Angela Stone at Horse of the Year 2016

Fashion and equestrian have always overlapped one another, so this year my team and I are attending the largest equestrian event New Zealand has to offer – Horse of the Year! If you’re a Hawkes Bay local then be sure to pop in and see us – we’ll be selling the entire Angela Stone clothing range and offering complimentary fittings and style advice.





The Natural Cleanse


One of my goals for 2016 is to live a more natural, and therefore healthier, lifestyle. Even if you’ve always been careful to take great care of your body like I have, embracing (even in part) the all-natural phenomenon that swept across the world last year can improve your skin, health and general wellbeing that much more. Like any woman, I have favourite, trusted products, foods and methods. There is no reason to stray from these things – if they work for you, stick with them! Instead, try incorporating small changes into your daily, or even weekly, life. For example, have a raw food day each week, or swap one of your least-favourite makeup products for a vegan alternative. Giving the natural cleanse a go is a fantastic way to kick off the year – what could be better than helping your body and the environment at the same time?!


Raw Eats

Most of you have probably heard of raw food diets, or ‘raw foodism’ as the dietary practice has become known. Avoiding most processed foods and those that are exposed to pesticides and chemicals, raw food diets consist of food either entirely uncooked or very lightly cooked. If you haven’t tried a raw food item yet, this may sound strange or unappealing – but I assure you, it’s not! Trying raw food, especially raw ‘baking,’ offers a whole new range of delicious meal and snack opportunities. I recommend raw coconut ice or ginger crunch – so, so good. There are some great stores around offering an array of raw food items – try one of the Unbakery cafes if you’re an Auckland resident for some tasty inspiration.


The Cold Press Way

I can’t get enough of these juices. Packed full of nutrients and incredibly fresh tasting, these beauties are the perfect start to a busy day, or wake-up to a long afternoon. They come in all sorts of combinations but I personally love a beetroot and ginger mix. Try a green juice in the morning to give you an energy boost, a berry combo when you’re sweet tooth makes an appearance, or a citrus drink if you feel a cold coming on – there’s one for everything! Check that the juices are made from organic ingredients before you buy them, so you know the healthy drink you’re about to down isn’t tainted by nasty pesticides.


I Am: Vegan, Organic

They may be more expensive than their supermarket counterparts, but vegan, organic skin and haircare products are unarguably better for both the environment and your body. I can’t stress enough how important it is to look at what goes into your shampoo, moisturiser and makeup. Would you put straight chemicals on your face? Help yourself (and the Earth) by investing in some good quality products which are made from plant-based ingredients using cruelty-free methods. My go-to skincare brand is Xtend-life for its all-natural products, and I love Pureology shampoo and condition because they are 100% vegan, and sulphate and paraben free.


Nature’s Way

Last but not least – exercise. I’m not going to try and say that you should avoid certain types of exercise – any exercise is great – but rather suggest that you allocate yourself one day of technology and machinery-free exercise per week. In other words, swap the gym or the fitness DVD for a full-on, pure outdoor excursion. If you’re a yoga or pilates fan, do it on the beach instead of in the studio. If your favourite machine at the gym is the bike or the rower, actually go for a bike ride or a row! Other forms of exercise that will take you away from the technological world we are constantly surrounded by include horse riding – a quiet hack over some of New Zealand’s beautiful countryside is good for the mind and body – hiking, and swimming. Getting out in the fresh air and exercising in the most natural form is so therapeutic – I guarantee you’ll feel better for it!




Why I Read ‘The Beauty Book’



As women, we are made aware of our bodies, our hair and our skin on a daily basis. We are forever surrounded by notions of how a woman is ‘supposed’ to look, and at times this can be a hard thing to face. While some of us are perfectly happy in our own skin, others are interested in enhancing and preserving our bodies. I would argue that there is no right or wrong way to be – neither women who want to leave things to nature, nor women who choose the aid of specialists should be judged or made to feel inferior. Each to their own, as the saying goes.

While I am all for celebrating the natural figure and believe that beauty really does come from the inside, I understand the decision many women make to enhance or alter their body. As a fashion and life stylist, I use Vanessa Green’s comprehensive magazine The Beauty Book as a resource for my clients. Focussed on all things related to beauty, this magazine provides readers with up-to-date information on the latest technologies and products. Intended for all women, The Beauty Book informs readers interested in beauty procedures and items which are the best to use.

What is wrong with being interested in preserving your body? Nothing – just like there is nothing wrong with not being interested in preserving your body. We all care about our health; we all go to the dentist and the doctor to improve our bodies in some sense, so why is it frowned upon to go to a skin specialist or plastic surgeon for help? If this gives some women the confidence they need to feel happy in their everyday life then it shouldn’t be criticised. As Green writes in the latest edition of The Beauty Book, “beauty should not be about changing yourself to achieve an ideal or be more socially acceptable, but more about your confidence.” If a woman has an eye lift or a tummy tuck to make herself feel better, rather than to adhere to standards imposed by the media, who are we to judge?  

It might not be for you, but there is a world that exists out there where people are interested in enhancing or preserving their bodies – there wouldn’t be a magazine based around the safest and most effective ways to do this if no one cared. As women we need to learn to appreciate and support the individual decisions we all make, rather than judge them. Women who are against skin alterations and women who are for them are merely different – not ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’