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Being less stressed this Christmas

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During Christmas our normal expectations can sometimes be elevated to the point of becoming a bit unrealistic. When our expectations of ourselves and others can’t be met, it can lead to charged emotions such as anger, resentment, fear and guilt or even depression.


To avoid these stressful emotions here are some simple tips:

1.Have or set realistic expectations: Be realistic about what you can commit to regarding your time, energy and finances. Make sure you don’t over commit so you end up resenting Christmas and associate too much anger or pain with it.

2. Set basic rules:  If you have extended family coming over let them know what the rules are in advance. Setting basic rules can increase the fulfillment factor at Christmas by reducing tension, avoidance and aggravation.

3. Be truthful:  Tricky group gatherings are more fun when you are honest with yourself and others about what’s important to you (your values) and respect others differences and similarities.  Be willing to say ‘no’ and ‘yes’ equally when either is most truthful.

4. Be flexible: Because there are often many family members involved in holiday gatherings be adaptable to unexpected twists and turns during the time when they are visiting. Stress is the inability to adapt to a changing environment.

5. Keep aware of the possible primary purpose of the Christmas or other year-end holidays: To share love and appreciation for each other’s similarities and differences.

6. Count Your Blessings. When you are grateful for what you have you tend to receive more to be grateful for.

Have a safe, stress free Christmas xxx


Tis the season to party and it is Friday after all!!

If you want to steal the show, go for a dress that has an eye-catching embellishment. A huge white satin bow is perfect for a holiday function where black tie is the dress code. Chanel Lily Collins and Miley Cyrus…



Sequins are the perfect statement for New Year’s Eve and can really set you apart from the crowd. If you’re looking for an extraordinary sequined dress, try finding one that uses sequins in unexpected patterns. Think Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway…


Little White Dress

A little white number sounds plain, but it really can transform your look. It also gives you the opportunity to go big with accessories and makeup…anything goes when wearing white. Look to Ex Gossip Girl Stars, Leighton Meester and Blake Lively for Inspiration.

White Dress- Feather and Tartan

Feathers & Tartan

Feather embellishments are extremely versatile, regal and feminine; they look amazing on the dance floor! Tartan dresses are a big hit among the celeb crowd. Pair a tartan dress with a leather jacket and heels for a more edgy approach.

Lace and English Fabrics

Lace and Traditional English Fabrics

If worn properly lace can look incredibly classy, the sheer fabric tends to look a bit more sophisticated when less cleavage is visible. English fabrics make for the perfect holiday dress, they look extremely glamorous and you only need minimal accessories.





Lets sparkle this party season!!

Sequins are a style staple and during the holiday party season there’s no reason to take them off. Nows the time to sparkle!!



It’s your time to shine!!!

Are you ready? Here are five essential steps to transform your life:


1. Be willing

The first step to transformation is the willingness to do and be so. When you make up your mind that things are going to start going differently in your life, that in and of itself will catapult you to start taking actions aligned with your true nature. Be willing. Be open. Surrender to what’s possible.

2. Tell all your family and friends

Let everyone know. Here’s the thing: It’s easy to outsmart ourselves. By telling friends and family that you are committed to transforming yourself into the person that you know you really are, you are saying to the Universe this shall be. You are putting it out there. You are holding yourself accountable. And most importantly, you are creating the space for you to be seen and heard.

3. Create new habits

Up until this point, you have created habits that may or may not serve you. Keep the habits that do serve you. Start shifting day by day by changing up your routine and sticking with it. Remember, true transformation is consistent practice coupled with authentic action.

4. Connect to your inner guidance

The only answer you will ever need will come from within you. Start by asking yourself the questions that you want answered, and practice listening!

5. Acknowledge yourself and others

Acknowledging yourself is key throughout your transformational journey. In a world where perfectionism is valued and humanity is overlooked, it’s so important to take a step back and focus on what is working and what we have accomplished. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but acknowledging yourself and others is one way to instantly fill up your soul’s cup.


Latitude Magazine December 2013

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