The Modern Midi

The midi skirt has quickly become a wardrobe staple; every girl should have this gorgeous piece in her styling arsenal. Traditionally, the midi skirt would have fallen at the most unflattering part of your leg, the mid-calf. Luckily for us, this beautiful style has been modernised to suit a variety of body shapes.

 There is a style out there to suit everyone. Suitable to wear at the office, weddings and dinner parties, this is one adaptable skirt.


Here are a few tips on how to style your midi:

 Daily Fashion

If you are looking to achieve a more casual look, partner your chosen style with a simple t-shirt. Don’t be afraid to experiment with flats, as these will also dress the midi skirt down.


Every season

Perfect for every season, this is one trend that has no seasonal barriers. Suitable for all weather conditions, try pairing the skirt with fabrics like denim and leather. Add a cozy knit, scarf and a pair of heeled boots.


 Evening Wear

The midi skirt has the ability to cinch in and emphasise your waist. Dress this style up with gold jewellery, a statement handbag or bold heels. The key to finding the perfect midi is to select the right fabric. Invest in silk or chiffon, as polyester versions can appear cheap, for an edgier outfit try out leather.


Don’t worry if the full silhouette is a little too daunting, the new midi comes in a sleeker silhouette too. Whether it’s tulip-shaped, fluted or A-line, all styles are extremely versatile.

Will you rock this gorgeous trend?



Is it time to clean your wardrobe?

Did you know that 80% of the garments in your wardrobe are hardly worn? It might just be the perfect time to renew your closet. If you are tired of sorting through all of the clutter you might want to read through these tips.

1) First you need to figure out what garments you want to keep. While looking at each piece ask yourself the following questions: Does it fit properly? Would you buy it right now if you were shopping? Have you worn it in the past year?


2) A quick trick to determine which clothes to get rid of is to turn all of your hangers in your closet backwards (So the open part of the hook is facing forwards). As you take out clothes to wear throughout the year, place the hangers back with the hook facing away from you. After four months, remove all of the garments still hanging in the original direction.

main.original.585x0 (5)

3) If you are a self confessed shoe addict like me, this simple storage solution will fix all of your problems. Installing an inexpensive bookcase will make a great shoe rack.

main.original.585x0 (4)

4) Do you find yourself wasting time searching for clothes each morning? Try storing your garments into categories; this will make your search easier.

Place all of your dresses, tops and pants into organized sections.


5) Invest in the right hangers and avoid double-hanging items.  Wire hangers can deform your clothes; instead you should opt for a thin and sleek style that will give your closet extra space.


I hope these tips have helped, what is your favourite storage solution?

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Corks & Corn

If you are planning a movie night this weekend and want to enjoy a glass of vino, you might want to try some of these fun snack ideas. Because what goes better with movies than popcorn?


Here are some amazing wine-and-popcorn combinations:

 –       Thyme popcorn or pesto popcorn with Napa Cabernet. Pesto will bring out the Cabernet’s cedar notes.

–       Wasabi popcorn + Riesling, the wine counterbalances wasabi’s heat. It is a must have sweet and spicy treat!

–       Paprika or hickory with Pinot Noir. Smoky elements complement the spice notes in a Pinot.

–       Aged gouda popcorn with barrel-fermented Chardonnay. Eating aged gouda with barrel-fermented Chardonnay is like eating unsweetened crème brûlée!

–       Sea Salt Popcorn and Chardonnay is a delicious pairing. The buttery notes of Chardonnay highlight the butter added to popcorn.


Have you ever tried eating popcorn alongside a glass of wine?



Practical party looks for a cold night out!

Do you find it hard to attain the perfect balance between practicality and style? You don’t have to freeze to look amazing on a night out, staying warm should be a priority.

Instead of hiding inside, ward off the chill with a few of these quick style tips:

1) The key to dressing for a night out is how you accessorise. Scarves, belts and bold jewellery will easily dress your outfit up or down. A plain garment will leave you a lot of room to work with accessories.

Style Tip: Choose a belt and place it around your coat, this will cinch it in at the waist to create a flattering silhouette.

2) A little strategic layering can go a long way. If you want to keep your look simple, wear a dark pair of jeans or tailored pants. Both will look fantastic when partnered with a pair of heels. Winter is the perfect time to experiment with fabrics, patterns and colours.

Style Tip: Pair your preferred leg wear with a plain blouse and a colourful blazer, choose a bright shade to add a touch of vitality to your ensemble.
Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 1.59.33 pm 

3) If you are looking for an edgier ensemble, black leather is the perfect choice. In order to become a real showstopper try wearing an embellished garment, as this is guaranteed to get attention.

Style Tip: Choose between a leather jacket or leather pants to partner with a sheer blouse; this will give your outfit a lovely feminine touch.

4) Fleece lined tights and opaque stockings are another great idea to keep your legs warm. Rocking a frock is still an option if you team your chosen dress with a pair of leather boots and a crop jacket.

Style Tip: Tunics or midi style dresses are ideal when it comes to winter dressing, accessorise with a bib necklace for an instant chic appearance.


Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 1.05.32 pm





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Workout gear gets colourful kick


Nicole Wheadon

COLOUR KEEN: Nicole Wheadon loves to brighten up her workout gear.


Black used to be cool. It was serious, purposeful and strong. Black meant you were fit. Really fit.

Those days are gone.

Athletes, fitness freaks and weekend warriors are all brightening up their wardrobes. Colour is in, black is out.

Walking through popular sports gear stores, the walls are a sea of colours and patterns, each more outrageous than the next. The only items with a significant amount of black are leggings – and even those are on their way out.

Christchurch fashion stylist Angela Stone says “people are just so over black”.

Sportswear has become an extension of people’s personalities.

“It’s about lifestyle and it’s about comfort,” Stone says. “The weirder the better, the brighter and more clashing the colours the better.”

Stone says people are embracing fluoro, putting pinks with oranges and buying the most colourful trainers they can find.

“It goes to show you how adventurous people really are,” she says. “They don’t want to look like each other.”

Brands like Onzie, Nike and Lululemon are turning to pattern and colour as their customers cry out for options and individuality. The crazier, the better.

Onzie’s online store offers leggings in peacock colours, snakeskin print and solar system designs.

Lululemon has striped and floral ranges.

Spokeswoman Kristy Taylor says the brand is all about merging functionality with beautiful designs.

“Colour is bright and fun – it can make people feel happy, positive and beautiful!” she says.

Gym bunny Nicole Wheadon is all about colour. Not happy with the footwear options in New Zealand, she tracked down a colourful pair of trainers all the way from America.

“It took me ages to find them as they were discontinued,” she says. They’re fluorescent multi-coloured Asics.

“Coloured shoes especially seem to have especially taken off in the last year,” she says. “If I go shopping for sportswear I am instantly attracted to the bright coloured items, but I guess brand [quality] and colour are equal requirements.”

For Sarah Kirk, colour in her running gear keeps her “happy and motivated”.

“I think it’s more acceptable to experiment with colour in your gym clothes than in your everyday wear,” she says.

“After a day at work in professional attire mostly consisting of boring black and grey I really look forward to putting on my brightly coloured gym gear.”

– The Press