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Ball Gown Tips on Good Morning

To take centre stage at your high school dance in a dazzling dress you need to think about that style, elegance, and have the head-turning dress that says this is a fashion statement!!

When buying a ball gown allow plenty of time to perform any alterations needed. You must remember that even the most perfect of gown may require some alterations and you must budget for that time and cost should it become necessary.

Do not leave everything for the last moment.

A ball gown should be carefully selected for quality and fit, making sure you get exactly what you want.

The classic colours are black, white and silver; but there are more and more red, blue and purple themed gowns.

The first step in finding the ideal dress, and the most important, is finding a dress that flatters your body type. You need to identify what cut will best fit your body and which silhouette will most flatter your shape and size.

Flattering styles.

A halter neckline de-emphasizes a larger bust line while at the same time accentuates the bare shoulders.

For a more modest look, finding a dress with either a short or a longer sleeve can be tasteful and elegant. A traditional garment such as this will not only make you feel comfortable, but it is absolutely timeless.

  • Get healthy. Time to start a fitness program that includes exercise & healthy eating.
  • Hair & nails. Start maintaining them.
  • Etiquette. Know how to behave in a formal environment? Consider taking a class on etiquette or talking to your parents about this subject. Or get a book and practice with that.
  • Hair. You have selected your dress. Plan your hair around it. If you need hair ideas, check out the formal hair styles with your hair dresser
  • Find your dress.
  • Make appointments. Most girls have their hair done professionally for a ball. It’s time to make the appointment! You can also consider having a manicure and a pedicure. Make appointments for these. Having your makeup done professionally? Then make an appointment for this, too.
  • Start building your ensemble. Assume you bought your dress, and that you pretty much know your hairdo. It’s time to get your accessories– shoes, jewellery, purse (are the main ones). Start building your ensemble by seeing what works with your dress and planned hair style.
  • Help select the tux. Help your date select his tuxedo, especially if you want him to wear a vest that matches your dress.
  • Discuss plans. Discuss your pre- and post-prom plans with your parents. Believe me, they’ll want to know!
  • Review your budget. You bought the dress, at least some of the accessories, and have made your appointments. Are you still within budget?

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