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Winter Coat Care


Your wardrobe could be bulging with beautiful coats, but if they are not well maintained, you could end up looking shabby…but not chic.

It is your coat that is likely to turn heads in winter. A well-maintained coat will spell style, even over luxury labels. A little extra care and attention is all it takes to maintain that oh-so-classy appearance that a great coat magically creates.

Have you ever had a dozen coats in your wardrobe but only one that is wearable?

There is nothing more frustrating than a coat with a missing button, especially if you can’t find them and have to replace the whole row.  Spend a night in front of TV sewing any loosened buttons securely – or bundle them up and take them all to an alterations expert, or your Mum. This especially applies to new garments, which sometimes can be a little frugal in the button-attaching department. They may end up dangling precariously within the week. Remember to keep the token extra button you get with some new coats, in a handy place.

Zips can be another bother. If you have been cursed with the faulty zip, it won’t fix itself; get it replaced before the season slips by.

Conspicuous dangly threads and sagging linings also let a garment down. Keep a lint brush in your car and office desk and give a lint-attracting coat a quick once-over before you go out.  Check your coat all over. You may not have noticed a perilous stain lurking on the back from unknowingly sitting on something sticky.

Cuffs on a coat can get soiled and wear quicker than the rest of the garment. You can always gently hand wash the cuffs only if the rest of the coat doesn’t need cleaning. If the sleaves are a fraction long to begin with, you can always refresh a frayed cuff by turning it under a fraction and hemming it – or add a new cute cuff to revamp a beloved favourite.

If your coat is washable, be attentive to the stain and use a method specifically for the offending substance and fabric – as soon as you can. Or rush it off to the dry-cleaners. Strategically placed beautiful broaches are wonderful for disguising irreparable rips or stains.

A black wool coat may get away with murder compared to a delicate winter white one. But as long as you give it your full attention – there is nothing more stunning than winter whites or a pale pink Parisienne number. The extra effort will be worth it. The secret is to pick your moments as to when and where you put it on, so it is likely to remain in fine condition.

Hang coats on padded hangers to help retain their shape. Add a coat cover if you have moths hovering. Resist hanging them on a hook unless it has a hook loop inside the collar. Pets are likely to make a bee-line for coats draped over a chair or bed.

Be sure your belt on your trench coat doesn’t end up in the gutter by discretely attaching a small safety pin in between the centre back loophole and the belt – this way it will stay put.

Try to resist buying a coat too tight. This will stretch the fabric around the buttonholes and there’s more chance of ripped seams. If you have devoured too many sticky date puddings this winter, and still want to wear your fitting coat, it doesn’t necessarily have to be done up to look great. Add a stylish scarf for warmth instead.

If you can’t part with an old coat or even want a new one revamped, change the buttons, add subtle shoulder pads (or take them away), shorten or lengthen, nip it in at the waist.  The results could be stunning.


Fashionable in fur Winter 2013


Fashionable in fur

Are you a lynx, a fox or a racy cheetah? Faux fur is eternally stylish this winter.

Hollywood sirens for decades have adorned themselves in fur, even though it is mostly (and thankfully) faux nowdays. Marylyn-style white mink is glamour in its purist form or be a Marleen Dietrich in fabulous red fox. Italians wear it all year round. The Parisiennes have perfected it. Fur flatters all ages, shapes and sizes.

However, not every fur-style suits all. Avoid long, hairy cuffs on a petite frame, for example. Short mink-like fabric is classy and flattering and won’t add bulk. Look for quality in the tone. Think chinchilla-like effects with under-tones of browns, greys, taupes and creams to really flatter your features. If it is a coat, scarf or collar, hold it up to your face – it should bring your skin tone to life. Velvety black minky trims are also chic and classic. For those preferring a hint of fur only, buy even a faux-fur hair-tie or fur-trimmed gloves al la Audrey Hepburn.

Prance feline-style in front of a full-length mirror and have fun combining furs with fabrics from knits to lace. This is where you can re-create your own style. Think black eyelashes peeping over a sensuous snow leopard scarf! Its OK to mix your furs too, there are strict no rules, go a little wild – you will know if it looks right.

Fur-cuffed boots are gorgeously European and keep the puddle splashes out. If you haven’t been blessed with long legs, go for black-fur trimmed dark-coloured boots with black leggings. It will still provide a lean glamour-puss look.  A lighter fur trim on dark boots will break up the ensemble and shorten the leg. However, this contrast is fine for ankle boots worn under trousers or jeans.

Choose your cat-prints carefully. Horizontal tiger stripes may not be slimming, whereas fine cheetah spots can camouflage figure flaws. Think cat-walk and European couture rather than Eskimo. Avoid neck to toe fur or you will look like you’re off tobogganing. A swing style fur coat can flatter a pear–shaped body perfectly. Fur should be loosely draped to be flattering. You can pull off a bulky fur coat if you combine it with slinky black tights and high heels.

Nothing looks as glamorous at a mid winter’s ball than a fur stole draped over porcelain skin and little black dress – be cosy and classy. And I’m sure there are no naturally occurring hot-pink foxes, but coloured faux fur is equally as stylish and fun.

Fur feels sumptuous on your wrists, neck and ankles. It locks in the warmth. Just take off your fur scarf on a cold winter’s day and you will certainly feel the difference in temperature.

Hot tips:

1)   Be careful wearing sticky lip-gloss or eating spaghetti in your favourite furry scarf!

2)   Be vigilant with the washing instructions (never machine wash) – to avoid the raggedly look and keep your garments plush for seasons to come.

3)   Detachable collars and scarves, cuffs and fur boot-socks are practical wardrobe solutions.

4)   You generally get what you pay for – when you start shopping around its easy to compare quality and finishes. However there are exceptions if you go hunting.

5)   Jazz up a boring winter black outfit with the neutral tones and wild textures of fur.

6)   If you need to lengthen a sleave, or hide a ragged cuff – a fur trim is the purrrfect solution. The same applies if you want to lengthen a top or coat.


Whether the effect is kittenishly cute, slinky minx or a bear-ly there token of fluff – fur is fun, practical and sexy and will never date. It’s perfect for feeling warm and gorgeous in the frosty midwinter months. If you haven’t fallen for fur yet, try it – you will feel naked without it.






Winter 2013 Styles



Winter 2013 – it’s all about the clothes.

WINTER 2013 – it’s all about the clothes.

You can’t help but get excited about your winter wardrobe with all those gorgeous clothes in rich, luxurious fabrics and tailoring to tempt.

Aren’t winter clothes just so much nicer? It’s not your sun-kissed skin and toned body that has to do the work this season – it’s your wardrobe. A little bit of fashion finesse can make you look and feel a million dollars.

Embrace the chilly season and play with rich, sultry fabrics and colours – or stand out like a snow angel in stunning whites and metallics.

It’s time to let that beautifully textured scarf and bright lipstick give you a healthy glow or drape your imperfections in a stunning, tailored coat. And anyone can create slim, long perfect-leg look in flattering opaque tights and high-heeled beautiful boots.

However, winter clothes can be a little more of an investment. But notice how they tend to last the distance. A classic wardrobe is the key – simple and classy. Then with clever accessorising, you can transform your wardrobe staples to be as diverse as the weather – funky, functional, sassy or exquisite.

Make belts, scarves, gloves, hats, collars, jewellery and hosiery your fashion statements. Let coats, trousers, tops, jackets and dresses be your investment pieces.

Modern fabric technology has never been so functional – there is no need to bundle up like a teddy bear to keep cosy. Feel slinky and snugly in the finest, affordable soft merino for example, or buy a stretch velvet dress that looks so glam but feels like you are wearing your PJs. Today’s quality-brand shoes are comfortable and chic combined. Who says you can’t look glamorous while taking the dog for a walk.

Most importantly, the rules have now been abandoned for the fashion follower. Unlike decades past, there is no single trend to follow. This makes things exciting. Follow your own theme – the one that flatters you and gives you confidence.

Sure there are more clothes to put on this season – but isn’t that great. It’s time to play dress up!


Latitude Magazine June 2013

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