Essential Trends for Autumn and Winter

By Angela Stone

You name it, we’ll be wearing it in leather this winter. Leather shorts, leather dresses, leather leggings…and more. Other choice picks of fabrics will be fur, suede, wool, tweed, twill, velvet, satin and denim.

Luxurious and thick fabrics create a sculptural and sultry look with the chunkiest of knits keeping us both warm and looking fabulous. Chunky doesn’t have to equal dowdy though ensure you have open-weave detailing and a little skin showing.

Chunky and textured are the keys to knitwear this winter – whether cardigans, turtlenecks or sweaters. For a snug outfit, try a long cable-knit ‘cardigan coat’ teamed with bright tights and ankle boots. Knits are hot in charcoal grey, bold colours or classic black. Team with a belt to ensure no loss of shape.

Waist definition is something New Zealand women are becoming more aware of. Knee-length skirts with flattering, soft and feminine blouses are a great look when paired with a broad or narrow belt. A big belt makes a bold statement, while a narrow belt will create a delicately defined waistline.

Even if you don’t have a well-defined waist, a belt will create the illusion of an hourglass shape.

Over-the-knee boots are the must-have item and those daring enough will find the tops of their boots creeping up even higher with thigh-high boots also making it mainstream. From elegant suede’s to darkly futuristic wound-and-bound leathers, the options are many and various.

Dandy elements will re-enter women’s fashion. Think bow blouses, ruffles, jodhpurs, tailored waistcoats and brooches. Menswear is feminised for sexy yet masculine looks.

Capes and cloaks will be a favourite with our fashionistas with New Zealand’s designers creating their own unique revivals. From cropped mini capelets to long cloaks and full capes.

Colours will be variations between beige and light gray, sophisticated lilacy-purple, milky blueberry and teal blue, a very wearable red and a combination of fuschia and soft pink. Warmer colours will be represented by honeyed-up yellow and earthy shades of orange, a darker version of this spring’s tangerine. For the darker tones we will see deep black, slate gray, inky blue and deep purple. Super-shiny metallics and shimmering fabrics in silver, bronze and gold.”

People should expect to see lots of dramatic, feminine prints and accessories. Animal prints, ruffles, lace, plaid, brocade, florals, zippers, statement necklaces, patterned leggings and tights, bold coloured opaque tights and sequins. Wear them in small doses and balance them out with a couple of garments from the wardrobe.

Dress sensationally and keep warm in the months ahead. As the weather changes it’s important to know how to protect the skin heading into winter. The dramatic weather change from hot to cold can ultimately dry out and break skin.

Making sure you drink lots of water is essential at this time as the moisture lost from all those summer activities (swimming in chlorine water, swimming in salt water, bathing in the sun) will have taken its toll.

This is the perfect time to switch from using lotions to creams because during summer most people use lotions because they are a lighter in coverage. Creams tend to be oilier than lotions. Creams offer an additional barrier to help keep moisture inside the body and help protect against the extreme cool temperatures.

Angela Stone is a top New Zealand fashionista. The Christchurch style expert and model stages most of the major fashion events in the city including the big ticket events at Addington and Riccarton Cup days.

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TV3 – 2010 Polo

Top New Zealand stylist Angela Stone will stage a major fashion event at the Stella Artois international polo match in Christchurch on January 23 and 24.

Stone, who runs the major fashion events during Christchurch’s Cup Week in November, will also announce the best dressed woman at the polo cocktail party and charity auction for the Catwalk Trust on Saturday night.

South Island Polo Association spokesman Roddy Wood said the trust was set up after a riding accident left Catriona Williams a tetraplegic.

“Initially the group planned to fundraise for Williams herself – but the bigger picture quickly became clear and soon Catwalk trust was born. It’s just great that Angela has come on board with her fashion show which will make this a really top event.”

The feature polo event on January 24 will be an Australian invitational team up against a South Island representative team.

Stone said the fashion presentation show – including models – would also include her tips on what to wear heading into winter 2010. She will tell women how to look chic this year, how to dress for their decade and offer tips on the latest looks in layering and style.

“We hope this is going to be a major event on the New Zealand event calendar. I think combining fashion with a sports fixture is a brilliant fit,” Stone said.

The Christchurch style expert and model stages most of the major fashion events in the city including the big ticket events at Addington and Riccarton Cup days.

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Polo 2010

Stella Artois International Polo Invitational 2010

Angela Stone and the Winner of Best Dressed Lady Andrea from CTV

Angela Stone and the Winner of Best Dressed Man Chris Eccersall-Panther

Angela Stone with the Best Dressed Man and Gina from the Polo Committee


What Is Your Skin Type?

There’s no point spending a fortune on expensive skincare products if you buy the wrong ones for your skin type and make a collection of assorted once-used bottles. The key to developing a skincare regime that works for you is to analyse your skin- type first.

Skincare Quiz

To develop a better understanding of your skin and what will suit it best, start by analysing the questions here. Then add up your score and check the list at the end to discover which of the skin types you fit into.

1. How does your skin feel if you cleanse it with with facial wash and water?

Tight, as though it’s too small for your face.

B Smooth and comfortable.

C Dry and itchy in places.

D Fine – Quite comfortable.

E Dry in some areas and smooth in others.

2. How does your skin feel if you cleanse with cream cleanser?

A Relatively comfortable.

B Smooth and comfortable.

C Sometimes comfortable, sometimes itchy.

D Quite oily.

E Oily in some areas and smooth in others.

3. How does your skin usually look by the middle of the day?

Flaky patches appearing.

B Fresh and clean.

C Flaky patches and some redness.

D Shiny.

E Shiny in the T-zone.

4. How often do you break out in spots?

A Hardly ever.

B Occasionally, perhaps before or during your period.

C Occasionally.

D Often.

E Often – in the T-zone.

5. How does your skin react when you use facial toner?

A It stings.

B No problems.

C Stings and itches.

D Feels fresher.

E Feels fresher in some areas but stings in others.

6. How does your skin react when you have applied a rich night cream?

A It feels very comfortable.

B Comfortable.

C Sometimes feels comfortable, other times feels irritated.

D Makes your skin feels very oily.

E Oily in the T-zone, comfortable on the cheeks.

Now add up your A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s and E’s. Your skin-type is the one that has the majority of answers.Mostly A’s – Your skin is DRY, Mostly B’s – Your skin is NORMAL,   Mostly C’s Your skin is sensitive, Mostly D’s Your skin is OILY, Mostly E’s – Your skin is COMBINATION

You know best how your skin reacts to different things so check your skin type before you buy lots of skincare products. Even if you’ve been told what your skin type is at some stage, it is a good idea to run through this quiz now as your skin will change over a period of time.