Taking Your Knowledge One Step Further

Breaking into the fashion business is not an easy thing to do, but I don’t need to tell you that. Rather than sitting around waiting to be old enough to chase your dreams, chase them now. 

We have so many students who finish studying with Styleyou and are achieving their styling dreams by starting their career in the fashion industry. 

Starting Point

blogIf you want to start your own fashion business, instead of working for someone else, here are our top tips. With the help of the Internet and social media, your opportunities are endless.

You can start a clothing line, a blog, or even a YouTube channel. It may start out as a hobby, but it can ultimately turn into a business with hard work and determination. 



The more you know about your industry, the further you’ll get in it. You may want to rely on hands-on experience at a job, and while that’s great, you definitely need more than that.

Read every blog, book or website you can about the topic, by people who have already accomplished what you aspire to do. The more you know about the fashion industry, the more you’ll impress future contacts!




friendsNo matter what career path you want to take, find a mentor who can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and guidance.

You should also find friends who are trying to work in the same field as you.

A lot of times we are taught to compete with others for the career we want, when in reality we can support each other as we achieve our goals, and celebrate other people’s successes.




When you have created clear goals that you want to achieve and you are sufashrrounding yourself with like minded people, things will only go up from here. Be positive and take one day at a time.

Create opportunities for yourself to achieve great things. You will have set backs, and thats normal, some of the most successful people in the world took years to be noticed and create the life they have always wanted.

It’s how you handle yourself through the hard times that really shows you how much you want this and how you can achieve greatness.

Never give up on your dreams, you will regret it in the future. Always try to achieve what you want from life and if it doesn’t work out, at least you can say you tried!




Your Winter Wardrobe Essentials

A lot of women come to me and say that they lost a lot of weight or they feel that their style has changed and want to re-create their wardrobe from scratch. I always applaud women who are recreating their image as it can be such a daunting thought but I can tell you that you will never feel better once it’s all done. A lot of people say they feel like they found themselves again!

So today on the blog, I thought I would cover some essential items you should have in your wardrobe. This list is a more casual approach so is great for stay at home mums, students, or weekend attire. There are so many options in stores right now so your definitely not limited in any of your choices. Take a look at the pictures below and start thinking about your dream wardrobe!

Graphic Tee

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 3.37.18 pm tee tee 2

Plain Tanks & Tees

plain plain 3 plin 2

Knit Sweaters

knit knit 2 knit 3

Denim Jacket

denim denim 3 dnim 2

Black Blazer

black black 2 black 3

Trench Coat

trench trench 3 trnech 2

Military Jacket

mili mili 2 mili 3

White Jeans

white white 2 white 3

Leather Pants

leather leather 2 leather 3

Black Pants

black black 4 black 5

Dark Denim

dark dark 2 dark 3

White, Chambray & Plaid Shirts

shirt shirt 3 shirt 2


fat l3 flat flat 2


heel heel 2 heel 3


boo boots boot 3


sneak sneak 2 sneak 3

Crossbody Bag & Clutch

bag clutch

Black Bag & Carry All Tote

bag 2 bag 3


scarf scarf 2 scarf 3

Versatile Watch

watch watch 2

Favourite Jewellery Pieces

jewel jewel 2

I hope you have found this guide useful. This is what I believe to be a great base for creating a versatile wardrobe. If you think you would benefit from a stylist coming and conducting a wardrobe analysis, email for more information. These sessions can be so beneficial as they work out what is and is not working within your current wardrobe and what is missing, saving you so much money!


Ponchos Galore

The colder days are approaching and while we wish the sun and hot temperatures would stick around a little longer, the cooler months are a chance to experiment with new fashions. Ponchos have been around for a few seasons now but they are not going anywhere anytime soon! Why do we love them so much? There are just as many options of ponchos as there are coats, and they are great trans seasonal pieces as they allow for layering underneath and don’t make you look bulky. Our top tip is to wear a more fitted pair of pants to balance out the fuller silhouette of the poncho. We have found some great street style photos of exactly why we love ponchos this season, take a look!


87e229f066bb0c878f92a1eba71b3cc3283e9ce870878d750eec6ba7c137c995 c943d37ed2c6efbbe6d990417a6ac7de

2b2812dd57df38d72b198d4cd75f56da 56e523756cef88acd2c61c16dc274fb9  

1175b8044283d45ab97c384ba8565835  6040c1a28fa650f77dacc6be31e1e896   

 What do you think of this trend? Let us know in the comments below if your going to invest in a poncho this season!

Until next week fashionistas xx


What A Clay Mask Can Do For Your Skin

If your skin is feeling a little tired and you want to invest in a product that is affordable and effective, a clay mask is probably your best bet! There are so many benefits that come with putting some love into your skin. Why not make it a weekly treat where you spend some time on you, read your favourite mag with your favourite drink in hand! Here are just some of the many benefits:

a818cada8d7a8fbe77ccfd143d0b8023Removes Excess Oil

Applying a clay mask to your face helps soak up some excess oil. The clay will absorb extra oil out of your skin, helping cut down on the number of times you need to reach for a blotting paper. The thing to remember is that your skin actually needs a little oil to be healthy, so don’t use clay so often that you get rid of all of it.

Removes Toxins

While your clay mask is working hard to take excess oil out of your skin, it’s also taking toxins with it. That means you can effectively get rid your skin of things that cause breakouts and other skin issues. You also have the added bonuses of  looking more radiant, protecting your skin, and visually aiding the signs of ageing.

Cleaning Benefits474e190d5991c215633e54347487ca64

Not only are clay masks super good for your skin, but they are also cleansing. While you can’t use a clay mask in place of your regular cleanser, it is a great weekly or fortnightly task that can help rejuvenate your skin.

Removes Dead Skin

Dead skin cells are on everyone’s faces and while they are not noticeable, they are small enough to get into your pores, causing clogs, which lead to breakouts. Clay sticks to the dead cells and takes them off your skin when you rinse your face. This will help to keep your skin clear.


a7492f23aab9b4ab849303975cf1f15bSuitable For All Skin Types

If you constantly worry about choosing the right skin type criteria for your skin care products, you can relax when you pick up a clay mask. Experts say they are good for all skin types, which means anyone can benefit from using one, no matter what skin issue you are trying to address.

Do you use a clay mask? What other benefits have you noticed from using one?

I highly recommend the Xtendlife Deep Cleansing Facial Mask. I use this product every other day and love the results I get. Have a look at all of  the great benefits the Xtendlife Deep Cleansing Facial Mask will offer you.


How To Plan Your Meals

Planning meals ahead of time can have a ton of benefits. You always know what’s for dinner, while generally making healthier food choices. There is also the added benefit of saving money. These are our top 7 tips For encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

menuMake A Menu

One of the first things you need to do when you’re planning your meals is to make a menu. Plan what you are going to have each day.

You can always change things around if you are not in the mood for a certain meal. When you have a menu, then you are much more likely to stick to your meal plan.

Here’s a free printable for you to use to start planning your weekly meals!



Stock Up79dce48a05acab1267dd94fed169b11a

The goal here is to go to the supermarket and get everything you need in one trip. By doing this, you will save yourself money by not making numerous trips to the supermarket during the week.

It may seem a little daunting to spend a little extra time to ensure you have enough food for your menu, but trust us, its worth it.




When you get into a routine following your meal plan, you will start to learn shortcuts that allow you to spend less time on preparation.

Your meals can get to the table a lot quicker if you do some prep work ahead of time. This includes things like making hamburger patties and cutting vegetables.

You can also make snack time healthier by preparing fresh fruit snack bags, which are great for a on the go snack.

By spending some time prepping, freezing and storing food after your shop, you will ultimately cut down your time in the kitchen during the week.


Double Dinnerse28f97db7152286535141c8399c14b4a

There are some recipes that are easy to double up so you can have it over two nights instead of just one.

Alternatively, you could  freeze the second portion to pull out when you don’t have time to cook. This also saves you from ordering takeaways when your day is crazy.





Make Food You Love

Make sure that your meal plan has meals that you enjoy eating, this means you will more likely stick to your meal plan.

Don’t force yourself to eat foods that you hate, like cauliflower for example, because you will be more prone to get takeaways if you know thats whats on the menu tonight.



Be Adventurous72253ef4cb3db2b03ec3a5b5878313eb

Of course it’s always good to try new recipes. New recipes are something you can get excited about.

It’s fun to try new foods and find new things you enjoy. You never know, you just may stumble onto a new favorite.






Take A Day Off

People try meal planning for different reasons. They may want to be more organized, save money or eat healthier. All of those are great reasons.

It’s equally important to have a few nights off. You may one day a week or alternatively, just choose a night when the opportunity arises to head out for dinner one night.

Allowing for flexibility can actually help you stick with your meal plan in the long run.


Do you meal plan? What tips do you use? Share your tips below in the comments, we would love to hear from you!


Paris Fashion Week 2015

Paris fashion week has been and gone in a blink of an eye. The most talked about was Kim Kardashian Wests new blonde do, but we prefer the looks direct from the catwalk!

Today on the blog we have picked our favourite looks from some of the worlds biggest designers. Remember, that as a stylist, it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends and fashion shows. Retail stores around the world are influenced by these trends and this will be the trends you will see all around you soon.

Alexander Mcqueen

alexander mcqueen







celine 2





chloe 2

Christian Dior

christian dior



Isabel Marant 

isabel marant



Louis Vuitton

louis vuittonMiu Miu

miu miu

Nina Ricci

nina ricci

Saint Laurent

saint laurent

Sonia Rykiel

sonia rykiel

Stella Mccartney


stella 1





What do you think about our top picks from Paris Fashion Week? Do you love any of the trends?

Let us know in the comments below!

Until next week fashionistas xx


Signs You Need To Take Care Of Yourself

You are the most important investment you can ever put your time into. So often we get caught up with life, children, jobs and daily tasks that we forget about taking time out and doing something for ourselves.

Today on the blog, we want to share some signs with you that show that you need to invest some time in yourself. If there’s one thing you do today that means you are taking time out from your busy schedule, it is to read this post!


a1You Are Always Tired

If you’re always tired it might be a sign that you are not taking care of yourself. Sleep is vital to our everyday functioning.

If you are having trouble sleeping then you might need to find ways to ensure that you have a restful sleep.

Avoid watching TV or browsing the web before bed and try a calming chamomile tea or a hot bath to wind down at the end of the day.

There also might be medical reasons for fatigue, in which case we recommend you should see a medical professional.

We recommend downloading the Sleep Cycle app on your smartphone which monitors the quality and length of your sleep.



Weight Gaina3

Weight gain is another sign that you might not be looking after yourself.

If you are eating the wrong things then weight gain is inevitable as you might be choosing fast food to fit in with your lifestyle.

This will eventually take its toll so it’s vital to keep a close eye on weight as it can eventually lead to health issues such as heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

We are all guilty of takeaways when we are on the go or run out of energy, but it is not a healthy lifestyle choice.

Instead, think of it as a treat. Everything in small doses!



a2Weight Loss

Just as weight gain is a sign that you are not taking proper care of yourself, weight loss can signal that things are not quite right.

If you feel as though you are running on empty, it will eventually take its toll, both mentally and physically.

Ensure you are eating the right foods so that your body gets the right nutrients.

Both weight gain and weight loss can mean you are not fuelling your body with the right foods, so ensure you are eating nutritionally rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and nuts.



Negative Emotions6938ba117735549d3d4f4f6cdcce9ac9

Feeling miserable sometimes? Don’t let the dramas of life bring you down.

Remember that when we think negatively, it is more likely to impact all areas of our lives, which turns into a downward spiral of negativity.

Find happiness in your life by exercising, meditating or simply spending time with your loved ones.

This has all been proven to impact our emotions and moods positively and give us a more positive outlook to our days.

We recommend the Headspace app which teaches you to meditate and simply take 10 minutes out of your day to unwind every day.



Changes In Your Skin

Our skin is a great barometer of our health and can tell us exactly what is going on inside.

If your skin is dry and grey, it might be a sign that you are not sleeping enough and not eating the right things.

If you are smoking and drinking excessively, your skin might be dry and the skin under your eyes will also give away your lifestyle.

Your face is the first thing people see so take pride in the quality of your skin. Invest in some products that you know will work for you, get plenty of sleep and drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day.

Do all of this and you will notice a significant difference in a month.


Your Teetha5

Our mouth is also able to tell us a lot about our health.

Stress and a lack of nutrients will mean that your immune system will suffer and this might lead to bleeding gums and worst case scenario, tooth loss.

Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss.

Stress, poor hygiene, nutrient deficiency and genetics can all play a part in its progression.

Look after your teeth and gums by brushing twice a day and flossing every night before bed.





a6Your Hair

Our hair can also tell us a lot about our health.

If you are not looking after yourself, your hair will give it away.

Feed your hair from the inside out by eating foods such as eggs, nuts, oily fish, walnuts and blueberries.

We also recommend treating your hair once a fortnight to a deep conditioning treatment.

You will be amazed these simple steps can have on your hair.



Xtend Life Supplement of the Month

We love Xtend Life as their supplements are 100% natural and contain the most amazing benefits!
The ultimate age defying health supplement

  • Enhanced age-defying benefits
  • Suitable for men and women
  • 88 potent nutrients for optimum cell health support

This supplement delivers maximum age-defying power for men and women and supports health and lasting wellness. This is one of Angela’s secrets to maintaining youthful looking skin from the inside out!

These are just some of the signs that can determine how well you are looking after yourself. We know you are busy, but you can never be too busy to look after yourself.


Saving Rose Fundraiser Womens Refuge

Quite simply – thank you.

Last night we hosted over 300 guests at the black tie Saving Rose Fundraiser for the Te Whakaruru Maori Women’s refuge. The event held at Turangawaewae Marae was a huge success – both in raising over $40, 000 funds for the Women’s Refuge but in the experience that all our guests received.With the support of key partners like yourself we know that the money raised will go directly where is it needed – the women that utilise the services of the Refuge.

Feedback from those that attending the event has been overwhelming from the auction through to the amazing food it truly was a special night. Thanks is really not enough. You auction item was well received and there is a very excited lady looking forward to her new dress.

In 2015 the refuge will make a real change for the more than 500 women that use their services on a monthly basis and the funds raised at this event will ensure that this work continues. Looking forwards, this event will become a regular event on the fundraising calendar, and will continue to evolve and grow like the organisation itself. As our of our key partners we would like to continue to work with you to make the 2016 event an greater success. We would welcome the opportunity to foster a continued relationship with you.

We look forward to continuing our partnership moving forward for 2016.

Once again – thank you.


Pantone Colours Of This Season

What do you think of Pantone’s colors of the year? Their latest color palette for 2015 certainly changes things up from the Summer looks we have been seeing – we’ve got soft mints, bright turquoises, deep navy, gentle browns, blush pinks and bright oranges, along with some more neutral grays and greens. 


This gorgeous blue is just a step up from the usual grays, meaning it can literally be worn all year round. It’s a really flattering colour and can also make its way into your makeup bag!

3bfbae909145df2406a0efe74dea0541 ae2faaf2b94e9bd9355ba6c3760c7a76 435588122800755847abada195fd8e23 

Scuba Blue

Fancy making more of a statement? Pantone has rebranded turquoise into Scuba Blue, but it’s the same vibrant and eye catching color. 

b32e2bc6cf98ee61cd12cc7346d55da4 dcf679ac8cbdc7c179fadb3951d315ea

Lucite Green

This calm mint shade is a throwback to the pastel colors that dominated last season, but it’s soothing and cool nature makes it much easier to wear. 

1 7382c65ab59cf6ff35e584244e5ee2a3 e4948bc1216ece8ba0bf8fb00759fa11

Toasted Almond

This is a classy neutral, so it’s perfect for teaming with the bolder colors or wearing on its own. 

051136afb38add92b397e04aa96fac11 85a6ae4c38d90c71e19e91b842300885 7003ca174e4cfe3d2176308438e3f20e 


Yes tangerine has made its way back and its a beautiful, classic colour that will take you through seasons. We love the boldness of the colour and it always makes you stand out from the crowd.

9da6303a33ebb7b3727a3052d2b184c8 e648aed25bcc405f153f914ef1865db9


It’s a rich Oxblood color, and it’s beautiful. Similar to the maroon colour that was huge a few seasons back. For lovers of black, we suggest investing in some marsala pieces to liven up your wardrobe.

dbd1683d73db8f307aef9be25aa97e1d 29e30cc0c17560d669ab3d17420f4afb 2


We don’t need to say much but it is a chic approach to a feminine colour. We love the softness that this colour adds to any look.

3 c72c4bc5dc1225e72c0d3dd16b7a6bec b85b9be215b4df7e3d0e253e1b73d767

We love this colour palette! Which Pantone colors are you loving this year?