New Zealand Cup & Show Week 2009

Angela Stone
Event Producer

Angela is the Fashion in the Field M.C and Fashion Co-Ordinator for Riccarton Park and the Projects / Events Manager for the Metropolitan Trotting Club at Addington Races.

She has had 23 Years in the fashion industry working as an international model, international stylist, model agency owner and director and is a T.V and Radio Personality.

Angela is New Zealand’s answer to Trinny & Suzannah and currently owns and directs Angela Stone Consulting Ltd and Canterbury Runways Ltd

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Pack The Essentials

Your handbag should include:

– sunglasses

– lip gloss / lip stick

– wallet, keys etc.

– phone (handy if you are separated from your friends)

– band aids (in case of a blister emergency)

– a small tube of sunscreen

– a small umbrella if you can fit it in

– details of how you are going to get home – ie taxi, bus or a friend

Tips From Angela Stone

Angela Stone’s tips on how to win Fashions in the Field:

– Dress to suit your body shape.

– Do not be a slave to fashion, wear something timeless and elegant.

– Always invest in a fabulous hat.

– Co-ordinate your shoes, bag and hat.

– Know which types of head wear suit your face shape.

– Wear something that catches your eye and that you really love.


What to Wear to The Races 2009

The Ultimate Style Guide To The Races – A Passion For Fashion

Dressing for the races is unlike dressing for any other event. It’s a time to unleash your inner princess if you want to look your best among the fashionista’s on course.

Fashionista’s Tips For The Races

Ladies, if you would wear it to a nightclub, it’s not suitable for the race course.

When choosing a dress, pick a style that suits you rather than something trendy. Nothing says fashion victim quite like a lady wearing something trendy that isn’t right for her figure. Click through to see your body shape.

Many designers are incorporating modern touches in their suiting now, such as ribbons instead of buttons on the jacket and frayed edges rather than a straight seams.

If you are wearing a dress, remember to take a jacket, shawl, bolero, cardigan or something else to cover up with if the weather turns cool.
In terms of colour, Spring is the time to embrace bright tones and prints (although traditional black and white is always in fashion no matter what the season).

Shoes are another area to consider when thinking about seasonal dressing – high strappy heels in Spring and Summer.

Style is what suits you, so don’t be scared to dress with attitude and flair. You’ll never look stylish if you’re wearing something you feel uncomfortable in, so be sure your outfit is a good reflection of your personality.

What are three things that make a woman stand out at spring carnival?
“A well-cut dress that suits the woman’s shape, a daring hat and a dazzling smile.”

The most important advice? Walk tall! If you carry yourself with confidence and grace you’ll look stunning no matter how much (or little) your outfit cost you!

If you are going out to the races you must wear a head piece of some kind. There is an amazing choice of hats, fascinators and other head wear available.
If you are not keen on wearing a hat, or lack confidence in wearing a head piece, a simple fascinator with feathers can look amazing with the right outfit. Try a neat pony tail with a fascinator tucked in just above your hair tie.

You should select your outfit first and take it with you when trying to match a head piece.

Remember, if you can’t find a hat or fascinator to match your outfit, you can always make it yourself using pieces available from Spotlight and other craft outlets.

One of the most effective ways to look really well turned out at the races is to match your head piece with your bag and shoes.

Your race bag should be smaller than a fashion day bag.


Hair Styles For The Races

Make sure you look a million dollars at the races (even if you don’t win a thing) with the help of these stellar hair and beauty tips from Angela Stone.

What are the biggest trends in hair for the races?

There are three major trends this year …

If you’re planning to wear your hair out and you have the length to pull it off, go for big, bold, loose curls. It should look carefree and sexy.

With the comeback of the pill box hat, we’re seeing a return to classic ’50s style chignons and French rolls. Position the hat towards the front of the head and place it on a slight angle. A little bit of netting over the eyes adds to the allure.

The final trend is to slick the fringe down sideways across the forehead and tie back into a pony. This works particularly well if you’re going for a very dramatic hat.


Divine Shoes For The Races

Select a pair that you have already broken in, and that preferably have a slightly thicker heel. Sinking into the grass in your stilettos is not a glamorous way to spend the day, and it makes it very difficult to get around if you have to avoid all the grassed areas. Exiting the course at day’s end carrying your shoes because your feet are too sore to wear them is another faux pas to be avoided.It just means be sensible about your shoe selection.

Those in the know often take a second pair of heels with them and change halfway through the day to save their feet. If you have a bag large enough to do this, I highly recommend it.

Another great way to protect your shoes on the grass areas are clean heels – heel stoppers.

Clean Heels – Heel Stoppers

Imagine buying the perfect pair of high heeled shoes for a day at the races, only to find your new heels two inches deep in mud and grass, or stuck between decking.

Simply put on a pair of Clean Heels Heel Stoppers and enjoy your day. Rinse them off and pop them in your bag any time in just a second or two.

NB: Medium fits heel widths 1.3cm-1.6cm. Small is for very skinny heels – heel widths 0.9cm-1.2cm.