What Type Of Shopper Are You?

Going shopping is more than just an act of consumerism – it’s a ritual. No matter how much you might say it’s only a hobby, it’s actually more of a sport. It’s not as easy, fun or haphazard as it might seem. The thing is, looking at clothes is quite entertaining, but deciding what to keep… well, that’s a completely different story.

I’m sure many of you, even if you’ve never stopped to think about it, follow the same pattern every time you leave the house to go shopping. Take the quiz below and let’s see if you can identify with any of them

1. To me shopping is…

A. Better than anything.

B. An occupation.

C. A necessary evil.

D. A creative endeavour.

2. I go shopping…

A. Whenever I can.

B. When the new clothes arrive in the stores.

C. Only if I need something.

D. Only if I can find the time.

3. I prefer to shop…

A. Whenever possible.

B. At lunch.

C. On the weekend.

D. When the stores are less crowded.

4. When I find something I like…

A. I grab it and pay… I can always return it.

B. I walk away and seriously think about it or discuss the purchase with my partner or friend.

C. I try it on, then decide if I really need it.

D. I try it on and decide if it will go with the few things I already have.

5. My preferred shopping companion is:

A. My partner, my boyfriend, my sister, my mother or friend.

B. My mum or my best friend.

C. My mum.

D. No one.

6. I buy clothes to…

A. Have plenty of choice in my wardrobe.

B. Make a statement.

C. Cover my figure challenges.

D. Flatter my figure and impress others.

7. My personal style…

A. Changes constantly.

B. Reflects tasteful.

C. Covers my figure challenges.

D. Flatters my figure and impresses others.

8. If I have extra cash I…

A. Hit the sales racks and bargain stores.

B. Go straight to my favourite designer.

C. Save it for an emergency.

D. Save it for my next big purchase.

9. When I’m wearing the latest styles, I feel…

A. Sexy and sensational.

B. Confident.

C. Uncomfortable.

D. Powerful.

10. I feel best dressed when…

A. In a new cutting edge outfit.

B. When I have a new piece of serious jewellery.

C. When I’m dressed in a tried and test outfit.

D. When I put together my own statement of style.

TO SCORE: Count up the number of A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s you have.

Mostly A’s You are the emotional / passionate shopper.

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Mostly B’s You are the elitist shopper.

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Mostly C’s You are the cautious / classic shopper.

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Mostly D’s You are the innovative / creative shopper.

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The Innovative/Creative Shopper

Shopping Grade: A

Mistake Ratio: Low

Style Grade: A

Description: Current and Stylish

1. Mixes quality and basic items with less expensive fashion add-ins

2. Uses his/her wardrobe as a constant source of mix and match options

3. Builds a workable wardrobe slowly and alway has a few basics outfits to fall back on

4. Is always looking for ways to expand in new directions

5. Will shop anywhere but is thoughtful with most purchases.

Suggestions: Go to the head of the class!!


The Cautious/Classic Shopper

Shopping Grade: B

Mistake Ratio: Little to none

Style Guide: B

Description: Needs to branch out

1. Not affected or terribly interested in fashion

2. Has found his/her look and sticks to it. Usually well put together, conservative and a little boring

3. Loyal to labels

4. Does little mixing and matching

5. Likes quality and practically

6. Loves catalogues

7. Shops at department stores


The Elitist Shopper

Shopping Grade: B

Mistake Ratio: Low

Description: Fashion victim, needs to try more…

1. Shops for only the best designer’s labels and high fashion ‘must haves’

2. Will over look fit for the sake of a label

3. Looks down on sales and what he/she sees as inferior merchandise

4.Is often happy to have just a few designer outfits and key fashion accessories

5. Does not take risks with self-created looks

6. Will put up with discomfort for the sake of fashion

7. Shops at designer boutiques and salons


The Emotional Passionate Shopper

Styling Grade: C

Mistake Ratio: High

Style Grade: B+ to an A

Description: Trendy and Fashionable

1. Loves clothes and fashion.

2. The most likely of all categories to make mistakes and least likely to learn from them.

3. Often buys without trying the garments on.

4. Influenced by fads, trends, friends and shop assistants.

5. Loves lay-by but often gets the item just when it goes out of fashion.

6. Shops at markets, discount stores and fashion chains.

Suggestions: Slow down, don’t spend so much money.


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