3 Golden Rules of Style

Every body shape has beautiful attributes. An hourglass has an amazing waist, Pears have exceptional curves and inverted triangles and apple figures have extraordinary legs. Dressing for your body type will instantly improve your image. I have compiled a list of tips that will teach you how to look fabulous no matter what your body shape may be.

 Golden Rules

Identifying your body type will help you find garments that are designed specifically to flatter your shape. There are 3 critical factors that influence your physical appearance, no matter what your body type happens to be.

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#1 Style is all about proportions

 Looking and feeling good comes down to correctly dressing your body proportions.

Highlight your best assets and focus on balancing your shape. By dressing to suit your body you will avoid drawing attention to any “problem areas”. Use bold colours and accessories to highlight and dark colours to minimize.

Light garments will enhance your best features. If you want to draw attention to a certain part of your body, wear white of another light shade in that area. Patterns can also be used to accentuate your features.

Sequin shoes are great tools for drawing attention away from any body parts you are not confident about. If you have great legs, why not slip on a bright pair of heels?

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Style Goals: 

–       Make your lower and upper body parts appear in line with one another.

–       Create a defined waist, use belts and embellishments to perfect this look.

–       Achieve an overall balanced silhouette by pairing clothes that are in proportion to your body shape.


#2 Perfect Fit

 Clothes that fit correctly are important when it comes to creating a lean and smooth silhouette. Make sure your clothes fit your body measurements. Baggy garments and clothes that are too tight can make you appear bigger than you are.


 3# Confidence

 Confidence is the key to letting your personal style shine through. When you are selecting clothes, choose garments that compliment your personality and lifestyle. Your attitude can make or break your look.

Knowing your best colours and how to use them to your advantage will give you a healthy glow and a boost in your self-confidence.

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The most important rule of fashion is to focus on the parts of your body that you like. Having self-confidence has a lot to do with your personal style! Great self-esteem will help you to embrace and define your own individual image.













Style Rules Every Working Woman Should Follow

The way you dress plays a significant role in your success. Whether your office is casual or strict, there is likely to be a dress code you have to follow. I have compiled a list of beneficial tips that will help you create a chic workplace wardrobe. Take a look at this useful style guide to ensure you look fantastic all day long!

  • The neckline on your shirts should never drop lower than 4 inches below your collarbone. Avoid displaying a lot of cleavage.

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  • To ensure you look your best, make sure your garments are as wrinkle-free as possible.
  • A sophisticated blazer and a chic blouse is the perfect choice for casual Friday!
  • When in doubt, wear pumps. Pumps are the most versatile pair of shoes you can find and flatter every ensemble.
  • It’s fine to experiment with personal style but know your limits. When you are mixing patterns don’t go overboard. A subtle striped blouse and a floral skirt will work wonders.

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  • The safest hemline falls at the knee. A-Line, Midi and Pencil skirts are the ideal style to wear for a day at the office.
  • If you wear a sheer top make sure you partner it with a blazer. Don’t choose revealing pants either as you don’t want to display too much skin. A camisole can also be worn under your tops.
  • When you are looking to make a statement, try a bold garment like a printed skirt or jeans and pair with a crisp white shirt.

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  • Always wear shirts of a proper length and avoid pants that ride too low, never show your midriff.
  •  The office isn’t the right place to wear garments that hug every curve; instead you should choose dresses that aren’t too clingy. Make sure your clothes fit because you don’t want any baggy pieces either.

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  •  Accessories are meant to compliment your outfit, not dominate it. Wearing too much jewellery can be quite distracting. Choose a subtle bangle or a pair of pearl earrings.

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I hope these tips have helped, what is your go to office outfit?


Highlights from New Zealand Fashion Week

New Zealand Fashion Week 2014 was bigger, bolder and edgier than ever before. The event began in style with a stellar exhibition by Nom*D entitled ‘Noise’. The collection made quite the statement with sleeveless vests, silk pinafore dresses and knitwear. Other designers who showcased their work included the ever-popular Trelise Cooper, Andrea Moore, Juliette Hogan and Zambesi.

Kate Sylvester made a show stopping return as she debuted her latest collection ‘Tartt’. Delicate silk fabrics added a lovely feminine touch to Kate’s stunning new range while sleek dresses and muted hue separates also occupied the catwalk. Stand out pieces included a leather wrap dress and a black velvet evening skirt. kate-sylvester-2104-fw-4 Leather, tassels and sequins dominated Dame Trelise Cooper’s highly anticipated show. Inspired by music festivals, this collection had a unique and carefree feel, which truly captivated the audience. A gorgeous cream velvet coat was one of her most memorable garments. The designer’s other range ‘Coop’ experimented with embellishments, pop-art influences and leather. _MG_2385_620x310 Another showstopper was Juliette Hogan’s collection ‘Take it or leave it’. Relaxed knits, delicate lace and luxurious sheer materials made quite an impact on the runway. Juliette’s sequinned skirt and gown made a phenomenal evening ensemble that will not soon be forgotten. juliette-hogan-nzfw14-4 When it came to beauty, soft Smokey eyes and nude-pink lips were the key makeup looks on the runway this year. Which collections were among your favourites?