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Most Common Style Mistakes

We are all guilty of it… Wearing the wrong item or styling a new piece wrong! Learning from other peoples mistake will only help you style yourself and your clients. Today we bring you a few common styling mistakes that will help strengthen your styling expertise. Enjoy!

Mistake #1 | Black Overload

All Black Fall Outfit

Yes, black can be slimming, but here’s something you may not know: As we age, our skin gets thinner and the starkness of a black top against our face will emphasise wrinkles and dark circles. Choose more flattering colours that bring out your best features!

Mistake #2 | Wearing the Wrong Bra Size


Did you know that wearing the wrong bra size not only makes you look older, but it can shrink your torso and affect how every item in your wardrobe fits? Make sure you get fitted by a trained professional. It will change your life!

Mistake #3 | Over-Applying Matte Makeup


It’s easy to understand why people use matte products, but if you go overboard on mattifying makeup products, you’ll lose that dewy glow. Add a little bit of shine on your lips and stick with only one matte product at a time!

Mistake #4 | Buying Jeans with Too Much Stretch


When you’re looking for stretch jeans, check the tag to make sure your new jeans don’t have more than 2 percent elastic fibers. Otherwise they will loose their shape quickly and become very unflattering!

Mistake #5 | 3/4th Pants


Avoid pants that end between the knee and ankle at all costs. They can look good on rare occasions, but much more often these cropped pants will make the thigh area of average weight women appear larger. 

Mistake #6 | Hiding Under A Shapeless Jacket


Many women opt for wearing a boxy coat in winter, giving your body no shape and making you look like a rectangle. If you want to hide your butt, waist, or arms try a belted trench coat. The belt accentuates a waistline creating a beautiful hourglass figure!

Mistake #7 | Tea-Length Skirts


While tea-length dresses and skirts can look very classy, sometimes the length of the hem hurts you appearance, as a whole. A skirt that hits around the ankles tends to make women look wider. Instead try a skirt that hits right above or below the knee. This hem length creates a fantastic hourglass!

We hope you have found some helpful tips in here! Let us know over on Facebook what your number one styling mistake tip is!

Until next week fashionistas Xx


3 Ways to Help Your Child Have a Positive, Self-Image Now and In The Future

Children with good, self-esteem levels lead healthier, happier lives

My children are growing up fast, and I’m happy to say that they all have a positive, self-image. And I really believe this is essential to being happy and healthy now…and in adulthood. In fact, according to a study quoted in Developmental Psychology, “the authors found that adolescents with low self-esteem had poorer mental and physical health, worse economic prospects, and higher levels of criminal behavior during adulthood, compared with adolescents with high self-esteem.”

From my experience, guiding children to have healthy self-esteem takes effort, and there are many ups and downs along the way. That’s why I’d like to share my thoughts with you on…

3 Ways to Help Your Child Have a Positive, Self-Image

Spend time with your children

kids 2I think this is the most important step because you need to know your children well, how they react to certain situations and what is going on in their lives. Create a safe environment for them where you can build trust, and let them know they can talk to you about anything.

So many children are alone in this world without good, role models to guide them along the way. With this in mind, I think it is very important to be careful how we act and what we say around our children. Even if we are having a bad day, it’s important to try to stay positive and avoid speaking negatively about others and ourselves.

Our kids are watching and listening and will pick up on the image we portray. It’s a good idea to be the kind of person we want our children to be, and we need to let them know we are there to help them work through their problems… no matter how big or small they may be!

Promote a healthy diet and exercise

kids 3As many of you know, creating beauty from within with a healthy diet and exercise is very important to me, and I’ve shared these values with my children. And I’m glad I did. According to research from the American Psychological Association, good nutrition and at least 60 minutes of daily exercise are “the building blocks for strong growth, healthy development and lifelong wellbeing for children.”

To help our children have a positive self-image, I think it’s important to make eating healthy foods a fun part of each day. Create meals together, and explore different kinds of physical activities to see what they enjoy most. Also, remind your children that everyone has their own, special characteristics, and that they do not need to look like their friends or celebrities to be beautiful.

Provide healthy encouragement

kids4To create a healthy level of self-esteem in our children, I think we should provide just the right amount of encouragement. Let them know that they can, and should, try new activities and that we will be there for them whether they fail or succeed.

Teach them how to work towards specific goals. Then, provide praise for each success along the way without too much criticism. “It takes a lot of praise to outweigh one criticism,” according to the RaisingChildren.net.au article, Praise, encouragement and rewards. “Experts suggest trying to praise children six times for every one time you criticise them.”

When there are setbacks, I think it’s important to talk to our children about what they did correctly and how they can improve. If you coddle and reward them for everything, you are not helping them grow. Don’t forget that children need to learn from their own mistakes, insights from their peers and watching others too.

Improve a Child’s Self-Esteem with Supportkids1

While it’s important to spend time with your children, guide them to eat well and exercise, and
encourage them to try new activities, one essential component to raising a healthy and happy child that we my forget is… Love!

Whenever possible, we need to let our children know that we love them and that we are there for them no matter what happens in life. This way, they will have the supportive environment they need to blossom now, and become healthy, confident, adults.

What is your favorite way to encourage your children?


Makeup Tricks That Take Minutes!

The team at Styleyou have come together to bring you a bunch of very simple beauty tricks that will change the way you do all things beauty! These can be things that you bring into your own routine to simplify your life, or give these out to clients as handy tips in your next session… Enjoy!

Nail Polish

If you do your own manicures at home, the time you spend on yourself is relaxing, but the time it takes for nail polish to dry is a little time consuming! To avoid bubbles and smudges, soak your nails in a bowl of ice water for 3 minutes. Sounds crazy but it works and it will leave you with a salon finish!



Is your mascara a little clumpy? Try adding a few drops of eye drops into the tube and use the mascara wand to mix it together. This will thin the mixture and will help your mascara go on smooth every time!



Just like you exfoliate your body, your lips need a little TLC too. For an affordable option, use a baby toothbrush to gently scrub your lips. By removing dead skin, your lipstick will have the perfect base to last for hours.



Instead of lining your waterline with black, try a nude pencil; this will help you look more awake and give the illusion of larger eyes. Helping hide those tired eyes!



Always use downward strokes when applying makeup. This stops the hair on your face from sticking out and makes your skin look more flawless.



Want your lipstick to last longer? After applying your shade, place a tissue over your lips, and then lightly brush translucent powder over the tissue. This will help hold your lipstick in place!



What are you go to beauty tricks? Let us know over on Facebook!



How To Choose Your Wedding Dress

While it may not be wedding season right now, I know there are many brides out there who are planning their summer wedding and are yet to choose their dress. Choosing your dress is a special moment and should be taken seriously as this will be one of the most important days of your life. You don’t want to look back and regret your choice due to the style not flattering your body shape! I have put together some tips to help you choose the right style… Enjoy!

If you need to work out your body shape, this is a great tool I wrote to help you.


If you are a pear shape, you need to emphasise your upper body. A V neckline or a fitted bodice will show off your slender waist, and draw the eye upwards. Look for a skirt that flares out from the waist so that it highlights your narrow waist, and skims past your hips and thighs.

pear  pear 2


You want to create a waist line so find a dress that cinches in at the smallest point of your waist and then skims past your lower body. Ruching and lace detail on the bodice will help camouflage your largest area. Look for a deep V neckline that will draw the eye down, emphasising your waistline and beautiful silhouette.

apple  apple 2


You need to create curves so try a dress that is cut on the bias; the curving side seam will give a gorgeous silhouette. Alternatively, a ball gown with a full, flowing skirt will show off your slender waist, and give you some beautiful curves.

rec  rec 2


If you’re an hourglass, you need to show off your figure. Work with your waist line and opt for more fitting styles, like the mermaid style. Add a belt or sash to your waist to draw attention to your waist; any excuse to wear more bling!


hour 3  hour

Inverted Triangle

You need to draw attention away from your broad shoulders so try a deep cut neckline that will draw the eye down, and emphasis your waist and hips with added details like beading or a sash. This will balance out your shoulders with your hip area.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 8.13.34 pm  Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 8.13.24 pm

I hope you have found this useful! My number one tip when bridal dress shopping is to take along some close friends or family who you know will be honest with you. Take photos in your favourite dresses, and after a week, have a look at the photos, you will be surprised which one may now be your favourite!


How To Walk In High Heels

You may find yourself with a client who has never worn heels in their life, and it can seem very daunting to them! But here’s the thing, heels do not need to be high to be considered fashionable. Here is some advice from us to you, to help your clients, or even yourself!


1. Step with your heel down first, then let the sole follow quickly and smoothly.


2. Walk with your toes pointing straight ahead or as close to straight ahead as possible.


3. Swing your arms as you walk for balance.


4. Keep your legs straight, close and parallel.

heel 7

5. Take smooth, even steps. Consider shortening your stride a bit. 


6. Avoid walking on ice, mud, grass, sand, and gravel surfaces, where you can slip or sink. When in doubt, take off your heels and carry them across such questionable surfaces in your bare feet.

Styleyou’s Top Tips:

  • When climbing stairs, make sure both your sole and heel land together firmly and simultaneously on each step. When descending stairs, only the sole of the shoe needs to be planted on each step.
  • While high heels can make your legs look better and longer, they can also wreak havoc on your feet, especially when worn regularly over long periods of time.

2 1

  • Avoid driving in heels. You don’t have quite as much control over the car, and you can damage the back of your shoe. Keep a pair of flats in the your car, or consider driving barefoot.
  • Hopefully this post will be a great reference for you and your clients for years to come! Remember, learning to walk in high heels is mostly a matter of practice!

Until next week fashionistas Xx


How To Change Your Housewife Image For A Night Out In Under 4 Minutes!

Are you looking for new ways to freshen up your housewife look or image for a night out? Here are some ways to perk up your look from drab to fab in under 4 minutes!

4 6

Winter seems to bring out sweat pants and flannel shirt attitudes. Ladies, we need to shake up our image for ourselves, or someone special, when we go out! Your partner will love that you added that extra touch to your outfit. Whatever you do, and where ever you go, wear your look with confidence!

1 2

So you say, “I’m not a hat type person”, well what i’ve got to say to that is, change that mindset! Wearing hats and scarves for me, are what wearing high heels are to younger women. Get a look that defines you, makes you stand out, and then… Change it again!

3 9

Take the time to add a few additional touches to your wardrobe. Don’t get lost in the crowd with the same old boring look! Remember, you are what you feel. Today, you may feel fashion forward, tomorrow, bright and bubbly.

7 5

Tomorrow when you go out, be brave. Act like the lioness you are inside. Step out of your daily routine and mould, surprise your partner and wear something different!

8 10

Maybe where you are going just requires a happy, fresh look. Whatever generation you are in, make a statement. This is me, and I love being a woman!

I hope you have taken away something from my post today. Just because we are getting older, we still need to put some effort into our daily routine, and it literally takes minutes!


5 Ways To Wear That 70s Style

It’s a common theme with different era’s coming back into fashion. Some of you may remember the 70s well and don’t want to relive them! This winter, the best of the 70s has made its way back into stores and it looks better than ever. If you have any clients who want to try some of these newer styles, here are our top picks for incorporating this trend into their wardrobes. Remember, for fleeting trends, it is better to spend less on these pieces and more on other pieces that will last a lifetime.

Thigh High Boots

Perfect for winter and will withstand the seasons. These are definitely an investment piece so it is best to buy high quality fabrics to ensure they have a long life.

boots boots 2


This is such a fun and floaty style to try but its not for everyone. You could also try recommending fringe detailed bags or shoes to your client as an alternative.

fringe 1 fringe 2


Fur scarves, fur coats, fur everything! It is such a luxurious fabric and yes, we are only talking about the faux version! You would be amazed at how many faux fur coats the op shops have that are in great condition, at a fraction of the price.

fur fur 2

Flare Jeans

It seems like a lifetime since flare jeans have been popular but they are back! Great for adding shape to smaller figures (hourglass and rectangle) and for balancing out top heavy figures (inverted triangles).

jeans jeans 2



These blanket style ponchos are bound to keep you warm in these chilly months ahead of us. When helping a client choose a print or colour in this style, make sure you know their wardrobe so it can be versatile and worn throughout their entire wardrobe, and not just one look.

Supermodel Karlie Kloss on a photoshoot in Soho, in New York. 6 May 2015.  7 May 2015. Please byline: Vantagenews.co.uk poncho 2


What styles do you love from the 70s? Let us know in the comments below! If you have any questions regarding your clients, get in touch via our Facebook page and one of our stylists are always happy to help.

Until next week fashionistas xx


Stop Being Overwhelmed: My Best Anti-Aging Tips!

How to be a great mother, partner and businesswoman without sacrificing your sanity… or good looks!

On the surface, you may think I’m this lucky woman who got into modeling, learned the best anti-aging tips and now lives the good life shopping, going to the spa and traveling. And while I have been very fortunate, what you may not know is that I have five children, own several businesses and deal with the same, daily stressors you do as a mother, partner and businesswoman!

Yes, I know how busy things can get taking care of your family, preparing your children for school, driving them to various activities, cooking, cleaning, running errands, and more. Plus, there are all the daily responsibilities involved with managing a business.

It can be overwhelming, and I can relate. That’s why I became a spokesperson for Xtend-Life Natural Products. Here, I can take all of the knowledge I have learned over the years in the fashion industry, and dealing with my own, personal health-issues, and share it with you.

So instead of losing your sanity, here are a few things I’ve learned to help you relax and live a happy, healthier life… no matter how busy it gets!


My Best Anti-Aging Tips

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 2.42.46 pmStress can definitely play havoc on your appearance and cause you to look much older than you actually are… and worse! According to research on the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health website, “serious, sustained stress or fear can alter biological systems in a way that, over time, adds up to ‘wear and tear’ and, eventually, illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.”

That’s why I think it’s so important to focus on creating beauty from within.


Fish Oil and Natural Supplements

With this in mind, what are you putting into your body?Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 2.44.05 pm

While we all know it’s essential to eat fruits, vegetables and healthy meals, it can be impossible with a hectic schedule. This is where natural supplements come in. After all, it’s impossible to get all the nutrients your body needs to function at its very best from food alone.

Specifically, did you know that fish oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) that your body cannot create? 

These nutrients assist with inflammation management, healthy circulation and more. That’s why Omega 3/QH Ultra is an important part of my daily routine. It supports heart and blood-pressure health, fuels the brain, helps lubricate joints for better mobility-support, improves mental focus, boosts energy, and even helps quality-of-sleep.

I also use Total Balance Women’s Premium to support healthy hormone levels and give my cells the right nutrients to perform at their best. Kiwi-Klenz helps me absorb the nutrients and naturally balance my digestive system.

Best Skincare Routine

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 2.45.25 pmAnother one of my best anti-aging tips is to take good care of my skin, as I mention in the video below. I start with the Xtendlife Foaming Facial Cleanser because it has a refreshing scent and gently cleans away all make-up and impurities. From there, I apply my favorite moisturizers on different parts of the body. I also use our facial mask and eye serum to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, and give my face a youthful, glowing appearance.

It may take a few minutes each day to care for your skin accordingly, but it can make a big difference to how you feel and look.

Take Time Out for You!

While using natural supplementation and having a daily, skincare 032a0825341fe81f77de44084fd7896droutine are two of my best anti-aging tips, it’s also important to take some time out for yourself.

Each day, even if it is only for ten minutes, go to a quiet place where you can be alone. Use these precious moments to take some deep breaths, gather your thoughts and relax. Think about the positive things in your life. You’ll be surprised how this can “reset” your mood so you can move on with all of your daily responsibilities.

Yes, it can be overwhelming to do deal with daily stressors, but if you focus on beauty from within with natural supplementation, good skincare and relaxation time, you will be healthier, feel energized and look younger too!

What is your favorite tip to de-stress?