Styleyou eCourse | Payment Plan

So you want to become a Fashion Stylist? But your funds are restricting you? 

We have created a way to train to become a Stylist while offering affordable payments so you can train in your dream career today!   


How does it work?

There are 5 modules in the Styleyou eCourse and each one is available to buy for $150. You will buy the first module and once you’ve completed it and you are ready to move to the next stage, you will buy the next module, and so on. Super easy!

There are no time restrictions or enforcements for when you need to purchase the next module by. Just work through the course at your own pace!

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We want to enable you to have your dream career at an affordable price, and our payment plan allows this. So if you’ve been sitting thinking on whether you should purchase the course, stop thinking and enrol today!

Our first bunch of Stylists are progressing so well through the course! We love reading their answers to each modules test. This could be you, so don’t delay and become part of the Styleyou family!

If you have any questions, please email us using the contact tab at the top of the page.

Until next week fashionistas xx




Style tips that conceal and flatter your figure!

Everyone has body hang-ups, luckily I am here to help you style them!

Do you want to flaunt your arms or show off your toned pins? I have compiled a list of my favourite figure-flattering tips and tricks!

Goal: A bigger chest
Solution: A ruffled or embellished top

Give your chest a boost with eye catching details like ruffles or embellishments. These designs will draw attention towards your bust.

main.original.585x0 (16)

Goal: A flat stomach
Solution: A wrap dress

If you are wanting to achieve the appearance of a flat stomach invest in a dress that wraps around your mid section. This will accentuate the smallest part of your waist while the draped fabric helps to conceal your stomach.

main.original.585x0 (17)

Goal: Longer legs
Solution: A pair of navy/black pants

The best way to lengthen your pins is to wear a single colour that goes right down to your toes (eg. Jeans or dress pants).

Wearing nude heels will also help to add length to your lovely legs.

main.original.585x0 (18)

Goal: Smaller hips
Solution: Flared jeans

The easiest way to slim your hips is to wear flared jeans or pants. The volume at the hem will help to balance out wider hips.

main.original.585x0 (19)

Goal: Minimize bottom figure
Solution: Wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants can help minimize a bottom heavy figure, as the wide pant opening will balance out a bigger bottom.

main.original.585x0 (20)

Goal: Thin arms
Solution: ¾ sleeves

Three-quarter sleeves will draw attention to your exposed forearm and away from larger upper arms. Cap sleeves will draw attention to the largest part of your arm so try to avoid this style.

main.original.585x0 (21)



Goal: A smaller waist
Solution: A peplum top and belt

The volume of a peplum top will make your waist look smaller in proportion to your figure, a contrast belt will also help to highlight your defined waist.

main.original.585x0 (22)


Are there any parts of your figure you want to conceal or highlight?


What to Wear: Riccarton Races

The prestigious Riccarton Races are back for another year, hundreds of fashionistas and punters are going to be taking the racecourse by storm. The fashion stakes are going to be higher than ever tomorrow so it is important that you have your ensemble organised and ready to go.

I have compiled a list of last minute tips and trends for those of you who are in need of some extra advice.

Menswear AS


Modern combovers are going to be one of the hottest hair styles seen at this year’s races. Clean, simple and sharp, it is one style that suits all.

Navy suits are quite popular amongst male punters, team your suit with a pair of tan leather shoes and you will have a faultless ensemble. When searching for an outfit try Sergio’s Menswear, they have a versatile range of designer suits ready for you to wear.


Feminine Fashions

Dresses in shades of white and blue will be trending at Riccarton this Saturday. If you are not one to wear dresses, try a jumpsuit. This style is quite flattering and will give your overall ensemble an edge. I recommend a visit to Park Avenue Fashions, they offer an amazing service and have a collection of stunning garments. When it comes to choosing a fascinator, no matter whether your headpiece is bold or simple, as long as it compliments your outfit anything goes. Crisp white wedges are another hot trend to follow.

Feminine Fashions


As always understated pieces are the key to accentuate a bold outfit. If your dress has a complex design it is important to choose neutral accessories, vice versa, if you have a simple outfit choose eye catching jewellery designs.

Nails and Jewellery


If you are getting a spray tan, make sure you exfoliate the day before as this will keep your tan looking natural and streak free. Don’t forget about your nails, you wouldn’t want tacky or un-manicured nails to ruin your outfit. You can never go wrong with the classic french manicure.

AS Prep

The biggest tip I can give you is to make sure you have a fun and fashionable day. I look forward to seeing the range of amazing outfits on display!


UpClose with Styleyou

The first ever New Zealand made Fashion Stylist e-Course is making waves and we have an in depth look into the much talked about course: Styleyou, with lifestyle guru and creator Angela Stone.


Angela Stone is a stylist, fashion designer and author living in New Zealand. At the age of 14, Angela embarked on her extensive modelling career which led to traveling around the globe and gaining vast knowledge and expertise in fashion styling. She cultivated valuable behind the scenes experience and an instinctive understanding of how to communicate and engage with clients, this would become the foundation to many of her successful business endeavours. Her most recent endeavour is the innovative and cutting edge Styleyou, the first Fashion Stylist e-Course to be made in New Zealand.

What was the inspiration behind Styleyou?angela_aug14

I wanted to create something that was full of valuable advice and teachings but also flexible and accessible. I created Styleyou to give participants the opportunity to study fashion and styling from the comfort of their own home or on the go, all at a professional level. My inspiration was the girl next door, working woman and mother looking for a foot in the door!

Who is the fashion e-course suitable for?

The Styleyou Fashion Stylist e-Course is suitable for anyone wishing to further develop or cultivate their skills within the fashion industry. The course helps you develop a passion at an industry level resulting in a glamorous and rewarding career as a professional Fashion Stylist. All in all, it is a great course that suits anyone looking to pursue a career in fashion.

What are the key skills participants will gain from this course?
Through Styleyou, participants will be able to successfully determine client colours, identify body shapes and the accessories that would match certain criteria. Alongside this, participants will gain insight into makeup recommendation and skin care. They will also learn how to plan, style a wardrobe and communicate effectively with clients which is essential for any professional stylist.  My personal favourite, is participants learning how to set up a fashion styling business while productively marketing it to a broad target audience. So many different skills under one package!

What are four words that describe Styleyou?

I would describe Styleyou to be flexible, innovative, rewarding and accessible.

On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you about the digital age of fashion?

An absolute ten! My Fashion Stylist e-Course provides participants with the information and essential tools required to uncover their dream career, all at the end of their fingertips and on the go. It has been a long time coming and is such a rewarding feeling to be able to offer people the opportunity to realise their dreams in the comfort of their own home. I think the digital age of fashion will only propel us further as an industry, tying us all together under the umbrella of sophisticated style.

Young beautiful lady


Fashion in the Field at Riccarton Park – NZ Cup & Show Week



Race Day Fashion

We cannot shut up about the Fashion we witnessed at the Melbourne Cup the other day so this blog is all about Style Inspiration for you and your clients for the upcoming races!

Rules for Race Day Fashion: There are no rules!

Have fun, wear colour, be bold and enjoy! This is the one day when wearing a bird on your head will be admired and not gawked at!

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While wearing black and white is sophisticated, modern and chic, we think colour is where it’s at for the Races! Help them be bold with their choice but make sure it is a colour that they will wear again. So many people spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit for one day, and as a Stylist, we have to advise against this. We are all for investments, but make sure it is one that won’t hang in the closet for years to come.

639512-9ec048bc-63d9-11e4-a822-f0e45dcacc2e  8729470fdd0528c5c663f20f7a886dcd  Laura-Dundovic-Melbourne-Cup-2013

A common theme we are seeing lately at events is ladylike looks. This look is on point and is very feminine and easy to wear again. Aim for showing off your clients best asset and make sure it is comfortable as it will be a long day. There are a lot of structured pieces in stores now that can create shape and give a defined waist.

572750-a24e054e-63ea-11e4-8f3f-c39059dc6e12 223815-d0c31b72-63cb-11e4-8f83-4f43733686cd 094578-0bbcdd28-63ac-11e4-8f83-4f43733686cd

What better way to finish this post than with the winner of Melbourne Cup Fashion in the Field 2014? Christine Spielmann wore a Nadia Foti Bespoke design, millenery by Joanna Roberts and black patent leather pumps by Jerome C Roseaw. We can see why she won!


Until next week fashionistas xx


Race Day Trends

It’s time to grab your fascinators because New Zealand Cup and Show Week is just around the corner. The same trends are present almost every year as the key to race day attire is classic elegance. The races present the perfect opportunity to channel iconic glamour, so no short hemlines and styles that leave little to the imagination. Dress to suit the season!

 Follow these tips to ensure you stand out (for all the right reasons) amongst the crowd:


Attending the races means you will be standing on grass all day. So unless you want to spend the day sinking in the ground, forget about stilettos and opt for heeled wedges, glamorous flats or sandals. When choosing footwear make sure it is comfortable.


 Colours and Prints

 – Geometric prints are this season’s hottest new trend. Whether you choose triangles, zigzags, circles, squares, stripes or diamonds, there are a range of patterns to suit everyone. These modern prints are incredibly trendy and minimalistic, which is everything you are looking for when searching for race day attire. Add neutral accessories and a nude pair of wedges for an edgy and super stylish ensemble.

 – Bold colours and chiffon fabrics make for a dynamic and sophisticated outfit! Fashion is one of the most powerful forms of self-expression, so it is important you dress to suit your personality.

 – Make a statement with black and white garments. Play with separate pieces or prints to achieve the perfect monochrome look. Nothing looks classier than a little black dress mixed with bold accessories. Add a bright red lip with a chic handbag and you are guaranteed to look a million dollars.

 When selecting fabrics, choose breathable materials, as you will want to be able to maintain your cool in the sizzling heat.



There are so many suit types and styles, so it’s impossible not to find an outfit that makes you look and feel fantastic. Try adding a little colour into your ensemble. Don’t be afraid to depart from the classic Grey, Black and Navy colour scheme. Look cool and crisp with a block coloured shirt and a printed tie.


If your attire is lacking in patterns and prints, go big with accessories and makeup. The trick is to keep your outfit balanced.

You can never go wrong when wearing Diamond earrings and elegant bangles. Stay away from anything too bright and sparkly. Fascinators always look glam and are fantastic way to go to keep you cool and protected whilst under the suns rays. When choosing sunglasses, select a pair that captures casual elegance. A chic handbag/clutch is a must have. You are going to be outside for hours so you need to make sure you pack essential items with you.