Body Shapes: Which Cocktail Dress is Right For You?

A cocktail dress is something every woman needs. They are feminine and sexy, and should make you feel confident and gorgeous. The ideal cocktail dress flatters your figure and highlights your strongest features. You want to show off your best assets! So, are you wearing the right style for your body?


Inverted Triangle

If you have a larger bust, wear something with detailing below the waist. Pleats or a flowing skirt add volume to your hips and lower body, while simultaneously drawing attention to your waist. Remember to flaunt those slender legs with a shorter length skirt.

inverted triangle




If you have an athletic figure, then accentuate your femininity by wearing something with ruffles, fringing or detailing around the chest. Peplum dresses are also a great option, as they give the appearance of a curvy body. Scooped necklines also look great, as they draw attention to your toned upper body.





A-line skirts are your go-to if you have a triangle figure. These flow over the hips and show off your great waist. Draw attention to your slim upper body with a strapless dress, or statement earrings. Try to avoid loud prints and select plain, bold colours instead.





Show of your amazing, curvy figure with a fitted cocktail dress. You body is perfectly proportioned, so highlight this by defining your waist with a belt or small detail. Avoid loose-fitting dresses, opting instead for something that accentuates your figure, like a bodycon.





If you have an o-shaped, or apple, body type, you want to highlight your curves and avoid shapeless dresses. Wrap dresses are the perfect style for you, as they create the illusion of a defined waist and add volume to the lower body. V-necks are also flattering, as they accentuate your great bust.



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What is Style, Really?


Edna Woodman Chase, the chief editor of Vogue magazine for nearly forty years, once famously said: “fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” Her words still hold weight in today’s busy and changeable society. Like Edna, I believe that no amount of money can buy style. Style is something you either have, or you don’t have. While money can buy the most fashionable clothes around, actually knowing how to put these clothes together in a way that complements your unique figure, age and personality is a skill of its own. Furthermore, true style isn’t about what you wear so much as it is about your poise, your behaviour, your manners. You can dress glamorously, but it doesn’t necessarily make you glamourous. When it comes down to it, your actions say more about you than the price tag or label on your garments. So, what is style?



Esteemed fashion designer Caroline Herrera was correct in saying that “elegance isn’t solely defined by what you wear. It’s how you carry yourself, how you speak, what your read.” Do you carry yourself with confidence and grace? Nothing is more stylish than a woman with poise. Your mannerism comes into play here too. Are you courteous, respectful, friendly, polite and, above all, gracious? Dressing fabulously but behaving poorly shows a complete lack of glamour and class – but behaving in the poised manner described above only affirms one’s elegance.



Dressing according to your age and situation is another core factor of style. It’s important that you dress for your particular circumstance. We change and grow throughout our lives, and learning to adapt to these changes is the key to a stylish appearance. Embrace your age and dress accordingly. You are beautiful no matter what stage of your life you are in right now, and don’t need to dress like the younger generation to ‘fit in.’ In actual fact, dressing age appropriately is the most glamorous thing you can do for your look. Similarly, remember to dress for occasions. You don’t want to turn up to a casual event in your finest! If in doubt, keep things simple – clean lines, good quality fabrics and minimal accessories.



Elegance and confidence go hand in hand – its s getting the amount of confidence right that’s the tricky part. There’s a fine line between beautifully bold and blinding self-assuredness. Under-confidence? Not good. Over-confidence? Worse. Be comfortable with yourself – your body, your clothes and most of all, your personality. You should be confident with your real self so that you feel good – remember, when you feel great, you look great.



Five Rules for the Working Woman

Thoughtful woman working at home

If you’re a full-time worker like myself, you may struggle to find a work-life balance that keeps you motivated, positive and in love with life. We all experience days where we don’t feel like being at work, or weekends that seem to be full of activities that weren’t able to be completed during the week. While your job is undoubtedly important, so are you. I realised early on in my career that looking after myself was a priority if I was going to be happy both in and out of work. Below are a few things I always keep in mind to ensure my work-life balance is spot on!


Girlfriend Time

That’s right – spending time with your friends is so important to staying sane. I don’t know what I’d do without weekly catchups with my girls! Are you spending time with someone other than your colleagues and partner? Is it more than once a fortnight? Make sure that this friend time becomes a regular part of your life – busyness is no excuse – it’s called prioritising. Doing so allows you to get out of the workspace and working frame of mind and just enjoy yourself. Have a few laughs, share some memories and feel better for it.


Making a Mark 

We generally spend around 40 hours per week working. That’s a big chunk of our lives, when you add it all up. It is crucial that you do everything possible to make your job an enjoyable experience. Don’t let it consume you, and don’t let it bore you. Have goals that you want to reach in your career so you have something to aim for and fuel you each day. Make efforts to get on with your coworkers, and decorate your workspace with photos, plants and other eye-pleasers.These simple things will make a world of difference to your role.


Care before Career

No matter how long, short, arduous or fun your job is – do not give up on your skincare routine. Make it a daily ritual so you never fall out of line. Tired, unhealthy skin is not only a blow to your self-esteem but leaves you feeling awful too. Make sure you look after your body, too. Try to limit yourself to one coffee a day and fill the gaps with water or herbal tea. Bring a healthy lunch with you and eat a good breakfast before you go. I’m a sucker for porridge and blueberries in winter, so give that a go in the coming colder months!


Exercise Rituals

Whether you work regular hours or odd ones, you must find time to exercise regularly. If you can’t fit it in every day, try doing Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then something during the weekend. I love getting out and going for a walk in the mornings, but if you’re work schedule keeps you inside during the daylight hours there’s always the gym or a home fitness DVD. Try some yoga at night to wind-down from your busy day and rejuvenate the mind.



Here’s one you might like – snacks! I think that the power of snacking is underestimated. Without sustenance, our brains struggle to maintain a high level of productivity. Small, healthy snacks between meals is a great way to fuel your mind and ward off any hunger pangs. I’m a fan of the classic celery sticks and hummus choice, but there are tons of nutritious options – fruit, wholegrain crackers, sugar free oat slice, nuts mixes and more. Definitely give this one a go!



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Relationships: Things to Remember

Relationships - Things to Remember

Whatever point in your life you are at right now, you have probably been in at least one relationship. It may have lasted a few months, or it may have lasted a few years. You might be in one right now! Whatever the case, there are a few things you should remember when committing yourself to someone.

Stay You

It’s been said before – don’t lose yourself just because you are romantically involved with someone. Of course, when you spend a certain amount of time with another person some things will naturally change – you might try foods or activities you wouldn’t have before, and that’s one of the best things about relationships. What’s important is to not lose the parts of you that make you…you! If you have strong values or beliefs, don’t compromise them. If you have a routine that keeps you invigorated, maintain it. Your partner was attracted to the person he initially met, so staying as true to yourself as possible is a good thing. Having a strong sense of self is necessary to maintaining a healthy relationship. As tempting as it is (especially in those first few months), you mustn’t become absorbed in the other person so that all of your actions, interests and thoughts mimic each other. Keep your own hobbies – and if he wants to join in, great – but don’t stop doing what you love and being who you are.


Talking. Thinking. Listening. All very, very important in a relationship. All relationships have issues of some kind – small, big, irregularly – whatever. Two people are never going to agree on absolutely anything, which is normal. But if you don’t ever talk about ‘serious stuff,’ you are likely supressing issues which will only grow from not being discussed. End result? Pent-up anger, tension or resentment and a confrontation much worse than if something had been said initially. My advice: speak up. And if your partner has something to say, listen to him! In an argument it is sometimes easy to get defensive, but if you take the time to listen to your partner, you will find often there is something to what they are saying. Be fair and try to see things from their perspective. Remember also to compromise – if neither of you can come to an agreement, find a middle ground where you are both satisfied. And don’t sweat the small stuff. You don’t need to bring up EVERY little thing that bothers you. If you think something warrants attention though, then do raise the issue.

Have Fun!

Never forget this one. A relationship without fun is a sad one. The whole point in two people coming together is to enjoy each other’s company and enhance your happiness. When the fun goes, you need to ask yourself what you are doing wrong. Your partner should make you laugh out loud, and give you something to look forward to each day. In long-term relationships the number of dates often diminishes after the first year or so. Don’t let this happen! It’s so important to keep things alive and interesting so that you both feel excited and remember why you love being together. Have a date night/day a week, where you go to dinner or do an activity. It doesn’t have to be pricey – you could go on a bushwalk or take a rug and a thermos to your local beach one night – but just getting out and doing something different makes a world of change. Spend time with each other where you are focussing solely on the two of you – instead of another night in watching telly!