Tops Trends From London Fashion Week

The international runways have been dishing us up some goodies over the past few weeks so we thought we would bring you the top 4 trends from the runway that will start to grace the stores on our shores very soon.

Floral Wonderland
Designers have taken floral prints and patterns to new levels. There’s something fresh and modern about the pieces we saw covering the run ways and we have a feeling you are going to love it! Colours are bolder, prints are bigger than ever and it is not as feminine as you may think. The raw edges of the designs teamed with simplistic silhouettes makes floral this Autumn so contemporary.
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Simple Life
Think country side meets boho chic, but so much more slick and modern. There’s cotton, smocks, ruffles and a huge emphasis on the waist. The fabrics are light weight and colours are soft. This is a great feminine look to pull off this Autumn.
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The 70’s
They weren’t that long ago and they are making their comeback again. We saw an ode to Studio 54 walk down the runways and while these looks were not for every day wear, we can’t wait to see what we will find in stores soon.
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Fringe Detailing
Fashion from the past 100 years influenced the catwalk and its pretty amazing to see how far it has come. We saw fringe going to maximum lengths and creating movement and interest. Fringe is a fun and flirty element to add to your outfit. There are a lot of tops and kimono style cardigans with fringe hems in store now.
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London Fashion Week | Street Style

We all love fashion week and watching the latest trends that will be gracing the department stores the next season. Yet sometimes it is even more interesting and amazing to see the street fashion of people who are attending the shows. While they might be wearing the odd designer piece, their outfits seem more attainable to us as designer clothing comes along with a big price ticket!

This week at Styleyou we look at the stylish looks that graced the streets in London and we’re going to let the images do the talking and inspire you!

LFW-Street-Style-Day-One1 LFW-Street-Style-Day-One4 LFW-Street-Style-Day-One31  2 3 44  LFW-Street-Style-Day-OneLFW-Street-Style-Day-Four5 LFW-Street-Style-Day-One5 LFW-Street-Style-Day-One6 LFW-Street-Style-Day-Three9 

What were your favourite looks or shows from LFW 2015?

Comment below and let us know!

Until next week Fashionistas xx


Latitude Magazine | Issue 39

Angela’s latest article for Latitude Magazine is all about finding the perfect Summer dress for your body shape. Read on to find out more!
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.05.46 pmScreen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.06.05 pm


Plus Size Fashion

It can be hard to find plus size lines that you absolutely love, especially if you have a unique sense of style. These plus size lines are the best of the best, and offer a wide variety of styles, clothes, and fits, to make you feel your best and most confident in clothes that you absolutely love and want to wear all the time!

Asos Curve

ASOS Curve has one of the best plus-size lines on the Internet, in my opinion. They have a huge variety of flattering yet chic dresses and pieces that you’ll be desperate to wear, plus they sell basics to help you stock your wardrobe, which is always a plus! ASOS can be tricky because they don’t have a physical store, which means you can’t try anything on before purchasing.

image1xl image1xl2      image1xl3

City Chic

This is one of the few stores in New Zealand that are dedicated to dressing curvy women and we love them for it! They cater for sizes 14-24 and come up with some amazing designs at affordable prices. The great thing about a store that focuses on plus size fashion, is they understand how to dress your shape and bring out styles that will flatter your figure and make you look amazing! Bonus of having these stores in NZ, you can go in store and try it all on before you buy! Alternatively, you can buy online here.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 12.05.50 pm  Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 12.13.25 pm


TS14 Plus (TS14+) is Australia and New Zealand’s leader in plus-size clothing. For over 28 years, TS14+ has been a cornerstone brand in Australian plus-size fashion, specialising in fashion forward designer collections in sizes 14 to 24. With plus-size fashion that fits and makes you feel fabulous, this is a great one stop shop to pick up a new outfit for any occasion. Their TS14+ Essentials are great wardrobe builders that allow you to create outfit options. Here’s our picks from their online store:

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 12.27.40 pm Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 12.28.10 pm Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 12.27.53 pm

So these are our top 3 picks for plus size clothing options! What do you think? Is there a store you love to shop at and you want others to know your shopping destination secrets?!

Comment below with you favourite plus size fashion stores.

Remember, Angela Stone has some great pieces on sale and currently cater for sizes up to 18. Shop the sale here!


Best Looks From The Grammys 2015

The Grammys is one of the most coveted events annually for people in the music industry. And if any celebrities know how to have fun with Fashion, it is this lot! They take risks, think outside the box and make us, as stylists, question what is fashionable and what is dated.

So, today for the blog we thought what would be better to share some of our top looks from the Grammys red carpet:



Katy Perry

Katy Perry shows us once again, how great she can look on any occasion! If you missed her performance at the Grammys, we suggest you youtube that now… It was powerful and seriously beautiful! We are loving this sequin draping midi dress, but wish the shoes were better. 



Gwen Stefani

Only Gwen can pull off a look like this and have everyone talking about her the next day. We love how the detail in the bodice draws your eye up to her face. Which brings us to our next question; has she even aged?! 



Chrissy Teigan

If there’s one thing this girl is know for, it’s how to work a gown on the red carpet. We love the simplicity of this gown and how it has a hint of sexy. It gives her body curves and makes her appear taller. Don’t you love what clothing can do for you?!



Wow! This creme beaded gown is insane.It fits her like a glove, shows off her best assets and the lines created by the beading add interest to her look. There was a lot of OK moments on the red carpet and this certainly surpassed them.





Last but not least is Rihanna. This has probably been the most talked about look from the red carpet and our verdict is… We love it! It’s fun, modern, and is a major fashion statement. Not many people can pull off that many layers of fabric and look effortlessly beautiful.

So those were our picks for this years Grammys. What was your favourite look? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

Until next week fashionistas xx


After Styleyou: Fashion Stylist Course | Up Close With Chloe

Some of you may be wondering, ‘What will I do after I finish the Styleyou Fashion Stylist course?’

Today we answer that question with Chloe Whiting. Chloe recently finished her Fashion Stylist course and has kindly offered to give us an insight so we can show you all the possibilities that can come from Styleyou!

photo 4 (2)

Why did you choose to study with Styleyou?

I had been daydreaming about it for a long time! I was working in Retail Management and would always think when Stylists came into store, ‘Why can’t I do that?’. It was all the good, fun parts of customer service!

So I decided to  youtube dream wardrobes and stylists one morning, determined to find the best place to study. I thought I may of had to go overseas, and then I found Styleyou and Angela Stone!

How do you feel the course has helped you to prepare for your dream career?

It has given me the tools I need to understand all areas of Fashion and Styling. I can now step into a group of people and be able to help each of them as individuals. There’s a lot that comes into it, but it’s Angela’s talent through out the course and her teaching skills enhanced my performance as a stylist!

I feel so excited everyday! I’m so happy she has created this course and extended her abilities for us to learn! It’s the best!! The dream job… I’m serious!

You’ve worked with Angela Stone and the team since completing the course. How does that feel?

Working with Angela and the team has been incredible! It only gets better! Not going to lie though, my first day I was so nervous, but also really excited! I’m lucky enough to have these wonderful ladies as good friends! We have fun!!
I feel so empowered, real and excited. Helping our clients and all the incredible events we’re involved in! Working at Cup Week was my favourite gig this year and apparently I was working!
1969227_1488368574759204_4669800267081394980_n  10556387_1509491465980248_4915075501603736279_n

What was it like reading your first clients colours?

I was a bit overwhelmed and I did get a second opinion to reinforce what I knew! My client loved the experience and was ok with that! Putting all the pieces together of a colour reading is something you do in your own way. I went home and practiced on my mum and my friends.

It’s such a mind blowing experience. It really changes your life just having the knowledge that your wearing what suits you!

Where to from here?

More colour parties, and in the near future, international shopping trips.
My Facebook page, Chloe’s Manner, is a place I post to inspire people to look and feel good! It also inspires me everyday. I have recently bought a fashion sketchpad so if I see anything that I love, I go home and sketch and give it a touch of Chloe!
photo 1 photo 2
Chloe is also an Angela Stone Stylist and styling services are available to be booked with her here.


Our Biggest Special Yet!

Do you love fashion?

Do you have a natural flair when it comes to styling a look?

Do you want to work in the NZ fashion industry but don’t know where to start?

Look no further thank Styleyou! The first NZ eCourse that enables you to become a Fashion Stylist in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

For this month only, you can save over 50% of the course fees and only pay $35o!!

Don’t delay as this special will not be repeated!

There’s so many directions a qualification like this can take you…

Personal Stylist

Read more about Chloe and her dream job here!


Editorial Fashion

Want to style photo shoots for big brands? Read about Mel’s journey and how she scored her dream job here! (It’s near the bottom of the page)


Fashion Blogger 

Did you watch the Fashion Blogger show on E! from Australia? Those girls had talent and created a following online due to their knowledge and creativity. Now they work with huge brands and attend all the big fashion shows. But to talk about fashion like an expert, you need to understand all the major concepts!


Celebrity Stylist

It’s one thing to be able to style women and men and make them feel empowered and uplifted through fashion. It’s on a whole other level to be able to dress celebrities for their everyday wear and events. Celebrity stylists all started somewhere and through their talent and word of mouth, they got to where they are today.



The opportunities for you are endless, all it takes is the first step to realising your dream!

Sign up today and join the Styleyou family.. Until next week fashionistas xx


How To Wear | The Military Trend

With Autumn fashion fast approaching, the military trend is something you will start seeing in all the stores. The khaki tones of this trend resonate well with this season and no matter what your style, you will be able to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe one way or another!

Military Jacket

Military-inspired pieces are all the rage because they not only grab your attention with their sharp lines and sometimes daring and fashion forward cuts, but because they ooze authority, which is why we think this is a key piece this Autumn! Just because it’s a military trend, doesn’t mean it needs to be all camp and army style badges adorned all over it. It can be khaki, olive, or even grey with statement buttons and a bold cut.

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Sleek Trousers

The trick with finding the perfect trousers is to find the right cut that will flatter your shape. If you want to learn more about your shape and what to wear, read this blog post here. We are loving the sleek, tapered fit of these pants. This fit is great for casual wear or dressed up to wear in the office.

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Double Time

Double breasted anything is the way to go. Call us weird but there’s nothing better than a well put together outfit that is the perfect fit, with the added interest of buttons. It’s also a great way to make sure your jacket hugs all of your curves perfectly.

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What is your favourite piece from this post? Let us know in the comments below and let us know why you love the military trend!


Angela Stone | Beauty Ambassador Xtendlife


Angela is the Beauty Ambassador for Xtend-Life Natural Products and has been using their products for over 12 years. By using a combination of their supplements and skin care products, Angela has become healthier and stopped the visible signs of ageing.

With Angela’s busy lifestyle, it is important she feels good from the inside out, and Xtend-Life helps her achieve just that! Watch her videos below where she will give you her top tips to combat those common problems we all have.

Xtend-Life Natural Products are available to purchase here.

Anti-aging Skin Care Routine

Beauty – It’s an Inside Job

If you have any questions about any of the questions mentioned or want to know more, please email info@angelastone.co.nz