind influences your entire experience, and if you have a negative outlook it is extremely hard to live a positive life. When you understand this, you can begin to change your perception and greatly improve your levels of overall and day to day enjoyment and satisfaction.

The first thing you must do is decide to be happy. Become a ‘glass half-full’ person and think positive thoughts. When you wake up each morning, go over what you have to look forward to that day. Consider all of the things that are good in your life. What do you have to be thankful for? What do you love doing? Cherish the little things that give you a simple boost of happiness – fresh flowers, cups of tea, the smell of mown grass, your favourite song. Whatever it is, embrace it! Being happy not only enhances your own life in obvious ways, but also spreads and attracts joy.

Importantly, you must also learn to let go of negativity – negative thoughts, comments, and experiences must go. Accept that these things have happened, then let them go. You are never going to come through life without experiencing a few unpleasant situations or meeting a few people who upset you. The key is to not take these things too seriously – realise that it is a choice to let them affect you, and you can move forward simply by making the conscious decision to do so. Remember also that there is always a silver lining. Maybe you are going through a difficult time at the moment. Have you thought about the good that can come from this experience? Has it taught you a valuable life lesson, or inspired you in some way?

Last but not not least, fill your life with things that make you happy. Share your time with people who enhance your life, not those who bring you down. Do the things you are passionate about and love doing – maybe that’s a sport, an instrument, or some other skill. Wear whatever makes you feel good, allow yourself to have treats now and then, and listen to songs that put you in a fabulous mood. When you are at work or doing chores, lighten the mood by decorating your environment with photographs, art or plants – things that inspire you. Your life is your own, and it should be enjoyed. Make your happiness a priority and your whole world will change.


Women’s Day 2016 – What’s in your Bag?


Angela Stone Winter Styling Challenge




AS Winter Styling Challenge

The Angela Stone Winter Styling Challenge begins today – 1st of June!

Keep an eye on our social media platforms for info and updates!
We will inspire you to look after yourself everyday during the colder months and achieve the life you want!



As we come into the Winter months it can be easy to lose motivation or let the poor weather affect our mood. To keep you feeling enthusiastic and driven, I’ve created the Winter Styling Challenge, a free course which covers the month of June. Each day you will be given a new challenge to help you improve your skincare, health, appearance and mentality. Some of the challenges may be outside your comfort zone, so be brave and give it a go – you won’t be alone.

As part of the challenge, participants can share photos of their accomplishments on Social Media and use the hashtags #Aswinterstylingchallenge #mylifeismyown #realbeauty to connect.
Tag me on Facebook and Instagram so I can see your progress!

Facebook: @Angela Stone

Each week I will feature my favourite picture on my own Social Media channels – so get snapping!

As well as a daily challenge, you will be given a daily fashion, beauty or health tip designed to inform and inspire you. When you realise what you are capable of and create a lifestyle that you are proud of, you will feel fabulous from the inside out. When you’re happy, you spread positivity and attract joy in your life, so begin your journey to a wonderful winter today – what are you waiting for?

Looking forward to staying connected,