Five Simple Ways to De-stress Your Life


In today’s busy world we seem to be constantly on the go. It’s important to take some time out and allow our minds and bodies to relax and repair. Here are a few of my easy and enjoyable tips for de-stressing your day to day life.



Exercising is a popular way of relieving stress, and is so easy to do. Try and give yourself at least half an hour a day to go for a run, walk or bike ride. The gym is ideal for those rainy days, but getting fresh air is the best way to really relax. Make the most of New Zealand’s beautiful beaches and bush walks and let nature calm your mind. Another great form of exercise that effectively heals the mind and body is yoga. Yoga stretches, tones and soothes your body while replenishing your mind. You will leave feeling great!

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The more organised you are, the less you have to worry about. While smart phones and tablets can be a great way to stay organised, nothing is better than old school, handwritten ways of staying on top of things. Using cute stationary is an effective and fun way of organising your life. Keep a diary or calendar to remember appointments and important dates, and use folders to hold information for your job, finances, cars and other data. If you aren’t a list writer, now is the time to start! Lists aren’t just for groceries – if you have a very busy day ahead, jotting down each of the things you need to do (no matter how small – often it’s the smallest ones we forget) ensures you stay on track.

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Yes, you read correctly – shopping! This doesn’t mean go on a spree and spend your whole pay check – that would only add stress. Treating yourself to one or two things now and then gives your happiness a boost and makes you feel great – this could be anything from clothes to books to plants. Of course, buying clothes that look amazing on is doubly good, because you feel happy when purchasing them, and even happier when wearing them! Having a shopping day with your girlfriends is the perfect way to forget about your busy life and have some fun.

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Read, Write and Colour

Reading is a simple way to take some time out. Curl up with your favourite book and a cup of tea, or buy your favourite magazine when you’re doing your weekly shop. We can’t all look as glamorous as Audrey Hepburn while we’re reading, but we can certainly try! Writing is another therapeutic activity that is easy to do. While putting pen to paper isn’t for everyone, you should give it a try – write a letter to a friend living overseas, begin a journal or even try and write some poetry if you’re feeling creative! If neither of those sound like you, then colouring in is a must. Adult colouring is quickly sweeping the world, with books for adults lining the shelves of book stores everywhere. Colouring is proven to relieve stress and heal the mind – and its fun!

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The ultimate relaxation and pampering for your body. It’s hard to surpass a good facial or massage when it comes to feeling calm and nourished. Make sure you select a company which uses only natural skincare products, so that your body is healed in the process. Going to the spa regularly can be pricey, so make your own face mask at home with oatmeal, honey, yoghurt and hot water.

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The O Shape – How to Dress for the Larger Stomach

Knowing how to dress for your unique body shape is so important to feeling confident and beautiful. If you understand what works and what doesn’t, you can choose outfits which flatter your figure and allow you to go about your daily business with pride.

As women, we are constantly under scrutiny over our size, shape and style. For o shaped figures, the midsection can be an area that causes stress or fear. Having a larger stomach than the rest of your body is actually very normal, but there are several ways to reduce this appearance and leave you looking – and therefore feeling – great.



  • Avoid fully fitted tops and instead go for a semi-fit or a looser style. Low necklines, especially the v-neck, are a flattering choice as they accentuate your great bust. For the workplace, an untucked, buttoned blouse is a nice option, and for a more comfortable, yet stylish, look try a tunic.


  • Choose full, flared or tiered skirts with mid-rise waistlines. A straight skirt enhances the slimness of your lower figure, and look great with a loose blouse. The length of your skirt can vary – you want to show off your legs without making your upper body appear short, so on the knee or a couple of inches above is generally a safe choice.


  • Wear pants which highlight your natural curves. Straight legged jeans are great for a casual look – remember that black will really show off your silhouette. Trousers with a slim or tapered leg make an excellent work or evening choice – pair them with a delicate blouse or v-neck to complete the look. Avoid tight pants and features such as pleats and chunky pockets – these bring focus back to the stomach.


  • For dresses, select pieces which fit the silhouette through the arms and under the bust to keep that bust highlighted. Sheath dresses are also a flattering option, as they make your shape appear long and straight.



  • Use clothes and accessories to draw attention to your legs, chest and shoulders. This will take the focus away from your midsection. A chunky necklace or a scarf is a good option, or simply wear a top which has detailing – this could be textural or it could be a pattern or change of colour in the fabric. Try not to wear items which emphasise your waistline, as this is the area you are trying to detract attention from. Avoid belts or ties in this area, keeping things simple instead.