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Angela is featured on the NZgirl blog today giving her personal style tips for how to create your ultimate style.

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Things To Do Every Morning To Be Successful

You know that we love talking about fashion and style and ways to look your best. This year we are adding a new element to the AS blog because we want you to be the best person you can be!

Today we are going to give you some tips to be more productive and accomplish more every day. Want to be more successful? Then this is the post you need to read now and implement into your daily routine!


bdfd6c977ac992910f26cfc1562aa2bbGet Up Earlier

This is one of the hardest things to do every morning but trust us on this one!

If you already get up early, as in around 5 a.m. or 5:30 a.m., then don’t worry; We’re not talking to you since you’re already on top of the game!

We’re speaking to those of you who get up around 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. If you have this option to get up early before your job each day, do it!

You will get more done in the early hours of the day and have less distractions. It is reported that most successful people get up at 4:30 a.m or 5 a.m every day.



 Work Out

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.55.06 pm

Yes, along with getting up early, you need to work out! Highly successful people have this number one habit in common. They get up early and work out to get their day started.

This isn’t only important for physical fitness, but also important for your mental focus, function and your metabolism. It is a great way to take time out for yourself each day, before the day’s agenda takes its toll on your energy levels.

It is also a great way to motivate yourself and has been proven to increase mental function and concentration to everyone who does it. Start by working out for 30 minutes each morning, whether it be a walk around your neighborhood or local park, and then add 10 minutes of stretching, weights or a few yoga poses.



123e256f66ee82d07ed4ad2895da4c5fEat Breakfast

We all know breakfast is important, but you need a good, solid breakfast to get you energized and nourished for the day ahead.

This is the best little gift you can give your brain and your metabolism. Don’t eat too early if you’ve had a late dinner, but be sure to eat something at least a couple hours after you get up.

Choose a protein rich breakfast such as eggs, a whole foods protein smoothie or shake, oatmeal with some nuts, seeds and Greek yogurt, or even Greek yogurt with some berries and nuts or seeds. Protein is important to jump start the neurotransmitters in the brain that enhance mental function.

All successful people know how important mental function is in generating ideas, accomplishing tasks efficiently, and increasing motivation for the day ahead. Plus, not eating breakfast can make you cranky, so eat before you start your day!

 Enjoy Some Quiet Time


One reason getting up early is so great is because it gives you some quiet time each day. If you live in a crowded home, you know that it can be hard to get some peace in the morning.

Getting up early, exercising and even eating breakfast alone are great ways to take some time for yourself each morning.

When you do this, you’re allowing your brain to just focus on you, your day ahead, things you would like to do during the day, things you would like to get accomplished, or even how you can help others throughout the day.

It makes you a more peaceful, productive person, and a happier person to be around. Whatever you can squeeze in, start adding some morning quiet time to your routine.




859e71678fc9d284eff44f88d79938ebBe Organised

One other thing that highly successful people have in common is that they are very organized when it comes to their morning routine.

This means having your clothes prepared for the day ahead, your lunches or other meals gathered up if you work away from home, keeping all your work bags together, and even keeping your room organized.

Don’t leave your bed unmade, clothes all over the floor and your bathroom a train wreck. Every time you do, these visual cues send teeny tiny signs of stress to your brain, and can make you feel chaotic, even if you’re not.

Be organized, and you’ll feel more together, more on top of your game and ready for the day ahead.



Plan Your Daya658036e8ce6cd5bb95bea5ab5f54553

The best way to have a successful morning is by mapping out your day.

This means focusing on your to-do list and goals for the next 24 hours. The only way you can maximize your efficiency for the day is by knowing the exact order of things that need to be done.

The early part of the day is best for reflection because your mind is clear and your environment is quiet. So from the second you wake up, plan your daily routine in your head or write it down and then go on with your day knowing you got it all figured out!



1f5739e2c13a1ec6f8585dade3eab67fPamper Yourself

There is no better way to start your day then by pampering yourself.

You get out of bed, cleanse your face, and apply moisturizer, and all of a sudden you feel more awake and ready to take on the day!

We take on the extra steps to put on make up and coordinate an outfit because those things make us feel alert and ready to get things done.

So what do you think? Do you already do some of these things on a daily basis?

You know what they say, the early bird catches the worm!

Let us know some of your top tips to do every morning in the comments below xx




Great Apps For Students

We love all of our Styleyou students so we thought we would share some great apps to help you stay organised and allow you to achieve great results!


screen568x568Remember The Milk App

Staying on top of your to-do list is an important part of being organized as a student and this app ensures that you never forget to complete a task. You can sync the app with your email and calendar, and there is a prioritising function so that your most important tasks are scheduled accordingly. The application does require an Internet connection, but it’s free across all mobile platforms, so well worth downloading. You might not realize just how many tasks you forget to complete on a daily basis before you download this app.

Download here


QuizletScreen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.51.42 pm

The best apps for students are those that help with your studies (especially if they are free). The Quizlet app is already helping more than 20 million students to compile flashcards to help with finals and general studies. You can set the cards to appear in a specific order, or else you can randomize their order to make sure you truly know your stuff.

Download here

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.54.22 pmPlannerPlus

This is going to sound like one of the most expensive apps for students at $10.99, but it offers so much more than free or cheaper planners that it is worth the investment if being organized is your main priority. It offers levels of sub planning that other planning apps do not, so if you have a multi-discipline course with tons of component subjects, you’ll find this incredibly useful. Tasks, events and notes are all combined in one place for an easy view.

Download here


To Do Matrixscreen568x568

Here’s another of the useful freebie apps for students that brings a whole new level to organizing your studies. The idea is to create folders of tasks or events that you need to complete – something great for students who might want to keep their subject tasks in different folders to their private tasks. There is a limit of 30 tasks in total stored on the app at one time, with the objective in mind that the fewer tasks you are allowed to add, the more focus you will have in getting them done. A great idea behind a great app.

Download here


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.58.13 pmFlipboard

Being organized as a student shouldn’t be all about work, study, work, study. You need a life too, right? It’s not specifically aimed at students, but it has a host of features that make it a great addition to your apps collection. Flipboard is your own personal news magazine, accessing any subject shared and being talked about on the Web. (Great for business, economics and international subjects.) And, you have the added bonus of being able to flip through social networks and catch up on all the social news.

Download here

Snap2PDFScreen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.00.07 pm

As a student, you probably have a pile of notes and review sheets lying around your room. It can get messy and unorganised, but there is some good news for you! If you have been struggling with unorganized stashes of documents, you can now easily pack them away with Snap2PDF and breathe with a sign of relief. All you have to do is take a picture of your handout and convert it to a PDF document. Now you can get rid of those binders and piles of papers, and tidy up your desk area. 

Download here

It’s hard to pick the very best apps for students because you’re all individuals that have unique ways of working and getting yourself organized. With so many available, it’s the case of finding the one that delivers the majority of what you need as well as meeting your criteria of price, look and ease of use. 

Do you know of any that could be helpful to Styleyou students? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next week Fashionistas xx





2015 Beauty Trends

Last week we bought you the hottest hair styles for 2015 so you can change your look up for the new year. This week we are bringing you our favourite trends as seen on the Spring 2015 runway shows, and there are some goodies in here!


Add A Splash Of Plum

The beautiful plum shade is making headway this season and boy is it bold! Wear it as an eyeshadow or lipstick, but remember to only choose one feature to accentuate on your face. While this shade isn’t for everyone, it’s going to make you stand out from the crowd guaranteed!

02-plum-derek-lam-h724  images 

Negative Space Manicures

Our favorite nail trend of the moment—graphic polish designs that let a little naked nail show through and they took over the runways for spring. This look is so easy to copy at home, and if you have a shaky hand, $2 shops have stickers that can act as a guide, taking out all the hard work!

10-negative-space-nails-charlotte-ronson-w724  negative-space-nail-art 

Bold Red Lips

Models were adorning striking shades of red and it is such a classic look. There is guaranteed to be a red shade out there that will suit you, so get shopping! Out top tip for red lips: fill lips in with pencil first, then layer on lipstick for a fully saturated color.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.55.29 pm

Fine Liner

Be it thin or bold, it was a common look all over the runway. Liquid liner is one of those products that takes awhile to learn how to use, but once you have that skill, you have it for life! Depending on where your planning on going, will determine the approach you take to how bold your liner is.

Unknown  hbz-beauty-ss2015-trends-black-liner-cushnie-et-ochs-bks-i-rs15-8526-lg 

Bronzed Goddess

Bronze, sun-kissed skin made the models look like they’d just gotten back from a restful island vacation. In the mean time, most of us have just gone back to work, so some bronzer might be needed! Make sure you use a suitable shade so you don’t look too orange. Using very light strokes, first apply the bronzer to the top of the forehead, the cheekbones, and down along your jawline.

bdedcfd6d5e1167d422fd60e0291a893  2015_Best_Beauty_Trends_110 

Dewy Skin

Fresh, dewy skin was a staple on the spring runways. Who doesn’t want to look glowing on a daily basis?

47134903752b593fc7a857babceaa52a3cfae812  Unknown 

So what do you think of our top picks for beauty trends this year? What was your favourite trend on the runways? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next week fashionistas xx


A New Year, A New You

How To Reinvent Yourself With Style And Confidence

Reinventing yourself can create an amazing and admirable new you or yield disastrous results. The key to a great personal makeover is in working with what you’ve got and not forcing what isn’t there. the following information will guide you to creating the ultimate you!


Go for a great change in style, either with a new cut or by adding dazzling highlights. Ask a professional how they might wear their hair if they were you. Scan magazines for sleek snipping ideas that add a commanding tone to your gorgeous locks. Consider bright lights in colouring that can streak a sexy shine into every step you take.

de0be42abba3f4e0a6f8f9f191227e6b  5d8274dbc5fcf448a1fa72c26ae7de36


New ideas in makeup techniques are always forthcoming in the cosmetics industry. You need not be extreme or employ changes so dramatic as to scare yourself when you look in the mirror, just find fresh ways to enhance your eye colour, make your lips sensuous or simply become more flirtatious. Purchase an eye and lip palette to maximise the force of chafe and expand your creative possibilities.

5ce49b3ad38d8fe79d96286ee970dc01  a8a76f3325a8326cf4c205da27e003a3  33e5169480b2da0a2426a2c4ec8a730e


A new fragrance can be a subtle yet impressionable change. Consider a delicious musk, like something by Calvin Klein or Coco Chanel, or a delicate and feminine floral perfume that people will remember you by. Add scent to your home as well for a luxurious treat for your senses, such as cinnamon or lavender.

654e32a89fae849387e1858672ad281a  fb1cdadecd1544395241ce8d9d4a028c  983e0dc857a0d118c9f85a8a5f1a265b


You’ve got it and it’s all your own. You know what fits you well and makes you feel good, so don’t put too much effort into trying to look like anybody or everyone else! Try consignment shops for one of a kind outfits accessories that truly reflect your individuality. Check out runway premieres and copy your favourite creations with pieces you find at bargain basements and department stores.

9c404880b2bcc8d0ce4b4855c1414298 d0250a2ceeb788baad4f2fb932284a3e d1221fecf780ec73cd314d1fb3d1b700


If you have spent most of your life trying to please others, or are tired of breaking your back to make the boss look good, it’s time to pay some attention to yourself. Sit up straighter, hold your head high when you walk and devote more resources to your own health and happiness. Often times the person we really want to notice us more is in fact ourselves. Allowing a bit of selfishness to coexist with your selflessness can do wonders for the evolution of your attitude.


2015 Hair Style Trends

A new year brings new changes for many. Some of us make news year resolutions to improve ourselves and our lifestyles, while some of us keep being the awesome individuals we are!

What better way to start a new year than with a new hair style? We are going to keep this blog short today and let the images do the talking! The hair styles below are the hottest styles to wear for 2015. 

To learn more about face shapes and their best suited hair styles, study with Styleyou today!

Boho Waves

 549a08a56bc74_-_nway-hair-trends-loose-long-waves-ferretti-clp-rs15-6760-lg 549a08a654d58_-_way-hair-trends-loose-long-waves-marchesa-clpi-rs15-8421-lg 549a08a97ff7f_-_unway-hair-trends-loose-long-waves-rykiel-clpa-rs15-9312-lg 

Long Tails

549a08b0d665a_-_ay-hair-trends-loose-long-waves-mccartney-clpr-rs15-7638-lg 549a08b19c650_-_hbz-runway-hair-trends-loose-long-waves-odlr-455072100 549a08b016caa_-_way-hair-trends-loose-long-waves-laroche-bks-z-rs15-0039-lg 

Braids & Twists

549a08b83309b_-_hbz-runway-hair-trends-braids-mohapatra-bks-m-rs15-0137-lg 549a08b7594db_-_z-runway-hair-trends-braids-marissa-webb-bks-i-rs15-7984-lg 549a08bc4bbb7_-_hbz-runway-hair-trends-braids-tome-bks-i-rs15-7654-lg 

Big Buns

549a08bdd8379_-_hbz-runway-hair-trends-braids-altuzarra-bks-i-rs15-0143-lg 549a08c054763_-_hbz-runway-hair-trends-braids-fetherston-bks-m-rs15-0989-lg

Out Of The Water

549a08c20651a_-_hbz-runway-hair-trends-slick-hair-balmain-clpa-rs15-1217-lg 549a08c60de62_-_hbz-runway-hair-trends-slick-hair-versace-bks-z-rs15-3578-lg  

Bombshell Blowouts

549a08d23255a_-_hbz-runway-hair-trends-big-bardot-packham-bks-s-rs15-6091-lg 549a08d3de8d9_-_z-runway-hair-trends-big-bardot-williamson-clp-rs15-7594-lg 549a08d317d3e_-_y-hair-trends-big-bardot-von-furstenberg-bks-a-rs15-7465-lg 

Mixed Materials

549a08c872f2c_-_ay-hair-trends-accessories-bottega-veneta-clpa-rs15-5613-lg 549a08d088956_-_unway-hair-trends-accessories-tracy-reese-clpi-rs15-0670-lg 549a08cabe1cf_-_hbz-runway-hair-trends-accessories-dolce-gabb-lg 

We are loving some of these looks that are hot off the runway! Let us know in the comments below which looks you love and can’t wait to try.

Until next week fashionistas xx


The First Trend of 2015 | Utility



The utility trend was all over the runways at the international fashion weeks and we can’t wait to see it in store!

The structure in these pieces teamed with their khaki and neutral tones make them perfect for sneaking them into your wardrobe, if you haven’t already. Here are our key picks for the utility trend in 2015:

Utility Jacket

This style completely embodies the utility trend and the possibilities are endless to choose from. You can go for any shade of khaki with a bold silhouette, or a softer, more feminine style with draping. 

114ec5e9b952be207339bdc201090d78    26e0a1d02e44e8a99badf051fb446c01 


Just Belt It

The utility trend can look quite masculine and hard with big pockets and hard edges. Make it more feminine with a waist belt to show off your shape. Remember, the ideal shape for women is the hourglass so draw attention to your waist to create the illusion of equal proportions.

201d1b9160c484b6aff9f2abe36e2bf6   1c383be60bfbb2f83772f880a5ae7294

Military Shirt

This style is such an easy way to incorporate into your look. If you work in a more corporate environment, go for a silk khaki shirt to wear with dress pants or skirt and blazer. If your style is more casual, you can go for numerous styles, or even opt for a jumpsuit. 

d46e3e0dd2a1e76f457faf04bd35d192   527356d212821fe74830ba644b85db03 

Do you love this trend? Maybe yet to try? Leave us a comment below and let us know what looks you love in the first post of 2015 for Styleyou!

Until next week fashionistas xx


Save Time & Money With Angela Stone!

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year. Would you like to update your Style and refresh your wardrobe?

For the month of January, you can book a Styling Session with Angela Stone and save over 25% an hour!

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Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 4.46.45 pm
Have you had your colours done?Does your wardrobe need updating? Would you like expert advice while shopping for your new style? Angela can create your new look for 2015. Lets make this year your most stylish year ever!!

102811869c5abca58ec94a02ccfc2359  feb 19 casual workwear 10

“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make people more beautiful, but also to reassure them and give them confidence.”— Yves Saint Laurent

cape  neutrals coloured clothing men 10

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Angela Stone Featured on Stuff

What to wear to Auckland’s ASB Classic

January 5th 2015



TENNIS TRENDS: Auckland’s sunny skies are “asking for a summer dress equipped with a good hat” says stylist Angela Stone, left.

It’s not quite Wimbledon in the fashion stakes, but Auckland’s ASB Classic still offers the chance to make a statement.

The courtside fashion at the professional women’s tennis tournament over the years has ranged from jandals and stubbies to designer dresses and six-inch heels.

It’s a more casual approach than Wimbledon, which ensures spectators stick to a strict dress code and refuses entry to those wearing jandals, jeans or hoodies.

For spectators attending this week’s tournament at Auckland’s ASB Tennis Stadium, it’s a chance to dress up in summer’s latest trends.

Fashion stylist Angela Stone said ladies should opt for a well-cut dresses and ensure they accessorise.

“The weather is asking for a summer dress equipped with a good hat and fabulous sunglasses,” she said.

“I’m in love with my new Dior [sunglasses] or go for some cool eco glasses called Duskies if you want to be right on trend.”

Auckland’s weather is expected to put on a sunny show so it is important to stick to light clothes and avoid dark colours, said Stone.

Men can’t go wrong with shorts and T-shirt but only if they follow fashion blogger Wallace Chapman’s advice.

“Shorts should be just above the knee with brogue shoes and a nice weaved leather belt,” he said.

“Match that with a long-sleeved plain white shirt and linen jacket.”

It’s also important to dress for the location. Practical shoes will help avoid any tumbles as you exit the bleachers while an oversize hat won’t make you any friends.

As for the unwritten rules, leave the face paint and gym clothes at home unless you are actually playing in the tournament.

Stone said she hopes to see people making an effort with their outfits at the tournament this year.

“It’s an international event that showcases our country so people need to take their personal style and grooming up a notch,” she said.

“I think it’s a real fine line when attending a sporting event to be yourself but ensure you have the right amount of skin showing.”

 – Stuff

View the article on Stuff here.