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The Importance of Hair Maintenance

We all know how important it is to regularly shampoo, condition, and trim our hair; but did you know there is a great deal more we need to be doing to truly keep our hair healthy, shiny, and flawless? Putting a good hair care routine in place can help you keep your locks fuller and more luscious for far longer.

1. It is important to start with a good quality shampoo and conditioner. These will serve as the crux of your hair care routine and should be specifically suited to your hair type. Make sure, however, not to overdo it. Your hair should only be washed every second day, so as to prevent the stripping of your hair’s natural oils.

2. You should aim to use a deep conditioning and repairing hair mask approximately once a week. By investing in a Moroccan or macadamia oil based mask, you will immediately notice your hair is softer, smoother, and more manageable than ever before.

3. If you style your hair using heat, whether it is a straightener, a curler, or simply a blow-dryer, you will need to invest in a heat protectant. Ensure that you use this every single time you style hair to avoid irreparably damaging your hair and causing breakage.

4. Quick but constant trips to the hairdresser for a trim and a root touch up will ensure that your hair stays healthy, manageable, and light. Aim to visit your local salon once a month for a touch up, and do not leave it longer than three months if you want to avoid looking a little raggedy.

5. Finally, choose hair styling products that also aid your hair maintenance routine. Many oils, sprays, and dry shampoos now provide nutrients for the hair; leaving your hair feeling even better than before you applied the product.

Here’s a fab style by my hair dresser’s at Corkin + Friends in Christchurch.

C + F

We love these upside down braided buns!

Simply flip your hair upside down. French braid your hair and secure with a hair tie. Finally, pull your left over hair into a bun.

Perfect for a day like today! Give it a go, its easy.


Latitude Magazine April 2013

Latitude April 2013


Tired of what’s in your wardrobe?


Angela Stone Store








Tired of looking at a wardrobe of clothes but still have nothing to wear?  I have some tips that are sure to help.

• Having a wardrobe full of wearable loveable clothes starts with a through edit. Throw out or give away anything that does not fit or suit – no matter how much you like it on the hanger.

• Think about who you want to be – sophisticated, classic, boho, sporty – pick your overall style and stay within that style – this helps your wardrobe pieces to work in together.

• Think about what you do and where you go in your average week.

• Identify what sort of clothing items you gravitate toward and figure out why? Of the pieces you ‘always’ wear ask yourself honestly if they flatter your figure, or if you hide behind them.

• Make yourself a style/ mood board.

• You should be left with a few great pieces that you are always happy to wear. From here you need to identify what extra pieces you need to add to complete your wardrobe.

• Remember you don’t need a lot of clothes; you just need clothes that fit well, suit your body, and match your lifestyle and your image.  From here, everything should fall into place.



How to dress sensationally

We all know that wearing the right clothes makes us feel fabulous! Not dressing appropriately for your age can result in embarrassment. Here are some top tips on how to look stylish with flair and have a great self image in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

When we see a woman dressing too young for her age the “too young” refers to the fact that she is following a trend that isn’t appropriate for her age group. Unfortunately, many women believe that when it comes to clothing, “appropriate” is a synonym for “boring.” The key to dressing appropriately for your age is to figure out your own personal style and let that guide you, not the latest fashion trends.

Your trademark style should be fully established by the time you reach your thirties. But for those late bloomers, it’s not too late to take heart and unleash the fashionista within!


At the age of thirty, an evolved polished look should portray an awareness of how you and others see you, projecting a more confident mature self.

Most things within this decade is toned down a notch, where if you loved big graphic designs in your 20s, you can still wear the same patterns in your 30s. But instead of as a dress, try the pattern either as a top under a cardigan or in the form of your favourite pair of heels under skinny pants. If you wore preppy chic pieces in your twenties, keep it up and just add a few A-line skirts with your statement tops, along with investing in a few sensational dresses which you could spice up with your boots. Remember never button your tops to your neckline, and be sure to pick pieces that work with your body shape.

Your 30s should never rely on low cut tops and forms of fitted dresses. Instead bring out the stilettos and Audrey Hepburn dresses, wear tailored jeans and make sure your tops don’t ride up when you bend over.

Make sure you investment in at least one pair of jeans which make you feel absolutely fabulous. A good pair of jeans is a necessity to your wardrobe, preferably in a dark wash colour, which can then be worn with heels or ballerina flats taking you just about anywhere, looking really stylish. Angela recommends “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans” – try them, they are amazing!


It’s time to develop a look that’s slick and streamlined. For the office lady a pencil skirt that stops just below the knee which has an element of stretch works for all – it keeps everything in place and gives you a sexy wiggle. It’s best to keep your overall image simple but to add one or two status-symbol pieces, such as an embellished jacket, a shirt or some bold jewellery.

Just because you’re 40 it’s definitely not the time to hang up your style and bring out the mum jeans! The styles you have always loved can be updated and refreshed to reflect your new sense of self. The key to looking your best in your 40s is all about garments that fit well and are tailored.

If you love black, by all means add it to your wardrobe, but ensure you keep some colourful pieces.

Wide legged trousers should be a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe. If you have wide hips, these are great at keeping the secret. If you are a little on the thin side, they also do a great job of giving you curves where you had none.

When you are shopping, ask yourself, does this tell people that I am classy, sophisticated, and put together? Or does it scream desperate, in denial, or too revealing? Trying to dress like your 20 and 30 year old counterparts will not make people think you are this age.

Don’t wear any articles of clothing which you did 10 or 20 years ago, unless it is an amazing winter coat still in great shape. You do deserve some new clothes, and while you’re at it, get a chic new hairstyle that makes you feel gorgeous.

In closing, don’t be a slave to fashion, and don’t be a slave to your youth. Embrace your growth, and celebrate that you are still around to strut your stuff! Maturity does not insinuate you are ancient, so get rid of those hangups and start dressing appropriately for your age.

To do List

Have your colours done, which I can do for you and invest in a colour swatch which will make shopping so much easier for you! 


The best way to looking great is by ignoring your age and enjoying life to the full.

Give your waistline a helping hand with fitted jackets or wrap shirts tied at the waist. Wear a supportive cami which help’s create smooth lines. Firm waisted trousers and skirts are a blessing for keeping that tummy perfectly flat.

As you near closer to your 50s, your skin can become vulnerable to hormonal changes. As oestrogen levels drop further, your skin becomes more sallow and moisture and elasticity are reduced causing the appearance of deep wrinkles. Take care of your skin by using anti-aging and skin firming products. Click here to see the Champs-Elysees Day Spa.

Tips to Remember

Choose solid and bold colours. Choose classic shapes!!


A balancing act is what you need now. If the top you choose is voluminous, wear it with a pair of narrow, tailored trousers. Avoid all pleats, as they accentuate curvy hips. Conversely, if you choose a full skirt – make sure it is flat over the hips to avoid adding bulk or wide-leg trousers, it’s best to keep your top half fitted.

Simple but expensive-looking jewellery that quietly states ‘class’ is the best adornment.

Go for the unfussy chic look: minimalist, functional designs and details. Zipper’s are far more youthful than gold buttons.

Watch your handbag: it is usually a giveaway to your age. The key here is to find a bag in good proportion to your size.

Tips to Remember

Use a skin care range that protects the skin’s elasticity and helps reduce fine lines. Always keep active!



Your wardrobe should portray a smart and sophisticated style. Timeless buys, such as a classic coats, fitted jackets and fine-knit cashmere sweaters are great wardrobe staples. They never date and always look stylish. A scarf draped around your neck or a striking shawl draped over your shoulders will give a simple and classic style. Natural fibres like cotton and merino will feel lovely on your skin. Untouched World have a great range of casual everyday classic garments. Good quality shoes are particularly important. Shoes should be comfortable and support your arches.

Tips to Remember

Wear your most loved jewellery often. Always keep active!