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Your Wardrobe Essential for the Winter-Spring Transition

With Spring approaching quickly, it’s important to have clothes which suit the warmer, yet still rainy, weather. My go-to item is a good pair of trousers. Not as heavy or tight as jeans and available in a range of colours, trousers are a great choice. They can easily be dressed up or down, making them perfect for the workplace, an evening out, or your everyday wear.

Match your trousers with a pair of leather loafers or brogues for a sophisticated, simple look. If you want to keep a Wintry feel to your outfit, stick with browns and maroons. For plain coloured trousers, wear a loose, patterned blouse as below – long-sleeved for those colder mornings; short-sleeved for the warmer ones.

Trousers 4

For a vintage look, take some inspiration from Grace Kelly and try wearing high-waisted trousers. These are very flattering on any body shape – if you have an hourglass, rectangle or o-shaped figure, try trousers that are tapered at the leg. For triangle or inverted triangle body shapes, give wide-legged trousers a go. Add a belt and tuck in a button-up blouse to complete your retro appearance. For a more casual outfit, swap the blouse for a t-shirt.


If you’re a pattern person, there are plenty of trousers out there to suit your style. From classic houndstooth and tartan to bright floral or geometric, there is a huge range of quality trousers waiting to be worn. Roll the ankles for a more casual feel and team with a pair of boots and socks. Keep the upper part of your outfit more basic, so as not to clash with the trousers – a plain sheer top or funnel neck knit is a great choice.

Trousers 5


Top Tips for Applying Lipstick

In order to get those plump, perfect lips, there are three small processes which should be completed before you actually apply your lipstick. 

Lips 1

First, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, exfoliate your lips to remove any flakiness and ensure that the lipstick will go on smoothly. This can be done by gently rubbing your lips with a mixture of sugar and water, or using a soft toothbrush to lightly massage them. 

Next, it is essential that you apply a moisturising lip balm, to condition your lips and prevent them from becoming dry. A lip conditioner is a great base for lipstick. Use a clear, unscented balm for the best results. 

The third step is made much easier by the second – applying lip liner. With the help of the moisturising balm, your lip liner can be drawn on smoothly and simply. Outline then fill in your lips with the lip pencil for a defined, long-lasting look. Keep the colour neutral or a slightly lighter shade than your chosen lipstick.

Lips 2

Once you have completed these three processes, it is time to apply your lipstick. Make sure that you choose a colour which suits your complexion – often a pale or red-brown lipstick can be more flattering than the classic bright red. Carefully paint the lipstick over the area you covered with your lip liner. When you have successfully filled in your desired shape, blot your lipstick on a crisp tissue to really set it and enhance its effectiveness. If needed, apply a second coating of lipstick afterwards. Now you’re all ready to go!